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Ohio born. Longtime Buckeye Fan. Lived in Alabama for 8 years and have insight to the Southern culture. GREAT to be back home!


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Comment 09 Aug 2019

Good write-up.  Seems like there is quite a bit of depth on the offensive line.  Also in the future, I'm hoping Trey Leroux turns into a Jonah Jackson success story.   Very low 3 star to becoming a starter, BIG10 mention and being named a Captain (now starter for OSU)

Comment 26 Jul 2019

The only Madison I've been at is in Indiana.  They have nice boat racing down there on the Ohio River

Comment 24 Jul 2019

Seems like the 3 football players answer questions with better maturity than Harbaugh.   Also I don't understand why Michigan is favored to win the BIG10 this year.  OSU gets down played since we have new coaching that hasn't proven itself.  Michigan gets a new Offensive coordinator in Gattis (and unproven 1st gig) but gets accolades how great the offense will be by introducing the spread.  Hell, Saban didn't even want Gattis to call the plays at Bama.  Time will tell on the field.

Comment 23 Jul 2019

Always liked Ron Dayne.   Just a big running back and really represented  blue collar running style of the Big 10.