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Comment 09 Jul 2015

LOL. Dude as soon as I saw this gif I burst out laughing at work. That is a classic and BM5 is a buckeye true and true just like me. I love The Ohio State University and buckeye nation. I'm so proud of being a buckeye fan its not fair. When I come back to Ohio I allways post on my FB how good it feels to see all my homies reppin dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Ohio State, browns, Bengals ect.. I love O-H-I-O and BM5 just confirmed why. I'm from OHIO. Hurry up camp.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

You guys are aware the the NFL supplemental draft deadline is July 9th right? Isn't this timing kind of in line with that? I would love to see Brax come back and claim his rightful place on The Ohio State throne as he started our rise from the ashes but another part of me would wish he would give the NFL a try because nothing is promised to him and to risk another injury for not being paid at 22 or 23 years old seems crazy. Whatever decision he makes I will respect it because what he's done for our beloved University. As long as hes doesn't go the tTun i'm fine. #GO BUCKS!!!!

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Theres something I need to get off my chest. That was none hell of a game played by The Ohio State University football team. There are 3 sellouts on that SEC team that I want to call out. I've been waiting for this moment every since Trey Depriest spurned our beloved buckeyes to go to Bama land. yeah he won a couple NC but there is nothing like helping your home school win it and he signed with the enemy. Kelly don't think I have forgotten about you either. You had your chance to be starting center for the buckeyes but you chose the SEC because of this supposed mystique. And last but not least Keif. You know that tall WR we've been looking for? It was you and you decided to go to Bama because of what? I don't know. Next up is Standiford or whatever his name is that chose to go to Oregon instead of bringing his talents right up I-71. I hope Doran Grant reads 11W and see this entry because I want him shut down. OK now that I got that venting off my chest. HOW BOUT DEM BUCKEYES? Lol.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

What's up buckeye nation? I stated on here after the minnesota game Jalin Marshall is going to be a star. Well I have a gut feeling this weekend he will be inserted into the QB position and will light up the badgers. Sorry I don't have too much faith in Cardale as everyone else because when he does the read option he keeps it every time. He doesn't read the ends like he is supposed to and thats our bread and butter. this game is right for Jalin to finally silence all those nay sayers. Yes he was awesome and shut up a few people with the Indiana performance but this one here is for the BIG championship and all eyes are one us to fail. There are so many buckeye haters even here in saskatchewan Canada. Yeah you heard me haters in Canada. They were actually cheering because JT got hurt and I would love nothing more but to rub it in their faces and I think Jalin will be more effective in what we do than Cardale. Cardale has a big arm and all but our offense does not evolve around that. we need a distributor and a QB who can keep the defense honest. Jalin has all those tools and they expect him to run a bunch anyway. He can raise up and hit Smith & Thomas in stride. I'll be rooting like heck for Cardale but I would like to see Jalin show everyone around the world why he was a 5 Star dual threat QB coming out of highschool. Coach Myer has brought us to the present day when The Ohio State University can lose two heisman candidates and still have hope to win this weekend. Recuiting has been down right outstanding. Go Bucks!!!! 1 Love Ohio

Comment 17 Nov 2014

As a true buckeye fan I was taken back from the backlash that was unleashed at Jalin. I lost $1,800 on that muffed punt but you know what? I would rather have Jalin and the win and I got them both. Maybe that was some _ichigan fans trolling us because if you are a true buckeye fan those errors should be  water off a ducks back. Everyone is clamouring over this palyoff situation, me personally I am looking towards next year as our year. We should easily be ranked #1 or 2 with the talent we have. I've been following Jalin since he was at middletown and he is a class act and I felt sorry for the guy because i'm pretty sure he has heard and read all of the negative things said about him by the fans that he goes out and play for every week. Hey that $1,800? I probably would be at the black jack table losing it now. jalin? He's going to be a buckeye for at leats the next 2 years. Oh BTW he is going to be a speacial one at that so ya'll cut him some slack? I know all pros who muffed punts from Haven Moses to billy white shoe's Johnson to Dieon Sanders. 1 Love Buckeye Nation

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I ha ve been laughing my ass off reading all these comments. Ladies and gentlemen this is the state of sports now a days and its because local and federal governments sticking their noses where it doesn't belong. I long for the day children could be disciplined in schools ect... I live in Jamaica now but I work in Canada if ya'll think they coddle children there come to either one of these countries. My boss wanted me to be a coach for the little league football teams but he told me that every kids must play no matter what. we had this chubby kids who reused to run laps. he rufused to practice. He refused just about everything but when it came to game time he wanted to start. Not play but start and his mom was 100% behind him. I immediately resigned because i'm pretty sure I would be in Krentzel's shoes right now. parents will allways be biased towards their kids but i'm from the old school. if he doesn't deserve it then he doesn't get it plain and simple.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Hey fellow buckeyes I've got a special treat. I'm currently working in Regina, Saskatchewan canada and the Montreal Alouttes are in town. Troy Smith is mi favorite alltime buckeye and i'm going to try to get an O-H I-O out of him and Duron crter stay tuned.