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Comment 30 Mar 2015

All students have to sit out 50 percent of competitions.  I am a  high school coach.  Used to be public to private the whole year, and private to public was no sit out at all with a bunch of exceptions in between. Ohsaa got rid of exceptions and streamlined the whole process.   

Comment 15 Mar 2015

You just made my brain hurt with that conundrum.  Is there an option c?

Comment 15 Mar 2015

As a crew (and TFC fan, long story) I was excited to see the win, although that red card was trash on the refs part.  Spot on about jozy,  I think he missed his calling as a line backer where he would only have to go all out for seconds at a time.  

Comment 03 Aug 2014

The fact that you called it a traveling team reinforces that you know nothing about soccer.   "Club" soccer is generally regarded as better soccer than HS.  The fact that you barley played in highschool and a lot on your "travel" team suggests that you played on a terrible highschool team and worse "travel" team.    

Comment 22 May 2014

Nope.  This is officially the death kneel for all sports not named football.  Instead of legislating fairness, maybe administrations should focus on better schooling, facilities, coaches.   There are very few schools that actually recruit.     Case in point Kyle, you tried to make the point that schools recruit wide swaths of land.   Um. Columbus catholic schools are divided up based on feeder schools.   Desales can't pull from Dublin.  Watterson can't from Westerville.    Desales is struggling to put together a jv football team that's competitive.    Their soccer team who won a state championship 3 years ago won't have a jv team at all.   Please stick to college football.  Your ignorance on this matter is astounding and it's obvious you have an axe to grind.