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Comment 13 May 2016

kinda wish they would come up with something else for the losing team to do or just leave it as winners get steak dinner loser beans and hot dogs. think this is a tradition the whole team should be involved in. like other here have said this is hollowed ground shouldnt feel like a punishment for losing spring game to do this great deed.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

i wonder with the way things are sitting now and it could still look alot like this come sunday if urban feels differently about 4 being enough for playoff and not expanding to 8. seems to be alot more parity this year and tOSU is one the best teams in the country with out a doubt.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

meyer has said a few times this season that they were trying to get away from the zone read. i think its pretty obvious it makes this team go. only QB on the team who it really does not benefit is jones. the other QBs here and that are being recruited fit this scheme. just my opinion.. just seems they are trying to do more to make jones a star than letting this team do that voodoo they do so well.

Comment 12 Feb 2015

this coach shouldn't be upset. how many players has he probably had come to ewu after a stop at a D1 school and they don't have to sit out because there dropping a level of play. im sure he has received his fair share of pretty good players in that way.

Comment 09 Feb 2015

who really cares. I say let the kid walk if he wants out over a position coach. last I checked osu has had great running backs before him and there will be plenty after him. this isn't first time in history that a coach has left after a kid has come on board at a program.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

wasnt cardale part of the Thomas deal as far as going to fork union? pretty sure both were recruited by tress and scholarships honored by urban.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

i know im in the minority on this one. but I don't believe for a second that mattison came off the way this family is saying. he probably tried to explain that the young man would have the opportunity to get a solid education at um while playing football and they took it the only way they wanted to hear it. worst part of this whole thing is that mattison cant even tell his side at this point due to the recruiting rules. hes been doing it for a long time and nothing else has popped up anywhere near this story. kid and his family are getting more press than they deserve.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Totally agree on  Gibson. but some places are going to tell him he can compete at the position right now just to get him. disagree on weber especially if hes one of jimmys 1st big gets. other than special teams at tOSU hes really going to have to work to see carries at mich he will be in the mix the day he arrives.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

but wait. didn't pretty hair al golden more or less proclaim they were back after beating osu in what was the hell of 2011? im really glad there still in the tank. for about 5 minutes v s florida state  I found myself pulling for them then I sobered up.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

you are so right. the people saying there was no justice here are wrong. things were mishandled no doubt but jerry Sandusky is where he belongs.