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Comment 30 Nov 2019

I still recall the moment during John Cooper's first season as head coach when a reporter asked him of he, like Woody Hayes, would be devoting a bit of time each practice to concentrate on TTUN.  He seemed incredulous as he responded, "Why would he do that?"  I knew then and there the Buckeyes were in trouble. And to think, he was hired almost solely based upon his bowl win drubbing of the Wolverines the previous season.  Cooper was a good coach, but a terrible Buckeye.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

In the early 80's I had a job that put me in Ann Arbor for 3 years,  I worked among the most arrogant football fans on earth!  I guarantee that should OSU lose Saturday, go on to win in Indianapolis and then beat LSU and Clemson for the CFP Natty, over the next year we will hear how the Wolverines are the real National Champs because they beat the fraudulent champs! Guarantee it!

To borrow from Drago, "We must break them."

Comment 24 Sep 2019

He isn't doing anything that a smart, efficient, goal-oriented student enrolled in a modern university shouldn't consider doing.  He is using his time wisely and mastering his moment.

He is in school, not necessarily seeking for school to be in him. I can respect that.  Now, if he refuses to participate in Carmen Ohio with his teammates, that would be a different story.