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Comment 07 Jan 2020
Was there in opposite end zone. Pin drop silence when the ball was in the air. Saw our bench explode.... and that's how we figured out we won!
Comment 07 Jan 2020
My friend was a raft guide on the Arkansas River in CO. LSS, I got tossed out of the boat and took a class 4/5-ish rapid *naked*/s and free fell about 10 feet or so....busted the inside of my knee on a boulder. From the shore, some onlookers threw a lifesaver to me....missed it by inches. I was moving fast down the river unable to swim. So fast, I caught up to another boat just before the next set of big rapids. They paddled against the current to hold the boat. I was screaming for my life....then saved by a 10 year old girl extending her oar out to me. I was about 250 feet from floating all the way to fucking New Mexico or some shit!
Comment 04 Jan 2020
Spurned Bert to play for Urbz. Congrats on 9 fantastic seasons with the right choice! KJ Hill. What a buckeye! He will be missed.
Comment 28 Dec 2019
He has the funniest defense I've ever seen. 5*. Laughs for the whole family!
Comment 27 Dec 2019
Was just thinking this. Win or Lose, this team has a lot of heart. Stay positive. Root like hell for our kids. My buddy was mystified at me at halftime of the B10CG. He was melting, criticizing, etc. He asked me why I wasn't pissed and I responded with "because we're going to win". Steady at the wheel my friends! Go bucks!