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    That Fiesta Bowl routing of Notre Dame felt pretty nice too.
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Comment 28 May 2017

I'm with ya.  Looks like the real deal, but it's nice to know we don't "need" him, being that we already have two stud running backs in the fold. Honestly, if Gill and or Snead live up to expectation (heaven forbid exceed expectation), chances are you'd be splitting hairs between what we already have and White. Now I'm not saying White isn't the best back in the class, but time will only tell. I believe Derrick Green was the #1 ranked back in the same class as Zeke. What ever happens when the dust settles, it's still going to be a damn good time to be a Buckeye fan!

Comment 19 May 2017

The 8 team playoff will solve that dilemma... 4 conference champs and 4 at large bids. The independents will still have their shot. 

Comment 19 May 2017

I don't see what the problem with them having their own network is (as long as they don't have game rights - or maybe the B1G could have em give up a piece of the pie).  I'd love to see an OSU network! I know there'd be financial problems with it galore, but the Big 12 isn't going to lure any big time programs, and once the mega-conferences start coming to fruition that conference will be dust in the wind. Would Texas go independent to keep their network?  Couldn't the B1G just say "hey, everyone can have their own network if they want one"? If there are no games allowed to be aired on them, the B1G Network would still be in good shape. I'd still watch it in addition to the greatest network of all time (TOSUTV)! 

Comment 09 May 2017

You are correct but.... If the offense had done anything, their offense wouldn't have had time to score 31 points. Playing against Deshaun Watson, you know you're not going to pitch a shutout. You have to play some keep away with your offense and do well in time of possession. Our offense most definitely didn't do that....

Comment 07 May 2017

Man wouldn't it be sweet to have a "_ichigan Man" win the Heisman for the good guys? Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson winning it for the bad guys still eats at me. So much of TTUN's historical success is do to pilfering Ohio talent. We got the Natty with ol Krenzel (god bless his soul), but Id like those suckers up there to taste that bitter pill. Seeing the best player from their state in a generation bring us glory would be absolutely hilarious. 

Comment 07 May 2017

I seem to remember Malcolm Jenkins being a very proud and involved frat guy. He's only one of the finest defenders in our illustrious history. There's a misconception out there where people think you have to eat, drink, and sleep football to "make it big". It's just not true. I ain't gonna lie. It probably wouldn't hurt most guys' chances to do NOTHING but think football all the time, but there are countless examples of great athletes that are just going to kick ass AND be able to have hobbies, families, you name it. Some guys can be first round picks with serious drug addictions and gang related activity. You ABSOLUTELY CAN'T poo poo someone's chances based off of some stuff you've seen on their social media pages. 

Comment 07 May 2017

Very true Seattle. It's not like he's going to be "under the radar" wherever he decides to play. In fact, it could be possible that he'd have maybe a hair less pressure at OSU than Clemson if only because we recruit maybe a hair better than them (I realize I'm splitting hairs there). But hey, it's his decision and some kids kinda just wanna get away when they go to college and it's not like Dabo ain't got that program running like a well oiled machine. I sure hope he stays home, but I truly wish any and all of our native sons nothing but the best no matter where they go. Well, maybe not so much when they spurn the Bucks for TTUN....

Comment 13 Apr 2017

Boy howdy! It seems like the hype for McCall has died off lately. I was absolutely thrilled with his performance last year, and thought of him as a guy I was hoping to see more of this year. I thought he'd be moving to H, but everything I've seen has him staying at RB which might leave him what, 3rd or 4th in the pecking order this season (given the good things I've been seeing/hearing about Dobbins)??? If he's truly our 2nd, 3rd, or 4th(!) best option, I'm kinda thinking we have NOTHING to worry about in the backfield for a couple years. 

Comment 12 Apr 2017

He has the frame of Randy Moss. If he has half the speed and half the hands (and I don't personally know if he has either), he needs to be on the field. Consistent routes and blocking should come over time, right?  We obviously haven't had a "perfect" receiver in years. We should be willing to play the ones with the highest ceilings in lieu of some of the ones who seem to be better at some of the nuances when we're down in a game or the passing game starts to struggle IMO. I'm no coach, nor do I really know who the best guys for the job truly are. What I do know, is that the taller and longer a receiver is, the less accurate a pass needs to be. I'm more than willing to defer to the wisdom of our coaching staff (and don't have any choice in the matter anyway), but if our passing game costs us again this season, and this cat doesn't seem to be getting an opportunity.... We'll, I for one will be whining pretty hard to y'all! At the end of the day, I don't really care what name is on the back of the jersey of the next great Buckeye receiver, but I do hope that we found out who it is this season. If we don't, I'm all but positive we won't be celebrating come January....

Edit: Ok, so maybe Mike Thomas actually was the "perfect" receiver!

Go Bucks

Comment 22 Mar 2017

If Knight could've just kept his hands to himself..... His coaching style wasn't going to fly in these "softer" days, but when discipline was paramount, his results speak for themselves. One of the greatest fundamentals type coaches of all time. 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

I'm not picking a fight bro, but coaches can make their players give a shit. They can motivate them to give a shit, or at least recruit the kind of players that can be motivated to give a shit. Ohio State is not an elite basketball program, we're bound to have some down years. But the effort we've seen this year has been atrocious. I think Thads effort may even be in question, but I still don't blame him.  I blame his boss. I happen to be in a slightly similar situation as Thad, from the standpoint that there's no way I could leave my current job and make more money elsewhere.... So I won't. Plain and simple. If my performance dips below the point of acceptability, my boss will have to identify it, and motivate me to do better, or simply let me go. I'm not leaving on my own accord even if I suddenly begin to suck at my job. I like / need $ just a little too much. My guess is Thad does too. This is where Gene needs to man up. 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Look, I would NEVER condone what Mr. Rice did, but it seemed a little like double jeopardy or something when his punishment was so severely increased after the video came out. I really don't understand what the video changed. Everyone knew he hit his wife. That sounds bad. Guess what, when you see a video of it, it LOOKS bad too. Before his incident, no one ever seemed to get huge punishments from the NFL for domestic violence. I'm not saying they should or shouldn't have. They just didn't. And just so you don't think I'm some kind of apologist here, I believe the NFL should take their policy on the issue one step further. Question: Why is a man beating a woman such an appalling act? Answer: Because men are by far physically superior (or at least usually stronger) than women. In other words, it's unfair. The same could be said about almost any NFL player in comparison to almost any person, be it man woman or child. How much weight does the everage NFL player bench? How hard does the average NFL player punch? I bet the strength and athleticism discrepancy between the average NFL player, and the average Joe male, is even greater than the discrepancy between the average man and the average woman. Meaning, an NFL player should have his ass in a sling for ANY assault, against a man or woman. These guys starting physical altercations with "civilians" is just plain unfair, and should almost be considered attempted manslaughter in most cases.