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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Probably would have to be the 1990 Reds winning the world series. I was 9 years old,and it was easily the best day of my young life. I've had some incredible life moments, but the joy I felt that day has rarely been matched.
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Comment 14 hours ago

Yellow Jackets  suck!  When I was about 7 years old we came across a nest in the woods and I got lit up by about 40 of them.  Working on a farm and living on some land, it seems like quite every other year or so I have been whacked by yellow jackets flying out of a next I didn't know was there.  

I got popped by a hornet one time in an apple tree and that was an experience I'll never forget.  On a ladder 15 feet up and kid picking on the lower limb lets out a scream like I've never heard before.  I look down, he comes out from under the tree and pulls a hornet out from the inside of his lip.  Just about that time, one nailed me in the head.  Hornets are the worst! 

Comment 19 Jul 2017

Depends on how long Urban is around for  really.  If he goes to 4 years with no B1G title and no wins against the Buckeyes, and no Playoffs it'll be hard even for the most diehard fan to defend him.  I could also see him losing interest after that lack of success, piss off everyone at that school, then moving on to an NFL job again because everyone will applaud him for having 4, 10 win seasons at a school where the football program was in the toilet.  

Comment 19 Jul 2017

I think they'll dominate recruiting Texas again.  Around 2014/2015 when we were going to Cass Tech and pulling guys out we all laughed about it being a pipeline school for us.  Harbaugh shut that shit down pretty quick.  Granted, a lot of his huge recruits have been from elsewhere, but the point is, it doesn't take long for a coach to turn recruiting around.  We know Herman can recruit really well, he had big time players at least putting Houston on their lists too . Texas' great players want to go play for the Longhorns, they just need to know the situation is good there.  Would any of us be surprised if Herman is really successful at Texas?  

I'm not predicting a title in 5 years, but I bet they can be in the discussion within 5 years. 

Comment 19 Jul 2017

I think people like recruiting and BS'ing about it more than they actually like the games on the field. 

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I want to see what the O-Line looks like before making any real judgements.  It was really bad last year.   I also need to see the ability to stretch the field and hit some deep shots down field. 

I also think, while we have a lot of really talented guys in the secondary and defense, we have a lot of guys who aren't that seasoned back there.  

The talent is insane for sure.  This team could win it all, but I wouldnt' be shocked if there's a loss somewhere along the way.  Probably to a team we don't expect to lose to. Maybe at Nebraska.

Comment 28 Jun 2017

Rewind this conversation several years and all the comments criticizing Weber are the exact same arguments people made about Carlos Hyde.  I always heard how he didn't have top end speed to break off big runs, or that he would get tripped up easy, or there's the special recruit that we all really can't wait to see because he's actually going to be the star.  I don't know how often I heard how much better Rod Smith was than Carlos Hyde. 

Look at both of their first seasons as "the man" at RB.  Weber had more yards per carry and total yards than Carlos.  He had fewer TDs but his long TD was 52 yards where Hyde in the first year as the man broke off a long of 29 yards. 

At the end of the day, I have no idea if Weber will be better, the same, or worse than Hyde, Zeke, or anyone else for that matter.  What I do know, is he had a better first season as the feature back than a guy who is making a lot of money to play on Sundays, and that same RB was often overlooked or under appreciated by this fan base. 

I think in the new offense, we'll run more plays, and have the defenses off balance, and Weber will put up an amazing season.  Maybe not Zeke ( I mean c'mon that guy was special) but I"m going to say better than Hyde. 

Comment 17 Jun 2017

I'm just saying if this is such a highly sought after job the 2 offers made wouldn't have been to lure away Creighton and Butler's coaches. 

Comment 12 Jun 2017

The Reds are my favorite team in any sport, no doubt.  I've been reading about this kid for a few weeks.  I'm always a little nervous about taking a prep pitcher, but what I really love about this guy is how composed and mature he is.  Really good head on his shoulders.  He posses that talent and has it between the ears too . This could be one that really works out for the Reds.  

OR it could be Brien Taylor part 2. 

