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Comment 15 May 2018

I think the bullpen needs help, but I don’t think they’ll trade for it. I’d go to the farm system and go for volume. Call guys up until you find a hot hand. Preferable a power pitcher. You can’t bring it Merrit after Kluber, Bauer, Carrasco, or Clevinger. 

Comment 14 May 2018

I’m one of these guys who wants Ohio kids on the team. Not exclusively, just more. I’d prefer the coach to have ties to the state or program. Even as head coach of a different in-state team. That said, I won’t disapprove of a coach without ties. It’s not a deal breaker, just preferable. 

Comment 07 May 2018

I’m curious if anyone has a good comparison from switching from a programmed thermostat to a Nest/Ecobee. I looked into this quite a bit 3-4 years ago and found more people saying the learning thermostat cost them more money than a properly programmed daily thermostat. I’ve heard a lot of people claiming the learning function basically made adjustments earlier than needed and held temperatures longer than needed. I don’t have any first-hand experience, and I’m guessing they’ve improved the software/logic since then. 

Comment 04 May 2018

Ding. Winner. I’ve never actually seen this happen, but that’s a perfectly logical explanation. If you had the engine light code number, I could be a little more certain. When you hold the gas pedal down, you’re entering what I’ve always known as “clear flood mode”, where the car basically shuts off the fuel injectors to allow to engine to crank out any fuel that’s in the cylinders without adding more. The purge solenoid is how the car removes the fuel vapor that’s created by fuel movement inside the tank. With the solenoid stuck on, there’s an open vapor pathway to the engine. The air/fuel vapor is forced through the line as the fuel fills the empty space in the tank. 

Take or leave the gas cap. If it gives you peace of mind, go for it. The truth is, the gas cap is very rarely faulty. More often, people who claim to have fixed their car with a gas cap have actually just left it loose. Putting the new one on and tightening it fixes the “problem”. 

Comment 11 Apr 2018

Can’t blame you on not wanting to jump up to Touring. It’s a pretty sizeable price jump. 

Nothing wrong with changing your own oil. If you get the Odyssey, grab a few oil filters from the dealer while you’re there. The quality is better than anything else you’ll find, they’re made for the car, and the price can’t be beat. Same goes for Hyundai/Kia filters. 

Comment 11 Apr 2018

The problems with the 9-speed wouldn’t concern me too much. I think the actual problems are worked out now. It went in the Pilot first in 16 and also the Acura MDX in 14. There was a problem with the fluid warmer that allowed coolant and transmission fluid to mix and cause problems. There was a warranty extension/recall issued to fix the problem. We haven’t had any new problems since then. That was all before the transmission ever went into the Odyssey. 90% of complaints are shift quality or perceived shift quality related. With 9 speeds, it does get caught in between from time to time and you get a delayed engagement. It’s just a normal thing. Other manufacturers have had problems with the same complaints. The slightest input change by the driver can require a different gear selection by the transmission, so it’s easily confused when trying to anticipate gear changes. 

Honda made a knee-jerk reaction to the fuel economy benefits of the 9-speed and jumped in bed with ZF. They’ve now designed their own 10-speed which is incredible, but the contract with ZF still stands, so they need to build a certain number to satisfy the agreement. The reason why it wouldn’t concern me is because Honda has acknowledged the issues and is issuing warranty extensions when and where issues arise. I don’t think there will be major failures anyway, but if they do show up, I’d expect a warranty extension to run through 7 years/100,000 Miles. 

The biggest thing is to do the maintenance as it’s called for. All Hondas have a built-in maintenance computer to calculate service required, and it’s mostly based on mileage with some driving habits factored in. Transmission fluid changes will show up as #3 along with either A or B and other numbers 1-7 to indicate what’s required at that time. Transmission fluid changes are expensive on the 9-speed, about $400 from memory, because the fluid itself is around $50/quart. I believe it’ll call for transmission fluid around 45k miles, so you can be prepared for it. The maintenance computer will send you somewhere between 6000-10000 miles per oil change. They’ve had some issues with 4-cylinder engines burning oil since this schedule was adopted. 100% caused by extended service intervals in my opinion. I change the oil on my Accord and my wife’s CRV every 5000, and neither burn a bit of oil. The recommended maintenance can still be pulled when resetting the oil life early, so you can still stay on schedule with everything else. Sorry to ramble. If there’s anything else you’re interested in, let me know. I really do believe in Honda, despite some of the issues. The parts quality is second to none in my opinion. That’s what sets them apart. They’re fanatical about controlling the quality of parts from their suppliers. 

Comment 11 Apr 2018

Nothing wrong with a minivan when that’s what you need. You’ll be much happier with that than a 3 row SUV. Sliding doors are the best thing in the world. I’m a Honda tech, so I’m very familiar with the Odyssey. If you liked the 14, the 18 will feel like a Cadillac. Way smoother and quieter. If you’re an iPhone guy, the CarPlay is top notch. The android interface isn’t nearly as smooth even though the audio unit is android based. You may not be super proud to drive it, but the functionality is totally worth it. 

Comment 09 Apr 2018

A difference of opinion, I suppose. I think there’s a part of Ohio State football that Joe Burrow understands and appreciates way more than Dwayne Haskins ever will, for example. It’s the difference in your dream being playing college football vs dreaming of playing for Ohio State. 

Comment 08 Apr 2018

So quick to bash this guy. I agree that there’s a value in an Ohio kid that you can’t measure on paper. To a lesser extent, kids from PA, Michigan, and Indiana. Kids who grew up in the rivalries, to explain them to the other guys. The history. 

I don’t think anyone is suggesting that 3-star Ohio kids should be taken before 4-star Florida kids. But when the difference in talent is negligible, take the local guy. Ohio kids are the glue that holds the roster together. It’s the intangibles that you can’t quantify. It’s the difference between winning teams and championship teams. It’s the walk-ons and coaches’ kids. 

Comment 08 Apr 2018

I’d love to see Spieth win it from way back. Not really a Spieth fan, but I love a comeback. Doesn’t hurt that he shares my golf course attire with the Under Armour. 

Comment 06 Apr 2018

I’m in the group responsible for that. I love golf and will watch it anyway, but I’m not digging into stories unless they involve Tiger. It’s just where the traffic is. 

Comment 06 Apr 2018

Gotcha. I was looking at it as the “one last time”. 

Comment 05 Apr 2018

Except I don’t think this would be his last major if he were to win. Jack was 5 years older in 86 than Tiger is now. I’m soaking in every minute of this comeback. You don’t always appreciate greatness in the moment. I’m trying to make sure I don’t take Tiger for granted this time. 

Comment 29 Mar 2018

I know I’m in the minority, but I wish Napoli and Encarnacion would switch places. I’m a little concerned about the pen, but I’m very optimistic the Indians will be better than the past two years. They never got right last year. There’s a lot riding on a healthy Brantley and Kip. 

Comment 29 Jan 2018

I’ve always viewed it as a charicature, so I don’t find it offensive. The same goes for Fighting Irish, Rebels, Musketeers, etc. I’m not crazy about it anyway, so I’m not exactly torn up about it.