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Comment 6 hours ago

This defense has looked awful the past two games. If Michigan receivers doesn’t drop 10 passes in that second half they would have put up quite a lot of yards that game.

LSU and Clemson? Yikes. 

Comment 7 hours ago

Hard to think that LSU / Clemson wouldn’t boat race this team in the playoffs at the moment. Is it possible they peaked too early?  

Comment 7 hours ago

And people thought this team was unbeatable or something...

Hey, at least they’ll get to play “overrated” Clemson next week round 1. 

Comment 06 Dec 2019

I don't think the Bullet was ever an entirely new position to be honest. I really just think they were planning on taking Werner out in more obvious passing situations than they have, inserting Brendon White, and calling it a Bullet. Basically those two were going to split time at SAM linebacker. But Werner showed he can get the job done on his own and has even more versatility because he's 25 lbs heavier. If anything the position they created was Shaun Wades permanent nickle CB spot...

Werner, Borland, Browning, and Hilliard are all coming back this season and I don't think Werner's list of responsibilities are going to shorten. If White plays I think it will be as a safety in a two safety base 4-3, taking place of Wade's NB spot essentially.  

Comment 06 Dec 2019

Questioning is fine, I agree with that. Even though I still think it's ridiculous to ever think they don't play the best players available.

But people don't question this stuff. They flat out act like they KNOW better players are being left on the bench. That is the only time my gears are grinded. As if they actually know this personnel better than the staff does. 

I get that some guys are gamers and some guys just practice well. But if you're a coach... player A does everything right in practice and he's consistent with his play. Player B has talent but he loafs at times, he has lapses in concentration, he makes mistakes every day in practice, he doesn't know the playbook all that well and lines up in the wrong spot at times... but he'll make splash plays here and there. Who are you going to want to put out on the field? It would be hard not to play the "safe" player over the mistake prone guy that's full of talent. I'm not saying that's White, but it's not hard to understand why they play the guys that likely show the most consistency in practice, in the classroom, in the weight room, etc.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

I'd say Utah.

They are a really good team. I think they're better than Oklahoma honestly, and I'm not one of those fans where I want to play certain teams to "prove" something ("I want Clemson! They deserve an ass kicking for reasons X, Y, Z...)... I'm just a fan. I'm not on the team. I want them to win the title. Give me the "easier" / better matchup games all day long. Watching OU's "defense" try to slow down this Buckeye team would be pretty damn funny, but after seeing what Michigan did in the first half of The Game... what do you think Hurts and CeeDee lamb would have done? We've seen them have no problem scoring on teams in the post season, and the last time the Buckeyes saw Oklahoma they got beat pretty badly at home by them. I don't want any part of a shootout with OU. This team isn't really built for that, or at least we haven't had to see that yet. 

I think Oklahoma firing on all cylinders would be more dangerous than Utah, but Utah would be IMO the best defense Ohio State has seen all season. I just think the talent differential would be too hard for them to overcome. 

Comment 06 Dec 2019

People just can't seem to accept these things as they are happening in real time. I'm sure most people thought Austin Mack and Bin Victor were gonna be 3 and done receivers and early draft picks. Didn't happen. They probably thought Curtis Grant, Jashon Cornell, Justin Hilliard, Baron Browning, and Jonathan Cooper were going to be 3 and done defenders and early draft picks. Didn't happen. People get a bit too caught up in recruiting rankings and the potential they believe these players to have and when it doesn't actually transpire on the field it's "the coaches are playing favorites! They don't know what they are doing!" Sometimes it's injuries. Sometimes it's the player simply isn't as good as people thought they were. Sometimes guys take longer to develop than people thought they would.

I think White has a lot of talent. I think he's got the potential to be a good player. We absolutely saw flashes last season. But there HAS to be a reason that 1 entirely different set of defensive coaches felt he was a 3rd string safety (before injuries forced him into action) and that the new, entirely different set of defensive coaches feel he's a depth player this season and nothing more. That's too much smoke to ignore.   

Comment 06 Dec 2019

Vonn Bell big example

Why is Von Bell continuously brought up with this stuff? He admitted himself he wasn't really ready his true freshman year. How many true freshman start at Ohio State? The team went with a 5th year senior in Corey Brown. He had his struggles, but who is to say that Bell wasn't struggling even worse in practice all season long? He gave up a TD or 2 (who didn't?) against Clemson in his lone start all year. He also had a great INT. The previous staff showed that they would play younger guys over upperclassmen. Malik Hooker is also always brought up... dude was as raw as can be and wanted to walk away from football his true freshman season before his mom talked him out of it. Players get better over time. Sometimes true freshmen aren't ready.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'll never be convinced these coaches don't put the absolute best product they can on the field each and every season. They see these guys each and every day. Their cushy, multi million dollar salaries depend on them winning football games. The best players play. 

