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Comment 17 Aug 2017
I worked in a local (Columbus) newsroom where a copy of the original article hangs on the wall, much as the writer describes in his piece - among a bunch of other unrelated photos and such. I suspect it hangs in many more newsrooms (those that still exist, at least) for the same cautionary reasons. My time at this particular station also coincided with when someone at OSU was canned for including the descriptor "Drunk" in the brief bio for Richard Lewis within the "Famous Alumni" section of a Buckeye basketball (I think) media guide in the late 90s. Kinda funny, but... don't do it.
Comment 14 Aug 2017

Usually I don't watch these pressers, but your comment Avail prompted me to go take a look/listen. I'm no expert on body language but I didn't get the impression that Urban "hated" being there as much as it appeared (as it sometimes does during his interviews that I've seen) that he was preoccupied, especially realizing he and his team are only halfway through camp with tons of work yet to be completed. Certainly he'd rather be elsewhere, though I don't think I saw someone ready to hang things up just yet - just someone who has a lot on his mind and a lot of boxes to check before he feels confident taking his charges into battle. Also, he's not used to the facial hair, as numerous times he subconsciously reached up while listening to a question or composing his thoughts. Bottom line, I saw a lot of intensity and concern about matters at hand, but not much else (hope I'm right).

Comment 26 Jul 2017

I like Keels overall, but there are two things about his game calls that bug me (only one of which is actually on him):

1) He has a great voice and he knows it; between plays - and especially during pre-recorded commercial copy - you can actually hear him listening to his own voice and modulating it to sound like Barry White or something. That's annoying, but when it comes to actually calling play-by-play he's dialed in on the action and it's pretty good listening from my point of view.

2) I think I've complained about this before: not sure who is responsible for spotting during football broadcasts, but it seems like there are frequently two-three revisions on where the ball is actually marked between the end of one play and the start of the next. If I'm listening instead of at the game or watching, it's maddening to initially believe it's third and four when - by the time the next play starts - it's really third and six. I don't blame Keels for this, but it's an issue that has been around for years...and I don't hear (or at least notice) it nearly as often with other football broadcast teams.

Bonus pet peeve, not related to the game itself: during pre-game pre-recorded interviews (I especially notice this with basketball), it seems apparent the mic is on a tabletop stand rather than being held - so, whenever Keels asks a question and the coach or whoever starts talking, there are soft clunking sounds and the first few words by the coach are off-mic until Keels properly places the mic. And the same thing happens when the interviewee finishes a comment and it's time for Keels to ask another question. Just hold the damn mic in your hand and point it back and forth.

Rant over. I like Keels, really. But as a former radio guy myself these minor things bug me.