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Comment 12 Sep 2014

yep the guy's Meyer recruit's are in great shape & high on the star listing... but we need raw power and quickness kinda like Hyde but a lil bigger with the speed though esp: @ running back !,  also we need skilled recievers that can go up and get  the ball ,,,,,not drop it when it's put in the bread basket that's potheic

Comment 12 Sep 2014

i think that our pass defense needs to be a soild A-plus not allowing a single pass completion that's what we are use to seeing  here at osu from the tressel days, Meyer is still a young coach and respeckaly has a lot to learn as far as making the ajustments needed at game time  instead of the week after telling us what the team needs to do to be sucessful in winning the game , i believe that's Meyer's  job that's why he get's the big buck's rite? you can have the best QB and RECIEVERS in the country, but if you don't have a solid defense your not going to be a winning team in the final 4 Defense's win championships, i have been a proud backer of meyer and love his ways and him and i have the most respect for him and his family and the team although the above is reality and should be looked into asap, just cause a high school player is a 5 star blue chip don't mean he can make the ajustmants to the collage level , tressel got 2-3-4 stars on a regular basiss and coached them up just like mark dantonio does at MSU they have 3 of our coaches currently coaching for them that was here at osu under tressel that's why there doing so good, there names are        mark dantonio  head coach, jim bolman offense cordnator, and mike tressel jim tressel nephew ,Meyer fired all of them then tried to get jim bolman back and he declined the offer then he tried to get the other defense cordnator and he also declined, oh well we are better off with Meyer his recruiting is off the charts give him 2 more yrs and well be winning back to back national championships.