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Comment 05 Jun 2017

I find it hilarious that some people on here not to long ago were saying Thad was a better coach than jim boehiem hahaha... that's why jimmy still has his job and has reached multiple final 4s and thad is in the unemployment line... whatever you say guys haha  #I'mFromNY #GoCuseHoops #FreeJimmyB

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Why do people always say this... " he won't start at the beginning of the year, but he will be by years end".... This makes no sense; if he wasn't good enough to be selected as a starter after fall camp, what makes you think he's gonna suddenly be placed into the line up at the end? What, the guys in front of him are just gonna get worst as the season goes?? That's nonsense. Now if there are injuries as the season goes, then yes.

​And where will he start? He's not starting over Hub, sure as hell not starting over Ty. He's not a 1 shade. So what's left, you're gonna start him at 3teq??? at 265 you're gonna start him at 3teq, over DJ or Sprinkle (assuming he's back)?? C'mon dude... Bosa will continue to rotate in as he did this past season. He will continue to play well, and get better. But he's not a starter until next, next year.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

Dude, you're such a herb hahaha... i don't even play madden...

Running inside zone is actually better because it adapts to multiple fronts... VS iso, If the mike plugs early and wins agaisnt the lead, they're won't be a space for the back, thus he has to redirect and bend/bouce, which allows the other defenders to flow to the ball. It also crowds the box. But you wouldn't understand its ineffectiveness because you're a football phony. Those games you played at the sandlot can't help you here.

As i stated earlier, I-form is nowhere insight; can not be found in an urban meyer playbook. Why would this even be an option... If it was so fantastic, more teams would run I-form today, but they don't, because offenses evolve.

Do us all a favor, don't talk about X's and O's. It's pains us all to have to read your filth.

Comment 17 Feb 2016

JT broke his ankle because he misread the play. They ran an inverted veer and he should of gave it to zeke; the end stayed home... but he decided to keep and tried to make a play that wasn't there. There was no where to go and the defense got on him. Had he gave the ball up he wouldnt have gotten hurt on that play. Look at the tape and see for yourself

Comment 10 Feb 2016

Go watch film from the 2012 and 2013 seasons... we've done this before... only difference is we would motion a wr into the back field.  The first to do this was philly brown and chris fields... then came Jordan hall and dontre. I remember clearly scoring a TD vs Miami-OH with this... but this is old... eventually good defenses would make adjustments. The end takes the dive, the back scrapes over and the alley defender or safety drops.  What we need to do is get back to running more power read with JT

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Comrade, I wish I can give you more than 1 up vote... you are preaching to the choir my friend, I co-sign everything you stated... I remember at this time last year some lunatic on here had a post about how Hubb will produce 13 sacks and start over Ty Lewis...yeah right, not even close.... Clearly some fans don't understand how a football program works.  It's refreshing that some folks out here understand the dynamics. Thank you, we'll talk again sir