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Comment 17 Jan 2018

Who are #'s 5, 6, 7, 8 in Ohio and why aren't they listed? So, we are losing the top OT in the state 2 years in a row? Why would you want to go to UM and lose 4 times in a row to OSU? You would think that they would have learned by now. I don't care if we have 10 players from Ohio on the roster every year as long as we are getting the best we can at each position. 

Comment 08 Jan 2018

If you are counting on these times, you are going to be sadly disappointed come April. These same stats had Braxton at 4.3 and he ran a 4.5 at the combine. Braxton was not the only one with an inflated 40 time. The rule is usually close to .15 difference. Good luck in April.

Comment 01 Jan 2018

Are you wiling to bet he goes no later than the 5th Safety off the board? If not, I don't know what you are arguing about. I stated that he would not be the 5th Safety off the board and why. He will not run a 4.4 at the NFL combine, low 4.5 at best . mid to high 4.5 is more likely. Feel free to re-post this in April if Im wrong. 

Comment 31 Dec 2017
We didn't get in the playoffs because we werent good enough. We weren't beating any of the teams in the playoffs. Our defense is good enough to compete but our offense is not. It would have hurt OSU and the conference more if we wouldve lost in the playoff again. The best thing for us right now isn't our fellow conference teams- bowl results, it's Oklahoma winning it all. Best recruiting scenario also as someone stated in another thread.
Comment 30 Dec 2017
The goal is not to be the best conference. The goal is to be the best team. ESPN/SEC conference hype has Buckeye fans rooting for UM because they're playing an SEC team. Can't you see what they're doing to us?.lol
Comment 30 Dec 2017
Those are some great stats but I would be more than willing to get he isn't the 5th Safety off the board. Plays behind an awesome defensive line, doesn't have the top end speed to defend the deep half, not physical enough to play in the box at the next level, and eye discipline still needs some work. I hope he goes as the 5th Safety. However, I have a feeling your stats vs NFL scouts and his combine #'s will not paint the same picture. JMO
Comment 30 Dec 2017

If Joe B is the starter next year, no one will be bitching about wanting JT back. JB can actually throw the ball from the pocket as well as run the ball. Believe me when i tell you that the offensive limitations are not the play-calling but the lack of ability to execute an expanded passing game by JT at QB. The offense throws the ball better next year no matter who the starter is or who calls the plays. 

Comment 30 Dec 2017

The offense was exactly what the offense is against any team with decent talent that commits to stopping the run, no surprise. The defensive line was the story of the night, have no idea how they were not the MVP? I cant recall a unit of an OSU team outperforming what I saw the DLine do last night. Nearly every play the defense made was because of the DLine pressure. The back 7 still had some blown coverages that luckily were not converted into points. Darnold needs another year to work on post snap reads and ball security. Weber needs another year to learn blitz pick-up. Mack will be the #1 WR next year and we wil have a 1,000 yard receiver. Okudah will seamlessly fill the loss of Ward. Chase Young is a grown man already. Bosa will be the B1G defensive POY and go in the 1st round. The offense will break records next year regardless of who the QB is. Anxious to see how the Offensive/Defensive Line depth fills out before next season. Also interested in QB situation even though I have a feeling we all know where it is heading. I have no idea who is leaving early other than Ward but I would say that anyone not on the DLine should stay. 

Comment 30 Dec 2017

I normally avoid the conference bandwagon trash because I routinely use it as ammunition against the SEC Homers I am completely surrounded by. However, the ESPN/SEC bias/love-fest/propaganda machine has become so obvious that I have no choice but to root for everyone in the B1G except UM and root against everyone in the SEC except UGA. UGA actually earned their way into the playoff. A 4 team playoff within the Power 5 should NEVER include 2 teams from the same conference. There's just not enough games between conferences during the season to accurately draw a conclusion that anyone other than a Conference Champion deserves in. That's where the ESPN hype machine does its best dirty work, by spewing how great so and so is and how awesome the SEC conference is. ESPN does a good job skewing their stats when playing the comparison game between teams. ESPN will routinely rank teams from the SEC higher in the preseason, then they will give fellow SEC teams credit for top 10/25 wins at the end of the season for beating those over-ranked teams even if those teams sucked and finished outside the top 25. Let's be honest, MIss State was only ranked in the top 25 as a 4 loss team because they were being given credit for playing Bama close. Then Bama gets the check from MIss St. for beating a top 25 team. Holy shit, how did that happen? The best team or 2nd best team at worse of the SEC is playing UCF while 2 teams they beat are in the playoff, how can that be? Anyone who doesnt believe that the ESPN/SEC relationship doesnt hold a strong grip on the sway of the college football landscape, is just not being honest with themselves.  

