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Comment 2 hours ago

You're not wrong when it comes to Cardale in 2015. I agree with you there. No QB stood a shot with that mess of a situation. 

I think I really expected a huge jump in progress with Barrett this season with Kevin Wilson coming over, but it really never happened. I felt playcalling and the horrendous scheme they ran really was holding back both Barrett and the passing game, because he looked better as a frosh with Herman running the show then he ever did in 2015 and 2016. I understood that. It's been hard to say what the main issues have been, but it's fair to say Barrett himself, the receivers, the OL pass pro (last year mainly), and first and foremost the scheme and playcalling have all played a factor in the passing game deficiencies. Did Meyer construct the offense the way it was to protect Barrett in a way because he knows of his limitations, or was that just the offense he wanted to run? I think it's a little of both more than likely. We'll know a lot more after next season. If Haskins is back there letting it fly 30+ times a game, throwing deep all over the place, then I think we'll have a more clear picture of why the 2017 passing game was the way it was. All of the receivers will be back, same play callers... losing some big pieces on the OL though.  

Comment 4 hours ago

Man, that line is getting a ton of flack hahaha. Basically, what I meant was... I'm huge into the NFL draft. I have been for years and years. It's not incredibly hard to see when guys are surefire studs at QB and will be high round picks, guys that have a chance at being good backups for years but maybe have a few things holding them back (accuracy, arm strength, size, etc), and then guys that maybe were great college players but you just felt their game wouldn't translate. Collin Klein at Kansas State is a decent, somewhat recent example. 

I never stated I was an expert on the game of football. Far from it. But if anyone has watched 4 straight years of J.T. Barrett and thinks to themselves "this guy is a no doubt NFL QB" then... well, I don't know what to say. I think physically, he's got the talent. There are QBs with less physical gifts collecting NFL paychecks. I'm intrigued to see what he can do outside of the Urban Meyer offense, which is far from pro-style to say the least. Literally all I've stated in these posts is that we have all see with our own eyes J.T.'s limitations (Clemson, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Michigan games recently) and his upside (he was unreal against Penn State). Can he find the consistency? Maybe it's mental as others have suggested. Maybe it was the structure of the offense. Maybe he, like 95% of all starting D1 QBs, is talented but just not NFL talented, and there is no shame in that.   

I think maybe it would be wise to wait until after the draft to shit on my OPINION that Barrett probably isn't an NFL QB. Because again, if he goes undrafted... was my line of thinking wrong? It's not a fact I'm stating, it was an opinion that may or may not be shared with the actual experts. We'll see. 

Comment 6 hours ago

I could see some of JT's issues manifesting more in games than in practice.

Very good point. I actually believed Meyer when he said that J.T. Barrett was one of their best practice players and "it was clear he's ahead of the other QBs". I'm sort of the same way... I usually tore it up in practice because, well... we're talking about practice! The stakes aren't the same. The lights aren't as bright. If you make a mistake, big deal... it's practice. In a game is another story. When I made a mistake in a game it really messed with my head and then you have hesitancy and you get trigger shy. 

Barrett just needs to let go of the fear. The fear of making a mistake. I was just shaking my head watching Hornibrook and McSorely in their post-season games because those dudes were slinging the ball around and simply not giving a shit. They were giving their guys a chance, and that's something Barrett rarely did. His slow release is a problem, but his arm is not incredibly weak. I'm rooting for the guy and hope he can put it all together. 

Also, that post will be obliterated, I'm sure. It's already taken 4 downvotes in like the past 40 seconds haha. Apparently those weren't great points, Cdub...

Comment 6 hours ago

Lower rated kids that commit to Ohio State usually get huge rating bumps later on as well. They didn't magically get better as a player. They got those ratings boosted simply because they committed to Ohio State. Had they committed to Cincinnati or Indiana they wouldn't have gotten the bumps. It goes both ways. I can't believe people get their panties in a wad over this and think there's some bias there. 

Comment 6 hours ago

J.T. Barrett's passing limitations held back the offense for the past 3 years. The offenses put up good numbers against pedestrian defenses, but usually couldn't throw the ball worth a crap against defenses with a pulse.

HOWEVER. If an NFL team can somehow get the J.T. Barrett that showed up during the Penn State game and get that out of him consistently? That was absolutely a guy that could stick on an NFL roster. He's got that in him, but we literally saw it maybe, what... 2-3 times in his career? I watch a TON of football, and have for the past 10 years, and usually Barrett on any given Saturday is no where close to an NFL QB. He does not throw guys open and will only pull the trigger when they're sitting wide open in a zone. That will not fly in the NFL. Has no deep ball game to speak of. But I'm sure all of the intangible factors / leadership ability is true, and maybe he's one of those guys that will get better in the pros. Again, Penn State game version of Barrett is an NFL player for sure. 

Comment 7 hours ago

11W fans have always had a huge boner for Victor. I'll venture a guess and say it's because he's 6-4.

He's flashed at times, but give me Hill, Campbell (I know, i know... the drops issue. But dude is so explosive), Mack, and Dixon over Victor at the moment. I think those guys bring more to the table. But as I've said plenty of times before... none of them are outstanding, all of them have a different and unique skillset that brings value, and it's clear why all see equal snaps. 

