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Comment 26 Nov 2019

A reminder to Eleven Warriors about their comment policy:



This one is simple. Don't do these things:

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The comments in this thread are racist and shameful.  They have no place here.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

I was so excited when Tate committed to OSU.  At times, I even wanted him to play this season a lot more than he did.  Nothing against Haskins, obviously he was the right answer and should have been the starter.  I just wanted to see Tate play.  

He could have handled this situation so much better, and frankly, I am bitter about it. He could have made a statement about his goal to play in the NFL and needing to make the best decision for himself. There's things he could have done to have us support him the way we supported Burrow.  Instead, he has been an entitled baby and erased all existence of OSU from his twitter account and said nothing to fans.  Of course he doesn't "owe" us that, but there's a right way and wrong way of doing things.

So yeah, I'm bitter. I'll be rooting against him this year.  He doesn't deserve the support that Burrow got. Burrow is classy.  Martell is an entitled brat.

Also, Fields has basically cost us Dwan Mathis and Tate Martell.  Dude better be legit. He's pretty expensive.

Comment 20 Jul 2018

A key missing factor in this analysis is supply.  The college football season is so short and it goes by in the blink of an eye. You get twelve games a year.  Thirteen if you get a bowl game (of course we always do) and fourteen if you are lucky enough to do well in the CFP.  Of those, only seven (this year) are home games.  You have a huge fan base at Ohio State and extremely limited opportunities to see them play live.  Most fans are grateful just to be able to go to a game.  As long as we win, who cares if it's not the best game? It's a tremendous experience, and fans will always come.  Supply matters much more in this case than quality.

Comment 17 Jul 2018

I think the assertion that there is no contingency plan is dead wrong. Of course there is a contingency plan.  In the early games against weaker opponents, Martell is going to get meaningful playing time.  Most of that playing time will be for specific packages designed for him, but he'll be asked to throw the ball.  The goal and plan being that Martell will be in a position to take over a game as the starting quarterback in the event of an injury or ineffectiveness of Haskins.

Is it a great plan? Maybe or maybe not. Martell is extremely talented and I have faith that when called upon, he'll be able to deliver in his own way.

For better or worse, there absolutely is a contingency plan.

Comment 27 Jun 2018

Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski committed suicide in April. 

D.J. Byrnes, I take issue with this wording.  The phrase "commit suicide" is outdated and judgmental.  The proper language is "died by suicide." 

"Committing" an act is directly associated with criminals, such as committing murder and should never be used in language with suicide. I realize some people may feel this is overly critical, but words matter. Tyler Hilinski does not deserve a negative stigma.  He deserves to be at peace.

This article does a good job of explaining it better: