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Comment 19 Jul 2017

Damon Webb and Michael Hill as the 65th and 45th best prospects of the 2018 NFL Draft????? Are you kidding me? Webb goes 5th or later and Hill doesn't get drafted at all unless something magical happens this season. If E. Smith can get on the field at Safety, I think he goes before Webb. J.T. improves enough to get drafted under current coaching and also because hes smart enough to carry a clipboard for any team in the NFL and thats what 65-75% of all NFL QBs do. I also see Jamarco Jones getting picked before anyone else on the offensive side of the ball. Campbell has the skils, just not the production so far. I really like Weber but I think he is closer to Hyde than Elliot and ends up 2nd or 3rd round. Other than that, I agree. The defense is loaded with NFL talent. Some will agree, some will disagree. Lets see how it shakes out next April before we start shooting at each other. lol

Comment 07 Mar 2017

Every time something like this happen it seems a lot of people complain about scholarship numbers or the morality of players being pushed out or asked to move along. What I dont understand is why a player would want to go through all of the practices, training, and multiple other time consuming, painful events just to sit on the sideline every Saturday. If you love football, you want to play. I understand loving Ohio State but you can get a student loan and make that happen. I dont care if it is Bug Tussell State Junior College for Truck Driving, if it is where I can get on the field, thats where i am going. Dont let anyone fool you into believing that the top D3 guys are paying their way through school, they arent.

Comment 25 Feb 2017
I don't think this is as much of a reach towards PC's talent as it is a condemnation of the pitiful offensive and most especually passing scheme of the last 2 years. You arent going to convince me that the talent at WR is the problem with the passing game at OSU, just isn't going to happen. I think Wilson will prove that this year and even more so when JT is gone. Do I think PC will be the 11th pick? Doubtful but I can certainly see him going on the first 3 rounds.
Comment 02 Jan 2017
It is well established that he was not a young man of character during his time at Ohio State, I don't think we need to dwell on that any further. The $$ are for what he thought he was worth but did not get. Being relegated from a QB at one of the greatest football I stitutions in college football to the unemployment line is the only reason he appears to be humble. If he was a 1st round QB, making 1at round dollars, he would be the same guy he always was. Being the most efficient WR in a 1-15 team has already got his mouth moving more than his teammates would like. He's that guy, always will be. Who and selfishness may wake but it will always return until he suffers a much more significant emotional event than being waived by a NFL team. That's what I meant. I am 100%rooting for him not to have something bad happen to him to completely figureit it all out. Shut up and play ball! Nobody wants to see a WR from a 1-15 team run his mouth on Sports Center. Just like ESPN coverage of the NBA. Show Show guy dunking or scorting 30 but his team loses by 15-20. I don't want to watch that trash. Show me the plays that won the game.
Comment 02 Jan 2017
I agree that Chad is an awesome coach which Is why I suggested getting him. However, I don't recall his name coming up for any of the big vacancies this year and most especially the job at the biggest school in the state and Big 12 that "Jesus" Herman got. Funny I don't recall Chad name coming up for that job. Maybe they know more than we do? Maybe Chad is waiting to take Clemson when Dabo bolts home to Bama when Satan dies/has a heart attack/retires. Maybe he's waiting on the A&M job, I see a vacancy there in the very near future?
Comment 02 Jan 2017
Urban needs to go get Chad Morris and save him from the dumpster fire of a job at SMU that he took when he left Clemson. We get 2 years, Chad gets a reboot at choosing a better HC job in 2 years.
Comment 02 Jan 2017
He's gone and If I was him, I would definitely go to Texas. Texas kid not recruited by Texas, played your best ball under the current head coach who would love to take you in. JT isn't going to be a NFL QB, he's more than likely going to end up in the coaching world. What better way to get a jump start on that by knocking out a year of post-grad as a student athlete at home at the University of Texas. This will cut an entire year off starving to death as a grad assistant and possibly cut it out all together depending on when he enrolls. No matter who the starting QB at OSU is next year, it will be there first year in a new system under a new OC. i say we lwt the toung pups cut theor teeth. It's a win-win for both parties and most especially for JT in my opinion. He gave OSU what I had, time to let him to home and do his own thing.
Comment 01 Jan 2017

Anytime there is a loss there will be extremes. Some will want to fire the entire staff and claim tOSU will never win again.Then there will be blind loyalist who attempt to chalk everything up to a bad day and in addition refuse to identify the problem. There is one missing variable on offense since the outstanding play of JT Barrett and Cardale Jones in 2014 and that is the loss of Tom Herman. Add to this the public ridicule from a current player "Zeke"  during the 2015 season which doesnt happen often and is strongly discouraged. By strongly discouraged I mean you are taking your college football career in your hands like a pair of dice and rolling them into the sewer. You have to be a great player to get away with that. If that was a 2nd string player, you wouldn't have heard his name ever again. That tells me a lot more of the team was thinking it way before that point in time. The bottom line is that Tom Herman was a hell of a lot better play caller than what we current have conducting those duties. I dont care if you think Herman is great or think he had some bad play calls, the output and efficiency of JT and Cardale in 2014 compared to JT in 15 and 16 prove that we are substandard at the OC position.

Those tweets from D, Lee are the truth! Hit the nail on the head. You cant expect the kids to come here and kill themselves to become the best they can be on the field and in the classroom if you arent prepared to kill yourself, put forth the same effort to coach them into the situations where they are most likely to succeed, that just isnt fair. No way you can look at the OC position the last 2 years and say they have been meeting that standard or expectation.

