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Comment 02 Nov 2019
Nope, let her get a new artificial(from balsam hill), she been dieing to put it up. I made a deal with her when we first got married, if it goes up before Thanksgiving, it's got to be buckeye themed. Needless to say it's been buckeye themed every year, lol. buckeye santa hat is the tree topper
Comment 28 Oct 2019
Typical ichigan fan, get a decent win and now if they played them all, all over again would be undefeated. It's easy to say now you guys would beat Wisconsin after the beating we just put on them. Same will be said about psu after we get done with them. But as we all know, the last Saturday in Nov will be here soon enough, and after watching this osu team for 8 games so far, I'm guessing it will get a lot more quiet up there
Comment 24 Oct 2019
My brother got tickets to a couple games that I went with him(Cincy this year). Great site!!! Thank you veterans for your service
Comment 10 Oct 2019
A whole conversation on upvotes and downvotes in a recruiting thread is a perfect example on why people's comments get Gray'd out
Comment 07 Oct 2019
Browning's stock continues to soar. Borland is a good, tough linebacker, but Browning gas that 1 thing Borland doesn't and you can't teach, and that is his athleticism. I believe he gives us the best chance to succeed moving forward. I might have also added Zack Harrison to the stock up. Dude was living in the backfield Saturday night when he was in
Comment 05 Oct 2019
Glad you brought that up. Win the TO battle 4-1, and still struggle to hang on. Both teams slow as hell!!! Iowa undefeated because of schedule, and ichigan only has 1 loss so far because of schedule. After watching that performance today, neither worry me. Beat state(the big brother up there)