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Comment 4 hours ago

Think you hit most of the key reasons for these two particular coaches having sour grapes.

1. Texas is so deep and talent rich with high school football talent. Coaches feel that if players are already willing to go elsewhere in highschool then it lessens their chances to keep a kid in state.
​2. IMG isn't located in Texas. Let's ask Jim McElwain his thoughts and I guarantee you get a different response.
​3. By taking this stance, you're essentially siding with Texas high school football coaches, which can't hurt when trying to build relationships with the coaching staffs. It's like Urban constantly stating how player's families should get more and more benefits with Travel, Stipends, Etc. Does nothing but help with his reputation in recruiting, while taking the opposite stance could be detrimental.

Comment 21 Jul 2017
The Cavs own his rights until 2020 right? Call his bluff. If LBJ leaves a year from now, Kyrie still has the exact same value as before, trade him then if he wants out still.
Comment 19 Jul 2017

While I don't agree with the rule, I really don't think it will have much of an impact in general outside of this year. Universities will still take advantage of having teams play on their campuses, they will just have it happen in September-November.

​It just sucks from a timing perspective for this year. They couldn't just wait to implement it until 2018 to not throw the entire high school football landscape in a logistical mess?

Comment 18 Jul 2017
I am a Nike snob. If Ohio State switched to Adidas I probably wouldn't own any buckeye gear. Away games are more fun to attend than a game in the shoe. Even Purdue, Illinois, Yes. Michigan has a nicer campus than OSU. Facilities, nightlife, you name it. I've said this one a couple times on this site but I'll say it again... I wanted OSU to throw the money at Bob Stoops instead of Urban to become our coach post tatgate.
Comment 17 Jul 2017

This is probably the ammunition the NFL needs for a "short suspension" 

Instead of claiming the suspension from the alleged "domestic incident" they will say the suspension is from multiple incidents of "conduct not in align with league standards" 

Comment 15 Jul 2017
The problem I have is players (the high profile ones like Zeke, Boss, Barrett, etc) not being able to profit off of their own likeness. But at the same time I understand you can't open Pandora's box and allow each player to benefit on the open market, thus making it a bidding war. My solution is to have signed memorabilia sales through the university with the specific players receiving a percentage. Also, there should be a cap placed on the amount a single player can receive each year. I don't know what that number should be... Maybe 10 grand? For example, you can go buy a JT Barrett signed picture from the university website for 100 bucks. JT receives 50 percent, university receives 50.
Comment 14 Jul 2017

I don't understand how there can be a "Short Suspension"

​Either he did it, or he didn't.

​If he did, then everyone agrees it should be at least a 4 game suspension. If he didn't, then he should get nothing. Where is the grey area in this situation that would justify a small game or two suspension?

Comment 14 Jul 2017

Where do you draw the line with this though?

For example, if Ohio State sells a DVD of a game from 1987, do they have to compensate Spielman because he is in the video? Does a media outlet like Eleven Warriors now have to gain permission to use the image at the top of the article because technically it's "Profiting off of Spielman's likeness"

I don't have a legal background at all, but if the images are from his time at Ohio State, I don't see where he has a case. Heck even the middle school I work at requires parents to sign a consent form to release images. I imagine the University does the same thing.

Comment 13 Jul 2017
Man with Sully added to the team they have to be considered the favorites now. Arguably the best player in the tourney. Making me have flashbacks to 2011. Since Penn is a little busy now, Matta should just coach them for old times sake