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Comment 12 hours ago

Patriots want precise route runners. Dependable dudes that are always going to be in the right place at the right time. I'm guessing both of those areas are where Miller's struggled the most in making the transition. 

He's got the athletic ability, but we all know it takes way more than that to make it as a WR in the league. That goes for every position. 

Comment 16 Aug 2019

I personally don't care if the TEs are catching balls or not. Has OSU truly had a TE that was a top 3 receiving weapon on the team? I can't really think of one aside from Stoneburner in 2011 (ugh). From 2010 to 2013 a TE was top 3 on the team in receiving yardage, but it seems they'd rather throw the ball to a bunch of uber fast talented WR instead and I've got no problem with that. If they had prime Gronk or Travis Kelce on the team and they were still only getting 21 catches I think we'd have an issue, but it's hard to say the team hasn't gotten the ball to the weapons that have deserved it the most in recent years. If they ever have a TE that is a top 3 "receiver" on the team I'm sure they'll get him the ball; you saw that with Hernandez down in Florida. Ohio State just hasn't had that guy (although they've had very solid TEs). 

Comment 16 Aug 2019

I agree on Wade. He made some plays last season for sure but he also got beat a decent bit too (way more than people seem to admit / remember), which is expected when you play that nickle position. That's the hardest defensive position IMO.

Unfortunately they stopped tracking this data mid-season last year but the stats show the same thing. I'd like to see what the final coverage stats came out to be. 

Comment 15 Aug 2019

Just took a quick gander at that roster again, and looooooooool

Here's what they had at WR: Mike Thomas, Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin, Braxton Miller, Curtis Samuel, K.J. Hill, Noah Brown, Jalin Marshall, Dontre Wilson, and Johnnie Dixon. A 3rd round future NFL starting TE in Nick Vannett. Two first round picks on the OL (Decker, Price) and a 3rd rounder in Elflein. Then you've got future top 3 NFL running Zeke Elliott in the backfield.

They didn't even finish top 40 in offense. I will never be able to get over that fact.  

Screw it, I'm bored. Let's do the defense.

4 future 1st rounders at CB. Bosa, Hubbard, Washington, Lewis, and Holmes were all drafted within the 1st four rounds. A 1st, 2nd, and 4th rounder starting at LB. Vonn Bell at safety...


Comment 15 Aug 2019

Listed at 236 last year. So he's +3 lbs. Not that it really matters all that much. 

Also, OSU is very good with being accurate with their heights and weights for the most part historically. I can't think of a guy that didn't show up to the combine and measure up close to what he was listed at for the Buckeyes. 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

if you simply don't buy into the recruiting hype with these younger players and wait until they actually make contributions on the field you'll save yourself a lot of heartache.

Ruckert's time will come, most likely in 2020. He came into a crowded and young TE room and had some growing to do (gain size, learning to block). Tight ends always take a bit longer to get "game ready" it seems. 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

The only reason this article was posted was simply to get clicks / comments from people like you that are outraged. The “writer” doesn’t have some affinity for Werner. 

Also, pulling out the race card is so laughable, but not surprising in the least. It was alluded to frequently last year with Borland / Werner from people on this site *sigh* 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Everyone just needs to give these linebackers a chance. Let them prove everyone wrong. If they don't, so be it, but a change in scheme (especially) and coaching can make a huge difference for a player, as well as just having another year in school / more experience. Do we not remember the "clown show" receiving room, when people were pissed that we were still trotting Campbell and McLaurin out there game after game? Players can get better. 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

"We don't care about how many stars they come in with. We care about what they do once they're in this program" - Ryan Day

If they were the best options for RT and MLB they'd be starting in those spots. I think they both play a good bit this year anyway. And I know people are wanting to see NPF out there, but Bowen came outta nowhere and beat out 3-4 others for a starting gig a few years back; the only thing that's held him back have been injuries since then. He's no slouch, and NPF was never going to be a guy that played early considering he was about 270 last season. 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

100% agree with that first paragraph. It's a joke that 95% of the fanbase were convinced that the coaches intentionally played inferior players last season at LB. 

It wasn't pretty, but who's to say it wouldn't have been even worse had the backups been out there? "Hey coach, do you like your cushy coaching job and it's $1 million dollar salary? You don't? Then go ahead and sit the better players on the bench and get fired for it." Why wouldn't they do that? 

Comment 07 Aug 2019

While I think overall we all agree that you're better off with more 4 and 5 star "talent" than 3 star players, there are plenty of instances where 5 star recruits should not have been rated that highly and 3 star recruits should have been ranked way higher than they were. It's an inexact science, some players peak early and others are slow to develop, and like Ryan Day said the other day... they only care about what they do once in they're in the program, not how many stars they had coming here. People are way too quick to write off the 3-stars and conversely give way too long of a leash to under-performing 5-star guys. "Why is *insert lower ranked recruit* playing instead of *insert higher ranked recruit*?" It's because he's better. 

Comment 07 Aug 2019

It always sort of irks me when people bring up the fact that "All-American Malik Hooker wasted away on the bench while Tyvis Powell started".

Players get better, believe it or not. They develop. Look at the career arc of guys like Campbell, Mclaurin, Conley, etc. Hooker wasn't ready and said so himself, but nope... the coaches like to play inferior players. 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Again, I feel like if the coaches felt like Wade was the better outside CB he'd have gotten Okudah's reps outside. They played nearly the same amount of snaps last season on defense (Okudah played around 60 more), and if anything the way they've handled Wade has been a positive for him. You don't think NFL scouts are going to love the fact that he's not only got experience as a slot corner, the hardest position to play on defense, and now this year he's a starting safety? Clearly you're not going to agree with this, but I believe that the coaches that see these guys each and every day know their specific skillset and know best where to play them. Wade's "had to scrap for Reps?" Okudah had "reps granted to him" and has been "given AMPLE opportunity to shine"? I'm sure they've had equal opportunities to "shine", and Wade's role has been just as important as Okudah's. Again, he's played JUST as much as Okudah, and the only reason he didn't play as a freshman was because of that abdominal injury.