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Comment 29 Feb 2020
Watched part of last night's show, missed trebeks interview. Trebeks is really not looking or sounding good. Hoping for the best for him
Comment 17 Feb 2020
I thought the lbs looked pretty good. Werner stepped up big time, thought there was also a good mix of Borland and Browning rotation. Before Wade's ejection we were up 16-0 and their offense was pretty stagnant. Safeties missed opportunities on their long plays as well. Losing Harrison is a bit concerning, but I thought under Washington the lbs took a huge step forward
Comment 07 Feb 2020
Living in a non traditional skyline are(nw ohio), I've tried skyline, and I'm going to get dv to Oblivion, but I must say, it's like ichigan in August, WAAAAAAY OVERATED, LOL
Comment 26 Jan 2020
Crestview is very young this year. Freshman pg(another etzler, Doug's son I believe), another freshman and 2 sophomores that get alot of playing time. If kalen doesn't score 30 a night, odds are they aren't winning, and it's hard for him to do that when he's the sole attention of the defense. Kid is legit, but definitely needs to add weight. Hes 6-8, has in the gym range and can handle the ball like a guard
Comment 24 Jan 2020
Couldn't agree more about mattison being higher. I personally give him the most credit for the turnaround. Hell, he turned ttun defense around in just a year or 2 under joke from the rich rod era, and made them respectable again(their d that is). Was a big fan of his hire hear, and the results prove it. Also thought hafley did a hell of a job, and because of their ages I think that's why hafley seemed to get the most credit
Comment 29 Dec 2019
If you watch it again, you can see brown at the last second pulling up, the punter did a hell of an acting job, which he should have, making it look like brown tackled him. Putting his arms around browns helmet. I personally thought it was running into the kicker, but what do I know
Comment 28 Dec 2019
If your doubting the stock in the frig(or on the garage steps, check local listings) get more, lol
Comment 26 Dec 2019
eBay, got anything you want, from nice pieces to autographed(frame not always included)