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Former occupant Bradley Hall dorm 114, OSU Alum class of 2015, JT Barrett Truther.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sugar Bowl vs Alabama
  • NFL TEAM: The Cleveland Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Lebron James
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Comment 03 Oct 2019

How many more losses to Michigan would a 1998/99 Natty have bought John Cooper?  Does Andy Katzenmoyer go on to win the Heisman?? How much time would I have saved trying to rewrite history in NCAA Football 2005???

Comment 26 Sep 2019

Somebody over at Homage needs to get on making that eaux hi eaux for Jeaux shirt more widely available!

Comment 19 Aug 2019

I am wondering how much this captaincy is based in not wanting to demote Borland after being captain last year (truly a dick move), or if he is actually out-shining the other LBs on the practice field and locking down his starting spot.   May be selfishly, I would like to see young Teradja get his shot in the middle. 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Nebraska would also be a quality win if they are B1G West champions... 

Comment 30 Jul 2019

With the B1G seemingly on the rise (especially the West), the 3 tough back-to-backs, and playing the presumptive B1G champ (LOL) in Ann Arbor, this season's schedule does appear more challenging than those of recent past. But, as other 11W articles have pointed out, the talent is there and the young pups are ripe for a major coming out party at several positions.  In regards to football marathons, my question for Ryan Day is this: What has he learned from Urban Meyer's failures to take care of lesser B1G opponents on the road in the middle of the season? What will he change about his preparation and tactics in these match ups to ensure we are not crying into our wheaties for the third straight B1G Championship Sunday??

Comment 25 Jul 2019

I still remember seeing QB#10 on the kick return depth chart on like NCAA Football 2003 or 2004! LOL Still get chills watching the Ginn-Smith highlights from 2006, probably the OSU team I loved the most and it all ended in tears at the hands of Urban Meyer and I'm still not over it. I imagine an All-Tressel vs All-Urban would probably end in a similar fashion.  The talent is just a whole other level

Comment 24 Jul 2019

Until UofM takes anything from us on the field, it's hard for me to see Harbaugh as anything more than a puppy dog. He was supposed to be UM's Urban Meyer, coming back home to the dream job at the old alma mater in hopes of restoring the program to its rightful position among college football blue bloods, but truly he's only turned out to be the perfect heel and cartoon villain for the rivalry. And the best part is they're calling to give him a lifetime contract in Ann Arbor despite the losses and the milk and the matching block M sleeping bag and onesie pajamas. You absolutely love to see it. 

I also loved the line about the Varsity Club Intelligentsia... Can't wait to be shoulder to shoulder with you all there with beers and takes in hand in a little over a month!

Comment 17 Jul 2019

The reason for the CFP heartbreak the last two years has been the devastating losses to bottom feeding B1G West opponents. If those losses are by a last second field goal or other late game shenanigans, I think it would be extremely difficult to put Georgia in ahead of us as the SEC's second team in 2017-2018 and certainly puts us in ahead of Notre Dame last year. Freed from Urban's refusal to make in-game adjustments and blatant nepotism, I think Ryan Day gets us over the hump!

Comment 16 Jul 2019

The offensive skills are pretty even I think. Dan may have 4 of 6 top O-linemen, but I give Colin the edge overall on offense. Having Fields provides escapability that can conceal some shortcomings of his O-line.  On defense, I think they are pretty even except that Warner and Borland are liabilities until proven otherwise on the field in the new scheme. I think Fields, JK and co would run circles around them despite the strong D-line and secondary, so I'm taking Colin over Dan by around 10pts. 

But more importantly... PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY DEMARIO MCCALL WENT UNDRAFTED?? This is his year to shine :P