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Comment 05 May 2015

I was at home but my oldest brother was an architecture student at Kent State during that time. I was around 11 years old. Two distinct memories. I remember my brother coming back to Youngstown with a friend when things began to get out of hand. I was in the driveway of our Bears Den Road home situated across the street from Mill Creek Park. My brother raced into the driveway and told us all that was going on. Mom was quite relieved to have him home. My other memory was about his architecture project that was captured in photos documenting the Kent State shootings. Pete designed an umbrella structure created out of concrete. It was a pillar with a square roof, peak at the center. I remember him taking us to Kent State when the concrete was poured over rebar and we screed the concrete roof sides from one corner to another. That structure was in photos in LIFE magazine where students or National Guard were running over a hill. I believe it was situated on a hill and near Taylor Hall where architecture students spent the bulk of their time. I also remember my other brother (who studied architecture there as well) showing me the bullet hole  in the metal sculpture outside Taylor Hall.

Comment 21 Feb 2015

Good news indeed. Thank you DJ for taking this seriously and being responsible. That was the hinge. We all celebrate life and the right choice(s) being made. I am grateful to God the poster is getting help and I pray from this day he will know and remember there are a ton of people who care. We celebrate YOUR life, whoever you are. Thank you for making contact with DJ. We are rejoicing over you today.

DJ, with your girlfriend's (?) move to Boone, NC that is a school not immune to this very concern. Four suicides this year. Grateful to this community and the collective willingness to get involved. By the grace of God, may this galvanize the truth we can make a difference. Thanks to all who believed and took a risk. Grateful to all.

Comment 21 Feb 2015

We desire nothing more than to share your grief an make it easier to bear. (nine-1-nine) four-1-four two-3-six-1

Comment 21 Feb 2015

"So I'm ending my life tonight and I just wanted to share some lyrics, along with a YouTube link of a pretty nice remix. God bless."

Your post says so much about how incredibly valuable you are. I, and by all the comments I read, it's apparent others agree. You are not just a number. You want to contribute by sharing what you found meaningful. I listened. Thank you. I'm grateful for your authenticity and taking a risk. It gives me courage to be the same. Your choice of remix helps me to know you as well. Thank you. I really like the remix! Most importantly thank you for wishing the best for me and all these 11W readers. "God bless." Your wish for me and those on this thread is so incredibly good-hearted. I know what that means and I'm grateful for YOU. It is an incredibly kind and generous thing to wish for us God's blessing, His approval, His affirmation. THANK YOU for wanting God's grace (unlimited power, super fluid, free-flowing life from the bounty of His eternal existence) and peace (not only the absence of conflict, but the complete satisfaction of one's being). I understand your wish and I want that for you too! You are deeply valued...please reflect on your own words. I and many others care. If you are reading please respond. Let us know how to reach you and come alongside. Grace & Peace to you as well.

Comment 15 Feb 2015

Back in the day when the Gators were beating OSU in football and basketball (especially the debacle in the desert) I see a friend's brother who played for Florida well before Urban's stint, and this guy says "Ohio State, oh...the team we own." There really wasn't much I could say, it was a difficult era. Now...knowing Urban returned to his roots and he is enjoying coaching in the state he loves and grew up in...knowing the B1G contributed head coaches to build SEC teams as winners AND now the resurgence of the B1G and the playoff as a 4th seed demonstrating almost every national title previously was a gift and perhaps debatable, especially the SEC's "free pass" in their recent string of titles (no playoff deciding things on the field, ESPN drivel about being the best conference....blah, blah, blah... We know under the old gift, beauty contest, opinion system it most likely would have been Alabama vs FSU this year. Now that's behind us and tOSU has set the bar!