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Comment 29 May 2015

And while we're being real, OSU could've kept feeding Zeke. Their 2 RB's carried the ball 23 times total for about 6 YPC. Zeke carried the ball 20 times for almost 12 YPC. 

Thats kind of like the Oregon fans saying the game would have been different if they catch those 2 dropped 1st downs. REALLY? They still had about 55 yards and 40 yards to score if both those catches are made. 

Comment 14 May 2015

What an incredibly emotional video to watch. Just really sad for the situation we are witnessing at this time of OSU football. On one hand its never been a better time for me as a fan, and on the other, this video reminds me that 2 incredibly gifted awesome human beings are going to be watching one of them playing. Really hope to see all of them get playing time and all of the have a great year. 

I guess my ideal start to the season would be Cardale be the starter, Brax move to and share time at H-Back and have some QB time inside the 10 yard line, we blow alot of teams out givoing JT the 2nd half and not let off the gas. Cardale and Brax move on to the next level (definitely think Brax can if he stays healthy) and JT take back over the following year.