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Comment 14 Dec 2016
This wreaks of JH desperation, not unlike the incessant officiating complaints that any respectable coach would not stoop to. He's so desperate to overcome the 0-2 start against Ohio State, especially considering he had the more experienced and supposedly more talented team this year, that he orchestrated these recruiting smoke screens to present a perceived victory over the Buckeyes. Amazingly hilarious that he has to resort to this for a local kid from a feeder program. So desperate, so glorious.
Comment 05 Dec 2016
Yes. Once he enrolled full time his "5 years to play 4 seasons" clocked started. Although it doesn't officially happen until the end of his 4th year, he burned his RS last year so this has cost him 1 year of eligibility.
Comment 30 Oct 2016
You mean swing pass on 1st down, QB draw or option on 2nd down and 3rd down pass short of the sticks isn't getting it done? Are you implying we don't have to play offense within a 15 yard box?
Comment 19 Oct 2016
Hate is strong but I certainly do remember despising him, and now I'm man enough to admit it was rooted in jealousy.