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Comment 20 Apr 2020

The arguments are interesting. Michael dominated at every level, in every situation, so people for LJ have to come up with reasons why MJ wouldn’t dominate, whereas those for MJ simply point out that Lebron didn’t dominate, I take Kobe, Shaq, Kareem, and bird before lebron. Winning is what it’s about. MJ wins 10 straight if he didn’t go to baseball. 

Comment 18 Apr 2020

Your problem is one of math. You don’t understand it. She stated there were 100,000 people who had it back in March...IF that were true we would have had far more many deaths IF their death rate stood. But, the bodies didn’t add up (that’s not subjective by the way), SO, either the death rate is closer to that of the flu, which means this is not a lethal pandemic, or their numbers  were WAY off on the spread of the disease, The fact is, they killed the economy due to their failure. BTW, it appears many more people have had it, which would suggest it’s not as deadly. This was a monumental failure of government. We will pay for it dearly. Be careful who you call a dumbass, there is sound argument on the other side of yours. 

Comment 18 Apr 2020

as Ohio State, Iowa, Penn State, Michigan and Wisconsin each view him as a slob.

Ok. This can be taken two ways, but first ground rules. Only THE OSU O-line are the called the Slobs. Zack, we are also called the Buckeyes. 

In saying that, however, if you are saying that Penn State, Michigan, and Wisconsin view him as a slob, meaning, they view him as a future Ohio State O-lineman, then your statement can stand as well crafted bloggery. Only your heart knows. 

Comment 13 Mar 2020

I understand you’re view, and your passion for your law degree, but I don’t automatically accept your premise that these collegiate athletes are more likely to spread the disease than your average person. The average person has many hand shakes, many hugs, is surrounded by many people at work, touches many grocery carts, stands in many lines, etc. How does baseball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, track and field add to this? You can make a case for wrestling, football, basketball, but golf?  Your premise cannot be proven, and so your argument fails on those grounds. If you can prove your premise, you may win your case. I was a d1 collegiate athlete, I lived that life. And my social spacing wasn’t less than anyone else, if anything, my increased amount of time with only my teammates (hours of practice, etc.) may make the opposite true, my circle of influence was much smaller and easier to identify, and my sport didn’t require much contact with my opponent (most don’t).