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Comment 16 Sep 2019
Yeah I think they will be amped up to play that game. Nebraska could improve over the next week as well. I think it's more about this buckeye team that makes me feel more at ease. This defense is playing on another level that we haven't ever seen in the urban era. Including 2014. Yes I know it's two games in but we haven't seen a consistent defense like this against lesser opponents. I trembled the weeks coming up to the Purdue and Iowa games. I think the whole fan base could feel it. I dont feel that with this osu team.
Comment 02 Sep 2019
I never said he was better than Lawrence. I said he outperformed him in one offseason workout. I dont believe fields is better right now but I feel that hes on his level. He just needs experience. I also cant stand the "fields didnt beat out fromm" crowd. It makes no sense. Are we automatically assuming the competence of the Georgia staff? Sure they are winning games but they have ridiculous talent also. We have seen the Georgia staff making questionable decisions (fake punt).
Comment 01 Sep 2019

Don't forget about the glaring holes we saw last year playing our cupcakes. We gave up 31 points to oregon state and way too many big plays. That ended up being a precursor for the rest of the season. We didn't see any of that yesterday. I think the slow down after the initial burst was due to lack of effort (human nature). Not that its okay or anything I'm sure Day will fix that. The line showed spurts of great blocking (run and pass pro) but then that slowed down. The only explanation for me is effort. There's a few little things that can be cleaned up like Fields making better reads but I'm impressed with the way he stayed in the pocket and scanned the field and used his legs only when he needed to. I think we also saw very vanilla play calling offensively and defensively. Overall a pretty good showing with no glaring holes. 

Comment 22 Aug 2019
1. Highest recruit in program history. That counts for something. Also elite 11 scouts said he outperformed Trevor Lawrence (heard he was pretty good). Also said Fields was the best player they had ever seen at that age, ever. ALSO THERE IS NO EVIDENCE SUGGESTING FIELDS IS STRUGGLING WITH THE O. 2. We got rid of Bill Davis and an absolutely atrocious scheme. They should improve. How much is a valid question. 3. This is true but he has shown nothing but competence in literally everything he has done and all the moves he has made. Also hes still calling plays. That's a great thing. 4. Is that a pro or a con? 5. On the road will be tough. Agreed. They do not have 2 excellent QBs. They barely have one good one. If anything TTUN has way more question marks than osu when it comes to their defensive losses (players and coaches), a new OC with zero experience, and running back. 6. Our schedule is deceptively tough but there should be enough tune up games to get us ready. 7. Nobody is overlooking MSU. Plus that's a night game in the shoe and a blackout. Need I say more? With this being the most talented roster OSU has ever had, I really don't think a playoff prediction is far fetched.
Comment 22 Aug 2019
I was thinking the same thing. Everyone always says Fields is struggling to learn the offense but there has been no evidence to suggest that's the case. In fact we have hear over the spring and summer how well he has done at picking up the offense. What's all the doom and gloom for?
Comment 17 Aug 2019

I agree. i think their head coach makes things a little interesting too but I'm not concerned at all. People are worried about Fields being ready for this game but I think this game will feature a heavy dose of Dobbins considering they have new starters on the D line. 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

JT's game was more fitting for that type of weather because the coaches knew he couldn't throw anyways and that hes a runner. You don't call the same plays for JT that you call for Haskins. The Illinois game is irrelevant. JT was injured yes but nothing changed about his throwing ability. It was always bad. Based on your logic about Haskins comment, do you also believe that every single player is always telling the truth while speaking to the media? 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Yeah that illinois game was in the middle of a monsoon. That hardly counts. Anyone would struggle throwing the ball in those conditions.  Ryan Day and Meyer can throw out whatever kind of coach speak they want to but JT was never better than Haskins. TTUN game proved that. We were down with Barrett and then Haskins came in and lead us to the win with his passing ability. In fact there wasn't a possession that we didn't score on when Haskins came in (aside from the missed field goal). The offense was stagnant with JT. Let's not use the lazy logic saying "the coaches know whats best". If that's the case then not a single coach ever in the history of the game should have been fired because they know whats best right? The fact is Urban did not have the balls to do what Saban and Dabo did and bench the veteran for the better younger guy. He loved JT, that was evident. That's the reason JT played over Haskins. 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Werner is the one that I see being able to dramatically improve his game. He took poor angles, had trouble finishing tackles, and had trouble disengaging blockers. These are all things that can be coached up and Mattison supposedly excels at teaching fundamentals. Your'e right about Borland though. If it was his achilies then he should have sat longer to let it heal but if his athleticism wasn't affected by the injury then he just simply isn't a Big Ten linebacker and should probably transfer to a MAC school. I'm tired of the whole "LeAdErShIp" excuse. I don't care how good you are at speaking in the locker room. That doesn't stop opposing teams from scoring. 

Comment 12 Aug 2019

Dobbins definitely deserves some of the responsibility. The good thing is he seems to have taken all of the responsibility from what were seeing in interviews so we should see improvement from him. It's just that the running game is so dependent on Oline play and the fact that the weaknesses on the Oline were so well documented when it comes to Studs lack of ability and the fact that we were playing 5 tackles. I think it's important to remember that Weber didn't have the greatest year either and both were getting hit in the backfield on a regular basis.