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Comment 07 Oct 2018

Unless Grinch and Johnson get something fixed in the secondary, Jeff Brohm’s boys at Purdue will have a field day chucking the ball around!  That’s my biggest worry right now in the upcoming few games.  I think that the coaching changes in the secondary are showing their effects right now.  With playing the press man, my only question is why are we giving a free release off the line of scrimmage for the opposing wide receivers?  We need to chuck them at the line and redirect them or slow their get-off.  Also, the pass rush was completely ineffective for the first 3 quarters.......

Comment 03 Oct 2018

Speaking of “reopening” things, Tyjon Lindsey (remember him decommitting from OSU?) just left Nebraska “for lack of playing time.”  Imagine that if he had come to Columbus he’d be leaving anyway.  Just a huge laugher!  If we can get Haselwood to C-bus, that would be a coup for Hartline.  Love what Brian is doing with our receiving corps,

Comment 23 Aug 2018

I think that Ohio State has just set a very bad precedent for all coaches in all sports, and that this will reach far beyond the confines of the WHAC. They have just, in essence, said that athletic coaches and athletic administrators need to dig into every detail of the lives of  every student/coach/staffer within their sphere of influence to investigate whether or not "something" or "anything" has occurred that is worthy of firing or dismissal or reporting to the Compliance Department.  Urban's new title will be Head Football Coach and Chief of Athletic Police (and package inspector) based on what this investigative panel has just mandated.  Seriously?  This is going way too far in trying to "make a statement" in lieu of other situations at OSU.

I love all of the 20/20 hind-sighting that goes on in these kinds of inquiries.....Beware the Spanish Inquisition!  (To quote a little Monty Python).  If there is a lack of definitive information, you now have to go find some, whether it's there or not, and/or let OSU's (NCAA violation) compliance department find some criminal goings-on.......

This is WAY beyond absurd!

Comment 20 Aug 2018

Seems like it may be a platoon between Wint and Pryor.....but that's what keeps our defense fresh throughout the game.  The lower-rated prospect sometimes has a little more motivation - we'll see if that give Wins an edge at any point.  I think that Proctor and/or Riep will get some meaningful snaps as well as the season goes along.  Eventually, one guy will prove himself to get the majority of the snaps, but if all of these guys are on the same level, and it's a HIGH level, the rotation could be good overall.  We'll wait and see how it plays out, but I still think we'll be solid because of the talent and drive.  Grinch will make sure of that drive component.

Comment 10 Jun 2018

The question becomes whether the fans will come out en masse for the non-conference games to support this young team instead of waiting until they’ve already won 20 games to “make it worth their investment.”  I sure hope that it is a full house from the beginning and all of the way to when the last hoop is scored before the B1G tourney in March.  Wouldn’t that be sweet!

Comment 07 Jun 2018

I’m almost embarrassed to say that when I started in ‘77 full boat tuition was $157 for 15 hours and over per quarter.  R&B was $550 per quarter with full seven days of meals.  When I graduated in ‘81, tuition had gone up to $265 per quarter and R&B up $675.  Got my degree for just a hair under $ how times have changed.

Comment 25 May 2018

Kling, won't be a big crowd here for this.  Buy a ticket for the lower section of the stadium and sit anywhere you'd like in the lower section - no one will question you..  You'll love this ball park.  It is a great venue, and not a bad seat in the house.  Bucks will probably be in the first base dugout.

Comment 19 May 2018

Got my tickets ready to go for TD Ameritrade to watch the Buckeyes win another B1G baseball title, just like the last time they were out here in Omaha.  Hope that they are back again in June for the CWS.  Softball needs to cut off some Gator tails today!

Comment 17 May 2018

The folks here in Nebraska want so badly to have a rivalry with Ohio State because they just can't seem to relate to the rest of the B1G as being worthy of being their rivals......kind of longing for the old days of the OU-NU rivalry, but boy, you should here them moan after we hang 63 on them nearly every time we play them.  I always snicker a little..........okay, a lot!  

Comment 15 May 2018

Not only did the Women's Rowing Team win their sixth consecutive B1G title, they are the FIRST team ever to win all seven races at the event, scoring a PERFECT 192 points!  Way to go girls!  Buckeye Domination at its finest!  Buckeye Nation is proud of what you ladies have accomplished.  Now, go get that Natty back in your possession!