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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Probably would have to be the 1990 Reds winning the world series. I was 9 years old,and it was easily the best day of my young life. I've had some incredible life moments, but the joy I felt that day has rarely been matched.
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Comment 08 Apr 2020

I liked basketball but never was interested in playing for school.  Too much work to play 10 seconds a game like a couple of my friends did.  I was a decent player, but not great and to add to it, I went to a small catholic school and my last night wasn't very high up the political food chain lol. Anyway, I played for a league that wasn't affiliated with a high school and my team was together from 6th grade until we graduated.  Our coach was a fantastic guy.  He would often come to practice in his work uniform as he was a hard working guy.  He would always greet us with a smile and crack a joke with us when we came in.  He worked our butts off.  He taught us fundamentals and hammered home how important it was we did everything in a fundamentally sound way.  The league we played in, basically you played in age group levels.  Our first season we played against 7th and 8th graders and took some beatings.  As the years went on and we got into high school, I know for a fact we could have beaten a lot of the high schools in Northern Kentucky.  

He was an amazing guy though.  When we were really struggling he would give us a speech saying sometimes you're the bug and sometimes you are the windshield.  In a year or 2 we will be the windshield, right now we are the bug!  He was right, the next season we were undefeated and the closest we came to losing was winning by 15.  That year he would tell us, Ain't no horse never been rhode, aint no rider never been throwed!  Over the years we won the league 3 or 4 times.  Our Junior and senior years we were basically unbeatable.  A lot of it was because of him, though.  I recently ran into him, for the first time in 20 years.  I told him, you know Jim, you are the best coach I ever had in any sport (I was a good baseball player, and played at a pretty high level), and he had tears in his eyes.  

I just respected the man so much.  Hard worker, great dad, aside from his job he had a business on the side for extra money, and in his "free time" he decided to coach our basketball team.  He never embarrassed or belittled us and always had a word of encouragement.  Great coach, great man, great role model for sure!

Comment 05 Apr 2020

I have no idea how many players from North Carolina end up there, but I would guess that UNC keeping talent at home now hurts Clemson and Georgia a fair amount, as now they can just go raid a state that has pretty good talent.  I know those schools are pulling talent from their own state and lots of other places as well, but it feels like Georgia always has a really good RB North Carolina. 

Comment 04 Apr 2020

I think the use of the portal has been very strategic.  1) If a Justin Fields is a available, got fucking get him! and 2) We desperately needed RB depth and went out and found a really good one.  Is that being too reliant?  I don't think so, especially with how fantastic the recruiting has been.  This team experiences a lot of attrition.  Good attrition for the most part with people moving on to the NFL.  Sometimes there are gaps you don't have time to wait for recruiting to fill.  The transfer portal is a great tool to help with those holes. 

Comment 01 Apr 2020

That is great to hear!  I know La Soupe in Cincinnati has been preparing a bunch of meals and freezing them and taking them to schools and food pantries too.  The reality of the situation is, a lot of people live in a tough situation even while working their tails off and need help when times are normal or good.  They are really feeling the pinch now when resources they use to help out are either not available or are stretched really thin. 

Comment 01 Apr 2020

Hahahaha, no doubt!  Don't get me wrong, I have my moments where I want to boot them into next week, but overall I come away very impressed.  Teenagers can be assholes, I remember those days when I'm sure a teacher or coach thought the same about me at times lol.  Anyway,I share your hope for the future!

Comment 01 Apr 2020

 I have a lot of respect for hospital staffs in general.  My grandfather passed 10 years ago, and the folks at University of Cincinnati Hospital were amazing.  The care and they gave him over his last couple of weeks was really fantastic and they were great to all of us who would come visit as well.  I get frustrated with doctors a lot as sometimes I don't feel like they actually want to treat me they want to write referrals and send me to a different Dr, but the docs at a lot of hospitals and of course the nurses I've found to be fantastic. 

Comment 01 Apr 2020

I'm sorry to hear about your father.  It is really nice to hear what the healthcare folks did for your family though, especially with everything else they are facing right now.  You sister did pick a great song!  

Comment 01 Apr 2020

The school I work at has been running a pantry as well.  THe lead agency owns a property across the street from the school and they've been running the pantry out of there.  The agency also received a huge donation to purchase devices so that kids who have to do online credit recovery can have a device to finish credits and graduate still.  We're working on trying to set up a schedule so kids can block off time with us individually and we can assist/tutor through zoom.  The school was able to purchase 100 devices to distribute to kids because of the donation! 

