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Comment 3 hours ago
They always seemed to have get us with that in recent years. Good ol Shiano never playing anything else other than press man. I'm not sure they will have that kind of success against our zone coverage.
Comment 6 hours ago
I hear you. My first year I remember watching was the 2002 season (yes, I'm spoiled. It's great to be a buckeye). I'm older than all of the players as well so I can see how some that age would view the rivalry. We are going to find out how the culture of the program is under Day. He has performed great so far, but this being his first season, he is about to be tested.
Comment 6 hours ago
Trust me I'm with you. It's the biggest rivalry in sports. It means everything to this program and the fans. I just wonder with this playoff obsessed sport, will that be enough. For some of these players, all they know is ohio state domination of TTUN. I think we will find out a lot about how strong the culture is in the program after TTUN game.
Comment 13 Nov 2019

I hear you on resume and wins but at the end of the day the committee is going to have a conversation about who they think is the better team regardless of resume. Anyone who knows football would take Alabama over Minnesota and probably Oregon and Utah as well. Me personally, I would even take them over Georgia. The eye test is going to matter.  

Comment 03 Nov 2019

I understand why people are worried about pass protection. The sack numbers haven't been in Ohio State's favor but after watching the games I have to wonder how much of those numbers are the result of Justin Fields holding the ball too long. At the same time that's what Justin does. He excels at using his mobility to keep plays alive and look downfield. That's going to result in a few sacks. It doesn't mean our pass pro is bad. We may be on the back end of the rankings when it comes to sacks allowed but we also rank very well when it comes to how much time our QB has to throw. I can't remember where I saw that stat. 

Comment 25 Oct 2019
Exactly. Rain and wind is a huge advantage for OSU. Coan might be taken out of the game completely while Fields has the arm strength to spin the ball through rain and wind. Fields can also run the ball himself which isnt in Coans game. Osu can load the box and stop taylor. Cant do that against fields.
Comment 25 Oct 2019
I actually feel like the rain favors the Bucks in this one. I feel confident that fields will be able to spin the ball through the wind and rain with that arm strength. I'm not sure if Coan can do that since 90% of his passes are inside of 10 yards. Seems we can load the box to stop taylor and take away the short passing game while daring Coan to throw the ball over the top in bad weather. Wisconsin cannot do that against Fields.
Comment 22 Oct 2019

The only things wrong with your argument is that you mentioned "the big running plays" against our defense this year. What running plays are you talking about because I seriously do not remember a single one. Maybe I'm forgetting one or two but I'm pretty sure we have shut down big plays. Also you argue that the coaches "CHOOSE" him to play week in and week out. Well yeah but Baron Browning has pretty consistently played more snaps than Tuf when he's healthy so the coaches decisions have been trending in the same direction as fans that are critical of Tuf. I think the critique on Tuf is fair. While he certainly is pretty fundamentally sound, he definitely has his weaknesses and it's been eye opening. 

Comment 22 Oct 2019
I hear you. No doubt that wisconsin will be playing to prove last week as a fluke but I just think our guys will be just as motivated to play Wisconsin. They are even saying in interviews that they've had this one circled for a while now. Our guys were even shifting focus to Wisconsin during the 3rd quarter of the northwestern game according to chase young.
Comment 21 Oct 2019

They do love to get Hamler in the slot and run a deep route with him there. That means he will likely be matched up with Shaun Wade in man situations. However, we have been running a lot of zone which should negate the deep routes out of the slot. My guess is we won't have to deal with Hamler's speed at least in the deep passing game. The question is can PSU generate any kind of offense against us because most of their offense has come on explosive plays. They won't be able to get behind our zone coverage. Clifford will have to dink and dunk the holes in our coverage and I don't think he can do that.