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Comment 26 Feb 2019
We will beat Nebraska soundly, we simply have better players across the board and I'm betting the defense is significantly better.
Comment 26 Jan 2019
Urban is a great recruiter and developed an amazing culture and is the best underdog coach out there, but as far as his job as a coach, I think his best days were behind him and I think he really underachieved in many ways since the national championship. I think this because of some major whiffs in coaching hires/coach designations, and the inability to keep the team focused all season with losses to MSU, with a backup qb at home, with the best team in the country, to getting embarrassed by Clemson, and loses to Iowa and Purdue.I think this is a reasonable way to look at his legacy. We should have been in every playoff just like Alabama and won at least 1 more title. Don't get me wrong, I love Urban and think he is underrated as a human being but he hired too many close friends and failed to keep the team interested too frequently IMO.
Comment 03 Dec 2018

Delaney kicked something over when the final four was announced and he shouted obscenities rest assured. There are some major politics going on and there must be some hefty penalties for saying anything negative about the playoff committee because no one outside of the media is saying shit negative.

Comment 03 Dec 2018

Everyone knows Murray is gonna win it, sad thing is no one will take into consideration the 6,000 yards passing Haskins would have had if he played in the back yard football conference.