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Comment 15 Sep 2019
I just scored last minute suite tix to the Browns/Jets MNF game. NFL in Jersey. I dont really know what to expect, but somehow I think I do. Go brownies.
Comment 10 Sep 2019
Rumors that Alfano (2019 5* DE & Bama frosh who visited OSU last cycle) probably transferring. Noted reasons “playing time and heat in Tuscaloosa.” ok.... Any news out there on him or his interest level in OSU from last cycle? Room in our 2020 class? He's going through Saban's discipline process at the moment. Thought it was worth a mention. If not, carry on!
Comment 10 Sep 2019

God bless you and your family. I hope your event goes great and you raise more for your cause than you expect. 

Side note: my aunt & uncle attended an OSU event in Indiana this summer with Urban & Shelley. My aunt says to Urbz, "I really enjoyed the win over Xichigan this year"....Urbz grabs her hand and shakes her and is like "WASN'T THAT AWESOME!!". She said his reaction was hilarious. 

Edit: Can't make the golf, but just sent in a donation. Have fun. 

Go bucks!

Comment 05 Sep 2019

Stop UC's run game and I feel good about getting the win. Make them come into the Shoe and throw the ball....should lead to sacks and turnovers. 

go bucks

Comment 03 Sep 2019

I couldn't actually see a DJ from 24C, but was aware of the new gimmick. There was quite a bit of let's call it..."pump up" music during the game. More than I remember last year. So maybe the DJ did get some special air time. 

This is all about recruiting imo. Although, the Band is a huge part of the Gameday experience for me personally.