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Comment 30 Mar 2012

hey dj - what's with the 'white kid' this and 'white kid' that.  i'm white too and apparently, unlike you, i've been giving ppl buckets all my life - didn't like that.  and no, not all white kids can be defined as 'grity'...that's just stupid.

Comment 21 Feb 2012

The chemistry issue is absolutely huge - that lack of chemistry respective to last years squad has always been apparent (excluding perhaps the Duke game).  You can tell these guys aren't as close as last year's team - that issue will most certainly be a contributing factor in this team's demise.  Last year's team seemed to be closer off the court, resulting in slightly elevated play on the court.

Spoiled fan base or not - this team is more talented than this.  No sports fan wants to see a team underachieve to this degree.  This is a forum, these people have a right to be upset watching a team capable of winning a NC get thoroughly outplayed by UM (I don't care if it's on the road or not)

And I hate to continue to ride William Buford, but here is a stark reality at this point in his collegiate career:  the young man is not a big game 'gamer'.  Do you remember watching Golden State beat Dallas in the first round?  Baron Davis - gamer.  Some guys are gamers, some aren't.  Being he will always be a Buckeye, I hope he becomes a gamer in the future.  But, at this point, it's not in's not in his personality and he hasn't displayed those characteristics.