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Comment 9 hours ago
Yes. I should have worded my response differently. Ryan Day knows what kind of base defense he wants because he finds the single high safety look the hardest for him to go against. So he went and got someone that specializes in that kind of defense which was Mattison. Still doesn't change the fact that this defense is Mattison's.
Comment 11 hours ago
Letterman Row is reporting that Coombs to OSU is official. Expecting an announcement by OSU this afternoon. Expecting some DB booms in the near future.
Comment 19 Jan 2020
You seem to still be separating endorsements and ad deals with bagmen. As of right now, there will be no difference unless there is some regulation that comes down the road. Bagmen will be able to just hand kids cash just for coming to their school out in the open. It doesnt really matter if businesses like nationwide or kroger sign kids to endorsements. Do I think they will? Maybe some especially big time recruits. And companies in columbus absolutely will because they know how much columbus loves college football. But its all about the bagmen. From what we know bagmen will be able to just tell a kid out in the open that he will give him 500,000 for signing to his school. That's why it will be a big deal. I do agree that this will apply mostly to the higher ranked kids but to be fair that's all that OSU recruits for the most part. I'm sure the top 100 kids in every recruiting cycle will be sizing up all of the different offers from boosters from different schools whether that's an endorsement deal or big fat bag of cash it doesnt matter. It will all be legal.
Comment 19 Jan 2020
Other teams will benefit for sure but I dont think any team benefits more than OSU. What other college team is in a booming city like OSU? Columbus absolutely loves football. How many times do we see columbus at the top of the ratings for big games? Hell columbus is near the top when it's not even OSU playing. There will be plenty of money flying around to get kids to come to OSU for sure but I agree with you that other programs will benefit as well. I see the SEC being most afraid of these new rules.
Comment 18 Jan 2020
I dont think you're understanding. This will make the "illegal under the table stuff" become the legal over the table stuff. Boosters will be able essentially just hand kids money for coming to their school or tell them they can hook them up with a big endorsement deal. Since this will be allowed, places like OSU will be able to openly do things that schools in the south are doing and the schools in the south will be able to continue doing what they are doing except they just wont have to hide it.
Comment 18 Jan 2020
70% of your running game is all offensive line. Dobbins had a night and day difference between his sophomore and junior seasons because of the offensive line. We have 3 guys returning on the line and the two replacements are former 5 star guys. Not worried about the running game at all because of the o line. The running back can only make a slight difference which is why you dont see running backs go in the first round very often.
Comment 18 Jan 2020
If you dont think boosters will be offering large amounts of money to high level recruits you are out of your mind. It's actually already happening mostly in the south. This will just level the playing field for schools like OSU with ridiculous compliance departments.
Comment 18 Jan 2020
I dont see Gill being anything but the starting slot receiver. Personally I think they should add more weight on him and give him a look at RB which is the position he was so dynamic at in high school but regardless he is too talented to not be on the field and has two years in the system. Its a lot to ask of a true freshman to come in and compete at an OSU level. Maybe one of those guys can do it but to expect all 4 of them to come in and be contributors in big games is a lot to ask and something would have had to go terribly wrong if they are being asked to do that.
Comment 17 Jan 2020
I know everyone is just expecting the freshman group to just come in and get significant time but I'm not sure that happens. Outside receivers will be olave and Wilson with Williams and probably Harris in the two deep. I imagine Gill will start in the slot with McCall in the two deep. The only positions I can really see opening up in the 6 man rotation is if Harris or McCall gets pushed out. Otherwise I dont see the freshman getting significant time outside of garbage time.
Comment 15 Jan 2020
Not AE but I would imagine it has a lot to do with early signing day. This has caused a lot of kids to start enrolling early in spring semester compared to coming in the summer. This allows them to get a head start in the program and they might feel they will be at a disadvantage if they wait until summer. Official visits are starting earlier to accommodate this new process. All of this allows the kid to figure out where he wants to go first and then put it all to the side to focus on their senior season. I imagine all of these factors will make this the new norm.
Comment 12 Jan 2020
I think if true, this shows Days confidence in himself to run a clean program. As long as he comes forward and doesnt play the kid if he commits a violation, osu wont be punished. How the chase young situation was handled should give us confidence in Days ability to protect the program. And if any program is going to put a kid on the right path it's at OSU.
Comment 10 Jan 2020
Theres no reason to believe he will need surgery. An MCL sprain will heal on it's own with rest. Also if surgery was needed it would already have been done to get him back to full health as soon as possible. He has posted stuff on social media of him being pretty active so I doubt that has happened.
Comment 10 Jan 2020
The whole online class thing is so hilarious to me. As someone with experience in traditional classes and online classes at OSU. I promise you the online classes are actually harder. Especially when they use software that turns your webcam on to watch you take your test and they can see your screen. You literally cant cheat.