Comment 14 Dec 2017

I love Ward's speed and agility but he still needs to add some strength to compete with the bigger WRs at the next level. His strength and jamming ability in press will be the knocks on him. He still goes 1st round but he's not in Lattimore's league physically. If he wants to boost his draft stock between now and the combine, he doesnt need to be working on his 40, he needs to be in the weight room. Fitzpatrick from Bama transitions to Safety IMO and is no real threat to Ward;s draft stock at CB. 

Jamarco Jones will not be the last Buckeye drafted off of that list. He's 3rd at latest behind Price and Ward and depending on team needs you could jumble those 3 in any order you would like. LT's do not grow on trees, especially ones who don't give up sacks when their QB holds onto the ball all freaking day afraid to throw it. JJ goes early 2nd at the latest. 

Comment 12 Dec 2017

You mentioned that Urban likes to run his QBs and thats why you're only 99% sure Haskins will be the starter. You then proceeded to talk about Tate Martel with no mention of Joe Burrow. Urban said that Burrow was ahead of Haskins before the injury and he is a better runner than Haskins. Did Burrow already transfer? Do you know something we dont? If Burrow is staying around, I would take Burrow's past performance appraisal from Urban and Urban's love for running his QB as more evidence that Burrow would be the starter. I'm going to say that it is more than 1%.......unless you know something.

Comment 08 Dec 2017

Tall, accurate on the run, decent arm, and from an established HS that develops D1 QB's. Whats not to like? The only negative I saw was that he sits on his back foot a tad longer than i would like instead of getting forward on his front foot when throwing. Other than that, the normal things all 1st year kids have to do no matter how good they are. Weight room, practice, film study, and hit the books. I would be more excited If I was convinced that we would ever run an offense that suits a pro style QB's strengths. Im not sure if I'm leaning more towards this indicating that Jones is gone or Burrow is gone. I guess we will see. 

Comment 06 Dec 2017

I know it is his alma mater but that wasnt my point. My point was that he could have had a better job than Nebraska. Imagine if he had taken the A&M job? Way better facilities, better job, better recruiting footprint, and just as loyal fan base whether he is an alum or not. I know UCF takes a backseat to the other big schools in Fla for recruiting, what makes you think he isnt going to be taking a backseat for national recruits at Nebraska? I dont want to hear anything about loyalty and alma maters when it comes to coaching and making $, we all know that is a fantasy world. It's a feel good homecoming story but I think that he could have done better for himself, that's all i am saying. 

Comment 04 Dec 2017

Great decision for Nebraska, poor decision for Frost. He could have had better jobs. The pre 2000 Huskers are nowhere in sight and they are not showing up anytime soon although i think they are immediately better with him coaching, UCF was an easier school to recruit for than Nebraska is going to be. There is little to no talent within the state of Nebraska or anywhere near Lincoln. They are not a national brand anymore. Frost could have done much better for himself somewhere else. 

Comment 27 Nov 2017

Whether what he is saying is true or not, it feeds the notion that he wants Burrow back, and that's just being smart. That one sentence to you or I means nothing because we know he still has to come back and compete. To Joe Burrow, that means I shouldn't transfer because I should win the job. lol

If I were Urban, I would hope that I would've been smart enough to say the same thing, genius. 

Comment 27 Nov 2017

I dont think we throw the piss out of the ball but I do think we complete the piss out of the ball and score the piss out of the ball in the passing game. Consequently,  it will make it look like we did. 

Comment 27 Nov 2017

I think he is making a big mistake. Declaring after an entire year of injury, how can that help your draft stock? I think he makes more $ next year if he returns. His choice, must be counting on a big 2nd contract. 

Comment 27 Nov 2017

We've always relied heavily on our RB's except when we were stupid and lost. I disagree with you on Dobbins for a couple reasons. First of all if Haskins is the #1 next year, he is not a threat to run in the option game and you saw how many times Dobbins was bottled up on hand-offs once Haskins came into the game. That means the running game has to become more downhill and Dobbins will have to hit the hole instead of juking (sp, or made up word, your call) around like he does in the backfield. I love his shake but its not as effective without the threat of a QB running holding LBs and Safeties. Second of all, Webber is still a more powerful runner than Dobbins with a better top gear which suits the downhill run game better. Webber isnt going to enter the NFL draft after a season of injury so expect them both in the backfield next year. Believe me, you will be glad when Webber comes back. 

Comment 27 Nov 2017

I agree with you that it is uncomfortable for Urban to field questions comparing the 2 QBs and he will avoid it as much as possible. I am sure the reporters in the Woody have been briefed to an extent not to ask too much about it either. However, JT is not a rah, rah guy. I think Urban's main concern of leadership is simply being the example. First in the facility, last out when you are the QB and leader of the team. I dont know if Haskins is living up to that or not. However, I dont think it is bad or unexpected that a back-up RS Freshman would still need some work and have room to grow in that area.