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Comment 2 hours ago
Yeah I get it lol. I think that's why we use the term "bullet" instead of "viper". I don't think it was something that was invented by TTUN just something that they use. It is a good position to help counter all of the spread offenses in college football today. The only difference is TTUN doesnt have the athletes.
Comment 3 hours ago
If Hooker is the starting single high safety and the coaches have talked about having Hooker and Proctor on the field together then it looks like we may have ourselves a bullet this season in Proctor. It actually makes sense considering Pete Werner is moving to the Will linebacker position because if the defense has a bullet then the SAM linebacker has to come off the field. Not sure what that means for Browning.
Comment 19 hours ago

Gotta love all the fans that are all doom and gloom. It's like they have no idea what kind of talent is on this team. I think I saw someone on here actually predict a 13-10 win against Cincinnati last season. 

Comment 23 hours ago

If a second Big ten team makes it I would go with Minnesota over PSU. They bring back basically their whole offense. PSU has lost too much talent. They might have a decent ground game but they don't have any receivers due to the draft and transfers. Agree with you on wanting both Bama and Clemson in the playoff. 

Comment 19 Oct 2020

Don't need to imagine it. Just tune in Saturday at noon on FOX to see it. 

Comment 19 Oct 2020

You don't need one to have an elite offense. Running back is probably the least important position on the field. Plug in any athlete nowadays and you have a running back. Difference makers at the RB position are made in the passing game and pass protection, which is not necessary to have an elite team. 

Comment 19 Oct 2020

No reason for the offense to be out of sync. This is the most experienced and talented offense we have had. They have also had more time than a normal season to get timing down in the passing game. I think this offense will be better than the 2019 offense . I agree with you on defense. I'm expecting the talent to show but will probably have some missed assignments. 

Comment 11 Oct 2020

I'm not worried about sloppy play from the Bucks at all. If anything we have had more practice time than anyone in the country with some of the other big ten teams. We had a few spring practices which is more than most teams and workouts all summer long. We have also been practicing for the entire month of September and now October. The SEC and other conferences only had a couple weeks of camp and then they were playing. 

Comment 04 Oct 2020
What is so special about Caleb Williams? Am I the only one that sees Tate Martell when watching his film? I believe he also has a pretty poor completion percentage at the high school level as well if I remember correctly.
Comment 04 Oct 2020
I would have agreed before the season started but it seems the preseason hype for Howell isnt matching the film. Howell has been pretty average if not bad at times. Staring down receivers and completely overlooking the safety at times. King has been sensational on the other hand and has yet to throw an interception to his 6 touchdowns.
Comment 04 Oct 2020
I actually think miami is the second best team in the ACC right now. They would beat notre dame by double digits. Quarterback play is much better than anything notre dame or North Carolina has.
Comment 03 Oct 2020
Yeah for sure. I think Teague could develop into a do it all back but I'm not expecting it to happen in a season where he is just coming off of an achilles injury.
Comment 03 Oct 2020
Hope Teague is healthy and can contribute. I think he can be a big time bruiser that defenses will hate to tackle late in the game. I dont really see him being the main back in the offense though. Too much of a liability in the passing game and doesnt have the best lateral movement. In today's game you have to be able to do everything as a running back. This is not the 90s and early 2000s where you just need a big bruiser.
Comment 30 Sep 2020
Good luck to other teams trying to cover a future first rounder with your third best CB or saftey/linebacker. I actually think the slot position fits Wilson's skill set best because he is so quick and shifty. Wilson will be a go to receiver on third down passing situations due to matchups and his ability to get open. I also imagine Day will get him plenty of deep balls like PSU did with Hamler out of the slot.
Comment 27 Sep 2020
This is THE Ohio State. No doubt we are in the level of Bama and Clemson. I actually think we need to pump the brakes on Clemson. Anyways, OSU has been practicing throughout the entire fall so far and will be heading into the next 3 weeks with pads on. They will have had more practice time than any other conference before going into game one. The secondary has been going up against these receivers in practice everyday. We also have one of the best coaching staffs in America. Losing JK dobbins isnt that big of a loss. The running game was good last year because of the offensive line and we return most of the line. The running back position is not that important. Insert athlete that can find a hole and you have a good running back. Difference makers at the running back position are made in the passing game and pass protection and Dobbins was just decent in the passing game and horrendous in pass protection.
Comment 27 Sep 2020
Yeah but with that logic the teams who won should have been sloppy too. Theres no hiding around the fact that Oklahoma, Texas, LSU, and Georgia are just really bad football teams.