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Comment 22 Jul 2019
Well, I think I can speak on behalf of the entire galaxy when I say "thank you" for putting all that together.... Also, can you update the chart title to read: THE YEARS OF TWO BYES future generations understand our sense of oddly placed Big Ten humor?! Cheers
Comment 22 Jul 2019

Was there. Dude in our section was contemplating "leaving the game" at halftime and I talked him off the ledge...if you actually paid attention, we we're arguably outplaying PSU, we just had the fumble & SB kickoff return. We were moving the ball at will against their defense. JT second half performance was absolutely legendary. One of the wildest crowds I've ever seen in the Shoe.  

Comment 22 Jul 2019

The Game 2006. 

Honestly, Bo dying the day before was pretty emotional even for a die hard buckeye fan. A great moment of silence in the Shoe that day. Troy 'running with the bull' introduction on Senior Day the year of his Heisman campaign. That game had it all. 

Comment 11 Jul 2019
Love the thought, but you're likely in a tough spot here. 6 together is almost impossible for a big game no matter how you attack it. If you're not buying tickets on Tuesday you very likely have no shot at getting what you want. By Friday onsale, its pretty much random single tickets. I wish you Good luck!