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I haul old shopping carts out of the pond and sell them back to the store for a living. I only make about 80 bucks a month, just enough for cat food and lot fees.


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Comment 04 Nov 2016

As others have said above, going to class is very important to stay on top of the material and to remain motivated. You should also go to office hours if you are struggling with a particular concept or assignment. It is good to do this early in the semester if you are struggling and not wait until you are so far behind that it is extremely hard to get caught up or ahead. As a professor I can tell you that I do not give students the benefit of the doubt come time for final grades if they skipped class all semester - I almost always do not bump up such students. Not only that, but how are you gonna get paired up with the hot chick in class on group work and go back to her place after the library for extra studying if you don't go to class? ;-{)}

To cut to the chase, my advice for college is the following: get good grades and get a lot of punani ;-{)}

Comment 25 Oct 2016

I agree with your sentiment

but as noted above by others, this year we need them to be good and win out until they face OSU, or the bucks could be left out of the B1G championship for state penn, and thus miss the playoff

Comment 03 Oct 2016

One time I saw a guy in a michigan sweater near Lane and High, and he had on a very realistic costume - he was wearing makeup to look like he got beat up. It was a real convincing get up, he had a black eye and everything.

This was at the end of November though, so he must really like Halloween.

Comment 03 Oct 2016

They can't even snap the ball without some minimal number of offensive players on the line, like 7, correct? So the purpose of this formation was what, exactly?