Comment 31 Mar 2020

I always tend to believe the world is a better place than the snapshots we get on TV or news stories on the internet etc.  I witness it a lot in my current line of work.  My career change last July really restored my faith in humanity.  There are a lot of really amazing people doing great work in our communities.  We just don't hear a lot about it.  

I also have to say, for all the hate "kids these days" get, I am incredibly impressed by young people today.  I work with a lot of incredible kids who come from really challenging situations.  To see the way they survive and navigate through life is really impressive.  

Comment 31 Mar 2020

I read an article that said they do believe the vaccine will be effective long term because this virus is slower to mutate than something like the flu which mutates rapidly.  I know there are a lot of takes on this and no one knows for sure, but there was nearly a Coronavirus vaccine years ago that would have worked for things like the cold.  Perhaps something like that could have soften the blow of symptoms of this virus.  I know in years the flu shot misses the mark on the strain, if you get a flu after having the shot the symptoms aren't typically as bad and the flu doesn't last as long etc.  

Comment 31 Mar 2020

I wonder, though, wouldn't American media on the ground there (they weren't kicked out yet) have some sense of what was really going on?  People from Apple or Starbucks or other major American presences over there?  I'm not doubting that their numbers were much much higher than they reported, but I feel like if a million died, that is something that would make it's way out of China.  I'm guessing they probably had at least 10x as many cases as they claim, but a million deaths would mean 100 million infections, and while that is only really a small portion of their overall population, I just can't see how even China could have kept that under wraps. 

Comment 31 Mar 2020

I know locally, the Diocese of Covington decided to cancel all masses for the time being.  That is a huge help as, before that happened, I knew high risk people still going to large churches with mass, because they were hell bent on not missing mass.  I would hope other large churches/denominations would follow through.  Of course, the Catholic Church is all too familiar with lawsuits and likely did it to protect themselves more than their congregation, but perhaps I'm wrong. 

Comment 31 Mar 2020

I definitely appreciate the call to bring awareness to the bullshit people are pulling right now.  I think there is a special place in hell for anyone who targets vulnerable populations like the elderly etc.  We are just always inundated with the bad, that's why I wanted to try to bring a little perspective in.  I do agree a post for all the positive work being done is a great idea.  If it hasn't already been started, I'll try to get one going later on today.  

Comment 31 Mar 2020

Nice!  We both have kept our income as well for now.  My wife is a teacher in Cincinnati Public Schools and I now work at a high school in CPS as well working in college and career access/readiness.  After several years working for a major financial firm I left this year and started working at the school as I wanted to do something with a little more purpose.  Anyway, my big worry has always been, what will happen to my job is the economy tanks?  Meanwhile, my former co-workers at the financial firm are busier than they've ever been.  I do know my salary was paid by a grant that was supposed to run from August 2019 to August 2020, so I think I'll maintain my income.  We'll see.  We should be fine either way, and I'm a pretty resourceful guy so I'll be able to figure something out if not.  Plus, I still have my financial licenses so I could always jump back on with a firm and start taking phone calls I'm sure.  

My dog is definitely happy to have me here 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Your purchase sounds awesome!  I also made a big purchase, I love to play darts so I bought a board that connects to my phone through bluetooth.  With the ap, I can play against people online from all over the world and keep myself entertained lol. 

Comment 30 Mar 2020

I get this is a scams post, but it's really easy to get bogged down in the negative stuff and ignore how many really good things are happening and being done as well.  Today, I heard all these sirens and horns honking on my street and though what the hell is going on? I looked out the window and it was teachers from the local elementary school driving down the street and waving to their students who were on the sidewalks outside their house.  They had signs and stuff painted on their windows saying WE MISS YOU!!!!  It was great to see.  A police car was with them and an ambulance and fire truck, the first responders were waving to the kids as well.  It was great to watch. 

I work at a high school in Cincinnati, it's a low income school.  We have a lot of students who don't have a device to work remotely on.  A big donation was received so we could buy and distribute 100 Chrome Books to kids without devices so they can finish up their work.  

Then there are all the stories of people sewing masks for hospitals, and people here on this very site talking about donating the N95 masks they found in their garage etc.  There are just so many truly good things going on, and I think that is important to remember when we here these few negative stories. 

