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Comment 13 Jun 2019

I'm reading that James Franklin has a rule that commits can't take other visits and these kids that are decommiting just want to take their official visits to other schools. It's kind of ironic that he has this rule when he gladly allows kids that are committed to other schools to visit Penn State. 

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Where did you hear this? From the comments he made after their OSU visit it sounded like they would have shut things down but wanted to keep their word. 

Comment 12 Jun 2019

Do we really care what tight end we get honestly? Lets just sign some big Ohio kid that can block and call it a day. I don't even care if its another offensive lineman, we ain't gonna throw him the ball anyways. 

Comment 12 Jun 2019

but if he ever loses 2 in a row (or one by 40 points) we all know the pitchforks will be out.

Which is why I said he could possibly be gone on our terms but I don't think that will happen.

Comment 11 Jun 2019
The only ways Ryan Day leaves Ohio State is in 15-20 years when it's on his terms or anytime on our terms for whatever reason. Those of you who think he jumps to the NFL or another job is severly disrespecting the value of what it means to be the head coach at OSU. Its THE best job in football and it's not even close.
Comment 10 Jun 2019
Fieldsofjreams is this sarcasm or are there actually reports of this because he still has an OSU post up and never took it down. Not to mention the fact that you cant ever go off of a teens social media. It's all about getting followers.
Comment 06 Jun 2019
What dobbins loses in size (and dont get me wrong, have you seen this guy? He looks like a bowling ball) he makes up for in lateral quickness. Dobbins came out and said that last year he tried to always break a home run play because of shared responsibility with Weber. Plus our line was awful at getting any push. I think with our new line and a new mindset for dobbins will make him a Heisman candidate. Watch vs. Indiana 2017.
Comment 03 Jun 2019
You're right about the OLine having trouble with RPO concepts. Whi is to blame though? I have the answer to that. Its Stud and he told on himself last year. Blantly coming out in interviews talking about how he doesnt like the RPO because you are supposed to run block the whole time but if the QB decides to pass then you might get an illegal man downfield penalty. This happens but you live with it. You aren't supposed to focus on that and cry about it like a baby. He has to be one of the worst oline coaches out there. Of course the line is going to have the same attitude as their leader.
Comment 02 Jun 2019
The way I read this is he's basically saying "we want to commit right now and shut everything down but we told the other schools we would come visit so we will respect that."
Comment 02 Jun 2019
Why do we blame Day for the lack of defensive recruits committed to this point? How do we know it wasnt Greg schianos abysmal defense he put out in 2018. Also getting blown out at Iowa and Purdue. We needed to completely revamp the defensive staff because it was so bad. I'm sure that has a lot more to do with defensive recruiting than Days ability to recruit. A lot of recruiting is about the product you put on the field.
Comment 31 May 2019
I understand the concerns for the Nebraska game. They should be improved and we have a history of sleep walking into big ten west road games. Except this isnt the same team or staff. Our defense should be improved as well which is the reason for the Iowa and Purdue games. Plus Nebraska is extremely less talented compared to the Buckeyes according to recruiting. We should be able to take care of business.
Comment 30 May 2019

3,500 passing yards and 800 rushing yards with 34 passing touchdowns and nine rushing touchdowns.

This would be a nice first year for Fields and very reasonable that he could get there. I'm not sure if I want him rushing for 800 yards though. If the play breaks down and he gets out of bounds or slides then sure but 800 yards makes me think he would be getting hit a lot.  

Comment 30 May 2019
So you're projecting fields based off of what we saw in a scrimmage when he was only 4 months into the program? From what we have heard from people close to fields is that he has every bit of arm talent as haskins but can also run. He also beat trevor Lawrence in the elite 11 which is strictly passing. Whether or not this will transfer to the football field remains to be seen. As far as PSU and UM back to back I am not that worried. PSU loses a lot and will likely be an 8-4 team and we get them at home. The week after a big matchup is usually when you worry about a hangover but in this case its TTUN so no worries there. As tough as the schedule is though (assuming the B1G west teams are improved) we should be able to drop a game and still make the playoffs if we win the conference.
Comment 29 May 2019

Until Milton or Robinson commit I think we should go full force at Evans. Send Day, Hartline and Alford after him and set up an official. We might be late when it comes to developing a relationship with him but we can sell early playing time at a national contender which seems to be the only thing he cares about by looking at his top schools. Getting any one of Evans, Milton, or Robinson will be an absolute win for the good guys.

Comment 29 May 2019

I certainly hope you aren't referring to Paris Johnson as someone who isn't a must get or a top recruit. I mean he's a 5 star and top 10 recruit. We also have the number 1 center in this class. We also picked up 5 star Harry Miller out of Georgia last year. Yeah we lost Carmen the year before but replaced him with NPF.

Oh by the way we currently have a 5 star available at every single offensive line position with at least a 4 star providing depth. Maybe stud isn't the one responsible for the recruiting but this "sky is falling" mentality about the O line is completely over blown. The only problem with this line is experience but that's just the nature of college football when you can lose 3-4 linemen on any given year.