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Comment 07 Jun 2019
Maybe he is, maybe he isn't...but the class he has exhibited speaks volumes. Proud of his mature and selfless response, which make me root that much more for him and his offer.
Comment 27 Apr 2019
He will get a shot, and he will make the roster.
Comment 14 Nov 2018
Just want to say Iron Bar is highly recommended...great Buckeye gameday experience in Midtown. Much more than expected, and much thanks to NYCBuckeye and IowaBuckeyes! Check it out if you're ever in the city for a game...
Comment 07 Sep 2018
Coral Springs isn't an option then unless you leave at half, so I would stay close to FLL. The Ft. Lauderdale Duffy's is only a few miles up Federal Hwy so that should work. Also, depending on your terminal, there are a couple places in the airport to watch the 2nd half...Shula's and Landshark come to mind.
Comment 07 Sep 2018
Specifically, the Bru's Room in Coral Springs is the Alumni Assoc HQ. It's not really close to the airport, but if you can make it you will feel like you are in Columbus. Additionally, I highly recommend Triple Threat wings and buffalo chips. If you can't get out there and must stay close to FLL, I'd say Duffy's or Bokamper's.
Comment 24 Aug 2018
They sure do...breakfast buffet and kegs. Can't beat it. It's at the Coral Springs location now though, which is the new Buckeye HQ. University and Atlantic.
Comment 24 Aug 2018
Sample Road...the original! Did some damage there...miss that place. Bru's Room wings don't get the love they deserve down it's great to support a former Buckeye. And gamedays certainly feel like you are back home. I've met quite a few future ex Mrs. BrowardBuckeyes there...thankfully none worked out.
Comment 24 Aug 2018
Nothing. But I will continue the annual tradition of Bru's RoomTriple Threat wings and buffalo chips from Bob Brudzinski's famous Bru's Room. The best in South Florida!!! And they pair so well with IPA's and bourbon. Go Bucks!!
Comment 13 Feb 2018
He won't start, but he will absolutely get meaningful minutes. And probably plenty of them. He has a unique skill set that will undoubtedly be used in short yardage and goal line situations in 2018, at a minimum.
Comment 06 Jan 2018
Haskins arm and the 2 headed monster of Dobbins and There is your balance, and no need for zone read. Then, Tate situationally like Leak/Tebow. Yikes. And if Burrow beats out Haskins, same deal.