Comment 18 Jan 2018

 This staff has shown a propensity over and over to play veterans and guys who’ve been in the program

Care to list some examples besides Tyvis Powell over Malik Hooker and Pittsburgh Brown over Von Bell? Who was preforming better than the starter but didn't start, and how would we know? The only instance I could ever think of was the QB situation this year, but I'm not getting into that...

Both Powell and Hooker both literally said they didn't really know what they were doing their freshmen seasons. Brown was pretty bad, but how do we know Bell wasn't getting toasted every single day in practice? We don't. He did give up a TD or 2 against Clemson that I recall in his only start.

Michael Jordan came in as a freshman and started from day one over older guys simply because he was better. Dobbins played over Weber not because of that hammy (although it helped initially), but because he's clearly a better RB. Fuller beat out Smith this year at safety because he's better. A coach that's literally about worked himself to death before due to the stresses of trying to win at all costs... isn't going to play the best players? If a dude is sitting on the bench, there's a reason for it. The guy ahead of him is better. If it's equal, or the upperclassmen is more consistent but maybe won't make as many splash plays, then sure... they'll probably get the nod. I've got no problem with that. 

Comment 18 Jan 2018

I don't see anyone with the frame on the team that would be able to slide down to DE unless it's Rashod Berry, who looks like the starter at TE next year. I keep seeing Booker and Harrison's name thrown out there... I don't think they have the body for it and both are about 30 lbs underweight. OSU likes their DE 6-4+ and 260+. I don't think Browning, at 6-2 230, is DL material. 

Comment 18 Jan 2018

I think that whole thing was just Urban being full of crap. He actually said that. He says things like that often. They were never going to burn Martell's redshirt in the 12th game of the season, especially when Haskins had played well all year. It would have made absolutely zero sense. 

Comment 17 Jan 2018

QB - Cardale Jones
RB - Zeke Elliott

LT - Taylor Decker
LG - Billy Price
C - Pat Elflein
RG -  Andrew Norwell
RT - Jack Mewhort
TE - Jeff Heuerman

X - Michael Thomas
Z - Philly Brown
H - Curtis Samuel

SDE - Joey Bosa
NT - Jonathan Hankins
DT - Nick Bosa
WDE - Noah Spence

SLB - Darron Lee 
MLB - John Simon
WLB - Ryan Shazier 

CB - Marshon Lattimore
CB - Denzel Ward
SS - Von Bell
FS - Malik Hooker

Left out a ton of great players, but this is what I would go with. And yes, I know Simon never played LB... but slim that dude down to 245 or so? Would have been a monster mike. 

Comment 16 Jan 2018

Since everyone else is doing it I'll give my prediction...

QB: Haskins, Burrow, Martell
RB: Dobbins, Weber, Williams (Snead and Teague either RS or see garbage time snaps)

LT: Prince, Alabi
LG: Jordan, Davis
C: Burrell, Taylor
RG: Knox, Pridgeon
RT: Bowen, Munford
TE: Berry, Farrell, Hausmann, Ruckert

H: Campbell / Hill, McCall, Sanders, Gill
X: Mack / Victor, Harris
Z: McLaurin / Dixon, Babb

Comment 16 Jan 2018

Lord, what are the Clemson boosters paying these guys to come back? Ferrell and Wilkins were almost surefire first rounders (Wilkins top 10), and Bryant is no slouch either (16 TFL, 9 sacks). Lawrence is probably a top 5 pick next year. Absolutely filthy defensive line there...

Comment 16 Jan 2018

Usually the only time you'll see a 6-6 center is an undersized one in basketball...

But yeah, anything's possible. I think their best 6 OL is Prince, Bowen, Knox, Burrell, Jordan, and Munford... and the starting 5 will come from those guys. There's a lot of smoke that Taylor WILL succeed Price at C though, so that'll change things up.  

I'm not going to buy the Myers or Davis hype until they prove it on the field. How many years did people wait on Knox to finally break through? And the only reason he played this year was due to injury. I'd honestly be surprised if either started this year.  

Comment 13 Jan 2018

I don't see any surprise starters, except for maybe a guy like Munford. Their best 6 OL is going to look something like Jordan, Prince, Knox, Burrell, Bowen, and Munford, so someone's getting left out, and it'll probably be either Munford or Burrell. 

I know Ruckert is a big time prospect, but that's not a position guys ever come in at and start right away, ESPECIALLY at OSU. They always redshirt their TEs, and for him to leap frog Berry, Hausmann, and Farrell just coming in the summer... I don't see that. 

I think technically CB will have 3-4 starters per usual (Okudah, Sheffield, Arnette, Williamson / Riep / Wade) so it doesn't really matter who starts there, but I guess I could see Okudah getting the most reps (like Ward did this year). 

Comment 13 Jan 2018

I think more and more people on here are finally starting to accept the fact that Ohio State DOES over-sign every single year and does "force" people out. In a "listen... you're never going to see the field here, and it is absolutely in your best interest to look elsewhere". 

That's just big time college football, but for the longest time on here people had a "holier than thou" attitude when it came to that sort of thing.