Comment 30 Mar 2020

I last went into a public place with other people on March 15th.  I just won't go into a grocery store.  My wife and I stocked up on some extra ground beef and chicken, just a few pounds each, prior to the big rush to the stores.  Last week I was concerned about us running out, so I went to a local farm in rural Kentucky to buy 5lbs of their beef from their farm.  We didn't have snacks, and we were running low on milk and some other stuff, so I placed an order with Walmart and Costco online and had it shipped.  I open everything on my porch or my entry way, sanitize everything, then throw the packaging in my garbage can outside, then sanitize the area I was working in, then wash my hands. I just don't want to be in a grocery store right now or big box store etc. 

I have run to the post office to drop stuff in the outdoor mailbox and I've taken a few drives.  Today, I got gas, wiped down the pump with a clorox wipe, and wore latex gloves as I was pumping.  Then I took the gloves after sanitizing my door handles and threw everything away.  I had planned on fishing, but the local lake that I enjoy going to had several cars and people there so I left and just continued enjoying the nice day on a drive.  

I may be overdoing it just a little bit, but I really don't want to get the virus and even more than that, I really don't want to spread the virus around either.  I've really only left the house a few times in the last 2 1/2 weeks.  I've enjoyed the nice days by mowing, and planting 22 different kinds of vegetables in my raised beds in the backyard.  I have a tree to take down as well and plenty of limbs to have a nice bonfire. I do woodworking in my garage and have finished several projects, and of course I'm still working.  While, I don't love having restrictions, I don't understand those who thumb their nose at the virus.  I also don't understand those who are in full on panic mode.  My wife and I are making the best of a bad situation and getting along just fine.  I can't wait til it's over, but I do feel like my wife and I have spent a lot of really good time together and have really enjoyed eachother's company.  It hasn't been all bad. 

Comment 29 Mar 2020

Very well said!  Periodically over the years someone has a post about investment advice and I see a bunch of people throw a whole bunch of suggestions out there and it just hurts my head.  Very few are probably actually qualified to say anything.  Those who are, understand that the rules and regulations that govern our industry wouldn't allow us to give "advice" on a college football blog!

Comment 29 Mar 2020

While I don't completely disagree with this, especially now while we are off of all time highs, I can't stress enough that it really depends on your overall situation.  How much you have saved, how much you have spread across different investments, your own personal risk tolerance etc.  No doubt and S&P 500 index fund, over time, will produce great returns.  Fidelity did a great article about how much money you would have had you invested 10,000 into the S&P 500 in 1980 and just let it sit for 40 years what it would be worth.  It's really astonishing.  

I would not advise, though, putting your entire retirement savings into an S&P 500 index fund if you are 65 years old and will be living off of the money in the near future.  You'll be withdrawing money during volatility.  Could you imagine what your stress level would be if you were withdrawing money to live off your retirement account 2 weeks ago as the market was dropping 30%?  

I do have cash free right now, that I will probably be buying the Fidelity 500 fund with in my IRA, but I'm 38 and have 30+ years before I'll be living off the money so volatility doesn't concern me at all. 

Comment 28 Mar 2020

What do you mean IRA's are not touched by market volatility? Unless you have some sort of IRA with annuity product or the old style bank CD IRA's, your IRA absolutely is impacted by market volatility. 

Comment 27 Mar 2020

I also don't think it'll be in 3 days by the way.  It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.  I was really freaking out about it last week one day, I feel much better now.  Anyway, what really calmed me down was when Dr Fauci said he didn't think it would be possible for us to have it as bad as Italy.  When I've watched Dewine and Beshear talk I have also felt a lot better about the efforts both states are putting forth.  Beshear seemed to indicate that we've done a good job slowing it, but the next two weeks are critical. I can agree with that.

Comment 26 Mar 2020

I've been following a guy's posts daily on FB and he's a mathematician who has modeled outbreaks before. His modeling, using all 50 states, shows the peak coming on 3/30.  He has a breakdown for each state etc, then one big model.  His total death count is very low though.  Anyway, it has been interesting to follow the last few days.  He swears he is just using data to drive the model and not personal opinion/political beliefs etc.  Again, taking it with a big grain of salt, but so far it appears to be on.  I'm interested to see next week if the rate of infections slow.  

Comment 21 Mar 2020

I referenced this one last night in the old post, but didn't actually include the chart.  It really is amazing how much different the 2 look.  I imagine Ohio would look a lot like Kentucky on this graph as well as most of what Kentucky has done came about a day after things Dewine did in Ohio.