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Comment 08 Aug 2014

"I would love to see Hyde put his shoulder down and shut richard Sherman up for good"

This, this, a 1000 times this.

Comment 03 Jul 2014

As one from Toledo, but living in LA, (Lower Alabama, aka the Emerald Coast, aka the panhandle of Fl, aka the area between P-Cola and Panama City), I mildly snicker at your characterization of Myrtle Beach as "the Redneck Riviera". 

Go ahead, type "redneck Riviera" into Google and see what pops up. 

But regardless, Go Bucks

Comment 26 Aug 2013

Now, why would I want to cry?



Comment 12 Dec 2011

Wow, I totally missed that one.

And with me knowing your inclinations towards sarcasm. 

I got nothin'


Comment 12 Dec 2011

"11W COMPOSITE PREDICTION: Wisconsin vs. Nebraska for the B1G title & Pasadena trip.



I could have sworn MSU was in the CCG. I don't think that that is "nailing it"

Comment 17 Nov 2011

Good job Ty. I'm just always happy to see someone say "intents and purposes" rather than "intensive purposes".

Comment 24 Oct 2011

Great article Ramzy. This subject needs to get more attention. Being in the rust belt is hard enough to entice recruits, they have every advantage down here (I live in Florida) they don't need this as well.