Comment 10 Mar 2017
I can't stand knight. There is a difference between being a tough Sob and an asshole. Knight is an asshole. If the tantrums he threw where he acted like a child weren't reason enough what about his tirades where he loved humiliating people who asked him a simple question. What about putting his hands or head on his players? Still not convinced? How about his childish grudges that lead to comments like this? He freezes former players out all the time. He will talk shit about coaches today but doesn't have the balls to actually have a conversation with those he criticizes. Some say tough SOB when they talk about him. I say immature coward who acts like a child.
Comment 04 Mar 2017

He could be a great player, he could be an average player, he may be a nobody.  My question?  Who gives a shit.  This is a guy who was 0-3 against the Buckeyes and never won any sort of title while at Michigan.  In the games we really care about how he played, he didn't do shit!  I don't understand the obsession with this guy around here or up north.  Way too much time gets devoted to him. 

Comment 25 Feb 2017

1) I'm not trying to incite anyone or bash the school and team that I love we can pump the brakes a little. 

2) I'm not naive enough to believe that a kid is going to choose to come to Ohio State for nothing or minimal improper benefits when several other schools from a particular conference are supposedly offering the families or the players themselves 6 figures worth of improper benefits. When we land a guy seemingly out of nowhere people want to praise the staff or the city.  When an SEC school or FSU immediately everyone starts talking about bagmen and all this other stuff. 

At the end of the day, I couldn't care less if we cheat or not I'll enjoy the game either way.  NCAA football and basketball are cesspools with all kinds of cheating, improper benefits, crime, and academic fraud.  I can acknowledge that and still love the team and sport right? 

Comment 25 Feb 2017

I think you make good points, I just can't, for the life of me imagine a kid getting offered a nice chunk of money somewhere else and deciding, eh you know what I'm going to go to Ohio State for the occasional 500 dollar handshake.  That's my personal opinion.  If the SEC were cheating so much more than everyone else, than no one else would be getting high profile players is all I'm trying to say.  

Comment 24 Feb 2017

If Raekwon McMillan's family was given or offered 180k and he was given money for or a new car, do you think he would really forego that to come to Ohio State?  There's no way in hell he would.  If Tennessee had bagmen offering Vonn Miller the world, do you think he would legit choose Ohio State.  So there are 2 things we can assume 1) We cheated just as well or 2) the cheating in the SEC is overstated. Either way the kids I mentioned would end up in the NFL. 

Robinson, from Yahoo, that broke the Ohio State story with the tattoos, said there was a lot more to the story also, but that one of the parties involved wouldn't go on record or give testimony to the NCAA.  According to Robinson, had that guy talked, things would have been very bad for Ohio State.  There was a lot more to tattoo gate than what came to light.  The info that broke was based on what people were willing to go on record with.  There was more to the story. 

Comment 24 Feb 2017

If anyone honestly believes the SEC is the only place where cheating goes on all the time, I would really like whatever you are smoking.  I know everyone here really likes Columbus and believes Ohio State is special, but we get kids to commit who have never stepped foot on campus.  We can say it's Urban or the success of the program in recent years, but aren't there a few teams who could boast an elite coach with recent success?  Also, if the SEC were all cheating and paying kids to sway them, how would we ever pull kids from Florida and Texas when we have these head to head battles with SEC teams.  Does the kid say, man, Bama gave me cash and got me laid while I was there and are offering me more money, but nah, there's just something special about Columbus.  C'mon guys, we're all intelligent folks here.  Let's suck it up and understand everyone cheats, the NCAA only picks and chooses from time to time who they need to "knock down a peg" when public outrage reaches too high of a level. 

Comment 18 Feb 2017

In my opinion, Finebaum actually has been pretty fair to Ohio State.  The year that Clemson beat us with Braxton at QB he said we were basically a paper tiger, and we were to be fair.  Now, he did say we wouldn't have been one of the 4 or 5 best teams in the SEC, which was a bit excessive, but he also has been very complimentary of the program since then.  So, in my opinion Paul has been pretty fair to Ohio State the last several years both positive and negative.  He's being pretty fair to Michigan right now in my opinion as well. Harbaugh is a nut job and is operating a lot in the gray areas of recruiting. 

Comment 08 Feb 2017

I'm with him on the Amador.  It's good stuff.  There's another Amador that is a hopped whiskey.  It's definitely unique, whiskey with a beer-ish finish.  Nothing else like it on the market. 

Comment 08 Feb 2017

I had big plans to do a forum post every night featuring a different whiskey.  I did it for about 5 or 6 posts, but just didn't have the time to keep it up.  I may bring it back for once a week or so.  I have about 90 different bourbon/rye bottles here at the house.  I've recently slowed the collecting a bit but love whiskey.