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Comment 28 Dec 2019

Is it just me or are our linebackers running themselves right up into blocks and taking themselves out of plays which is opening up running lanes for Lawrence?  It is like last year all over again but just a little less frequent. 

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Why the F do we go for a punt block and risk the penalty when we would get the ball at mid field on the punt?  Just more stupid self-inflicted damage. They are just giving this game away!

Comment 16 Nov 2019

I wish I could up-vote this an unlimited number of times. The use of “could care less” is one of my biggest pet peeves. I detest the complete lack of grammar and language standards that social media has made common. 

Comment 02 Jun 2019

I thought the same thing when I read it as it was very noticeable.  Not sure why people would DV you for it other than they only want to hear positive things. Here’s a +1 to help offset things. 

Comment 24 Dec 2018

Paris already had been serving as the face of the class of 2020 by coming to every home game to network with recruits and working the group chats.  I think he rightfully felt Hurt/insulted when he wasn’t one of the recruits Meyer told in advance about his retirement and that made him decide to take a step back. This needs fixed ASAP. 

Comment 17 Dec 2018

I wish I had enough helmet stickers earned on my account to have voting rights as a I would love to UV this post. 

Comment 20 Oct 2018

Feel free to DV me to Hell, but this team is a complete joke. All season long with a complete lack of discipline resulting in tons of penalties, many at just stupid times. You don’t need to block kicks and risk roughing. Just get possession and run your offense. 

And the defensive scheme is asinine. LB’s running uncontrolled into the line of scrimmage before or at the snap leaving the middle of the field wide open for slants and crossing patterns and the coaches refuse to adjust or change anything.  

Haskins overthrew a wide open receiver that cost us a TD early and under three two balls in the end zone which allowed the DB’s to recover and make the deflection. Settling for FG’s is a recipe for defeat. We’re making Purdue look like world beaters. This is last year’s Iowa game all over again.