Comment 06 Dec 2019

I think Wade will absolutely be drafted in the top 3 rounds, but I don't think he goes in the first. He's probably played about 10 snaps total in his career out wide on the boundary, and while a nickleback is basically a starter in the NFL you don't see those guys go in the 1st round of the draft. He could definitely stand to improve his draft stock a good bit by coming back and having a big year as an outside CB (would be very similar to what Minkah Fitzpatrick and Jalen Ramsey did) but he could also come back and have a down year out there and actually see his stock drop too. You might as well strike while the iron is hot. I think he goes late 2nd to mid 3rd at the end of the day, and that's still a nice little chunk of change.  

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Totally agree. I never saw 1st round potential out of Price his entire career at OSU. They wanted Ragnow and Detroit stole him right in front of them and they panicked and reached... and now Ragnow is one of the league's better young centers at the moment. 

Comment 05 Dec 2019

As a Bengals fan I'm pretty on the fence with that 1st overall pick choice (if they don't screw themselves out of that in the remainder of the season... they almost assuredly will). They need a QB. Dalton is finished in Cincinnati and they obviously had a pretty short leash on Finley and seem to be finished with their "evaluation". I think Burrow is a very good QB prospect, but QBs are always risky and no rookie QB is going to come into Cincy next season and not struggle a bit. If they somehow miraculously resign AJ Green (who they should have traded) their weapons are actually pretty solid on offense if they could somehow fix their OL with Green, Boyd, Tate, Ross, and Mixon in the backfield. 

But Chase Young is by far the most sure thing and best player available. He's got the potential to be a Khalil Mack / J.J. Watt / Aaron Donald / Von Miller type gamewrecker and perennial DPOY award candidate. How do you pass that up? 

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Where are the world are you getting that the Bengals OL isn't bad? 

Here is the PFF rankings for their 5 starters...

LT - Glenn 60.1 rating
LG - Price 39.9 rating (bottom 5 in the league)
C - Hopkins 60.6 rating 
RG - Miller 58.8 rating
RT - Hart 54.7 rating

And then there's John Jerry (57.2), Alex Redmond (50.6), Michael Jordan (35.1, worst in the league). The team has holes all over, but OL is probably their biggest weakness

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Yeah. You can't say they didn't try with Ogbuehi, Fisher, Price, and Williams last year. Ugbuehi and Fisher were massive busts, Price is looking like one of their worst 1st round picks in a long while (and that's saying something), and the jury is out on Williams. If he busts too... good lord. 

Comment 05 Dec 2019

If White sticks around in 2020 he very well could be one of the best 11 and start. It just depends on what kind of scheme they want to run... do they like Riep more than White? If so, then they'll probably stick with this 3 CB base defense and Proctor will most likely be the lone free safety. If they feel White brings more to the table than Riep then maybe they'll go back to a traditional 2 safety base defense but that will change the entire structure of how the defense plays obviously. LB is going to be logjammed with Werner, Borland, Browning, Hilliard seeing regular time, and guys like Pope, Mitchell, and Gant wanting to get on the field badly as 3rd year players as well. If White is going to see any time he's going to have to beat out Proctor for that single high safety spot (which I don't really think fits his skillset) or they're going to have to change their defense around a bit.  

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Numbers definitely don't tell the whole story. Ohio State clearly has the better offensive line and way more weapons than Wisconsin has, which puts more pressure on Taylor to carry their offense. Everyone knows if you shut down Taylor you shut down Wisconsin basically (more stacked boxes), and I'm sure he sat out some 4th quarters this season too.

Give me J.K., but they're both good backs and would both succeed similarly if they were to swap places IMO. 

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I'm definitely interested to see what kind of defense they run next season. I could see them going back to a base 2 safety look... Brown and Banks seem pretty locked in at the two outside CB spots... basically I think it'll come down to if they like a guy like Riep more than White than I could see them continuing with the 3 CB base, but having Proctor and White out there as the 2 safeties could be it. Shaw and Hooker could also make things interesting if they go back to a 2 safety look. 

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I posted this is another thread, but this looks like a possible depth chart for next season's LB...

SLB - Werner (SR), Hilliard (SR**), Pope (JR), Young (SO)
MLB - Borland (SR*), Gant (JR), Eichenberg (FR*)
WLB - Browning (SR), Mitchell (JR), Simon (FR), Melton (FR)

Crowded indeed, and that's not even including White and Wint if they choose to come back, who have essentially become SAM linebackers. Hopefully guys like Pope, Gant, and Mitchell stick around for their chance to start as seniors... I never really understood why one or two of those guys didn't redshirt... 

I wonder if Borland and Browning continue to share time at MLB, or if Browning slides out to WLB to replace Harrison, OR if that'll be Hilliard. I'm sure the coaches will figure it out and find a way to get guys that deserve PT on the field. Tons of good depth there.