Comment 14 Dec 2016

Not as a HC of OSU he wont. Lets get the record straight, JT is a great guy, a great educator, and a great employee. However, his weakness to coddle kids he thought were disadvantaged and his inability to hold them to the standards that would make them successful in life put the University and those kids future in danger, There;s no question in my mind that he fell on the sword for the University ( like no one else knew about the TP situation,lol), and for that I will forever be grateful. However, his inability to convince 18-22 year olds that meeting the standard was a positive effect on their life was a complete failure. Terrelle Pryor is still the same punk he always was, just humbled by $$$$$$$$$$.

You don't ever teach anyone anything by giving it to them, you can only teach by teaching them to meet the standard!!!!!! If you dont meet it, you dont get it!

Comment 21 Nov 2016

The QB is NOT the problem. Ill take JT all day as long as Beck is not part of the coaching equation. JT's confidence is the problem, not his ability and that points directly to Beck. He refuses to throw a WR open, throw the ball on time before a WR comes out of his break, double clutches the ball, and looks as uncomfortable in the pocket as any QB I have ever seen. JT refuses to throw the ball until the WR is already wide open. The bad news is his arm isnt strong enough to make late throws and the separation created coming out of the WR's break is being closed by reacting defenders before the ball can get there. JT's just going to have to trust that his guys are going to make the play and let it loose. I dont need another QB to show up, just need the one we have to be more confident and decisive throwing the ball. The WRs are fine and any team in America would be happy to have them. Need to be more worried about getting Baugh to put some effort into blocking. That is by far the biggest drop off on offense compared to the last 3 years, blocking from the TE position. It is a necessity for the read-option to be successful and Baugh looks terribly apathetic when required to block.

Comment 29 Sep 2016

The OSU offense does not operate at top efficiency without blocking from the TE position. I cringe and curse my TV a lot while watching him during running plays. I cant imagine that watching game film in the TE room is very fun for him or his ears. Its obvious apathy and lack of effort.

Comment 29 Sep 2016

If Samuel tops 1,000 rushing and 1,000 receiving yards, they might as well hand him the trophy in the huddle after the play in which he reaches the milestone.

I thought the same thing last year about the kid from Stanford who broke an NCAA record but they gave the trophy to a guy who broke an SEC record instead. Stanford was a 2 loss team that played in the Rose Bowl, its not like they weren't a very good team. Samuel can have 1200 yards rushing and receiving but if OSU doesnt win the B1G and get into the playoff, he will not get the trophy. The bottom line is that if you are considered a Heisman contender then your teams wins and losses are decided on your performance. If you lose, more than likely the Heisman contender will take the fall for the loss just like the team does in the polls. Its not always accurate or fair but it is what we are dealing with when it comes to the Heisman.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Who wouldnt take anyone named Blades at DB? He needs some food and weight room work but hes going to be good.

Love the explosion/quick twitch of the DE but he needs some coaching and some time in the weight room. Hes a year 2 or 3 player.

Loved watching Emory beat up those flood zone routes and really liked seeing him roll out left and throw as a righty.

That Safety/DB from Bellflower is an OLB in college and going to be a beast.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I agree that JT has missed some receivers and missed some option calls. It almost appears that he has his mind made up before the snap on some option plays. JT is not a tall QB which is why I think he hitches or holds the ball, he cant see the field. Sometimes I see the old JT where he doesn't get a deep enough drop to see the field because he is too close to the OL. This may be by design for blocking but you can tell that he cant see the whole field. I say they need to keep it to 2 reads, a dump off or run and he'd start cruising again.

Marcus Baugh is an unwilling blocker. He does not look for contact or engage the defensive players, he waits to be engaged. It is very evident on a few plays in the 2nd half. His blocking ability was my biggest concern about the TE position coming into this year. I really want him to prove me wrong because he certainly has the tools to be a more than competent blocker. Its will, not skill.

The offensive line is doing great and should be unstoppable by the end of the year. Nothing else to say here, love those guys' heart and effort.

WRs are blocking their tails off. Samuel's 36 yard TD a WR has a DB locked up about 15 yards down field as Samuel rolls by.

On defense I really liked the freshman DTs and think they will be seen more often as the season goes on. I think D. Webb is the weak link of the secondary so far. He seems fast enough to tackle them after they catch it but not good enough to keep them from getting open. Having a former CB at Safety was suppose to be a coverage advantage for the defense but I think we know why he isn't a CB. Would love to see him clean up his technique or see E Smith get a shot.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Retired Army, have been living in the CSRA since 2005. There is not a shortage of Buckeye fans in the area. You wont be surprised by the SEC, UGA, and USC (Cocks) love in the area but the amount of Clemson fans will surprise you. That's not just because of their current success either like all of the SEC fans here. In 2006 when I cried like a baby because we lost to UF, there were UF license plates, banners and flags everywhere. In 2007 when we lost to LSU, the same same occurred. However, all of those plates, flags and banners quickly disappeared after the 09 saga at UF with Urban leaving. Now, its obviously UGA, USC and of course Bama because they are the hot SEC team. Very strange cfb demographic here in Augusta. I've never seen anything like it. Add another to the CSRA Buckeye Family. Welcome aboard the Buckeye Train South. They hate me by the way. No one in any of my circles dares to challenge me with SEC, SEC or any of that trash. Easy to win or look like you are right when you root for 14 teams.

Comment 10 Aug 2016

Love the " self motivated" speech from JT but would've liked to have heard a little love for an up and coming QB on the roster. I don't think that it is a vote of confidence in the guys behind him whether they are ready or not. OSU has lost QBs at an alarming rate compared to most programs and we need 2 at all times that can operate the offense.