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Comment 10 Aug 2020

Kirk Ferentz canceling Iowa’s 1pm practice makes me not buy the Big saying that it wasn’t a presidents vote. With Iowa being 1 of 2 voting to play they prob told Ferentz to cancel. 

Comment 30 Apr 2020

I'm not here to argue about Barrett. Its played out by now. 

However, college football stats are so overrated. Name 1 QB who has started at OSU since Meyer came in that wouldn't have those records if they started 4 years. 

Check out the NCAA passing record book. Not exactly filled with what we would call great QB's... Wonder where Timmy Chang is now..

Coaches at Nevada. Had to look it up

Comment 29 Apr 2020

It's the same. Had to look it up

"A player’s draft position also determines how much they will be paid in the NFL. Supplemental draft picks earn the same amount of money as a rookie taken in the same round of the traditional NFL Draft, as determined by the league’s rookie pay scale. For example, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon signed a four-year, $5.3 million contract when he was selected in the second round of the 2012 Supplemental Draft."

Comment 20 Apr 2020

Jordan would have won 4 with wade and Bosh. And he definitely makes the finals with the Cavs teams that Lebron had in the weak east.

Jordan is the greatest basketball I’ve ever seen. Watching what he did offensively against Boston is unreal. Lebron could never do that. 
And I’m a huge Lebron fan. Easily #2 all time

Comment 14 Apr 2020

I meant the $125,000 select contract for high schoolers which I looked up and you are correct it was last year. I appears though that nobody took it last year according to the article I read. You would think guys would be jumping on that right now.

Comment 14 Apr 2020

If you were a 5 star incoming freshman and your plan was to be 1 and done I think u seriously have to consider skipping college this year. Do u take the chance of the season being lost like last year? Or play  professionally somewhere else or train. When does the G league start accepting high school kids?

Comment 31 Mar 2020

Wouldn’t shock me if they played or if they didn’t.

K State AD probably has better things to be worrying about

Comment 19 Mar 2020

If I was in his situation I’d come back for my senior year rather than declaring and most likely playing in Europe with what’s going on in the world. Any other time I’d say make money, but not so sure I’d leave if I wasn’t a guaranteed first round pick.

Comment 18 Mar 2020

Pretty sure Dallas could adapt their offense with all the skill guys they have to fit around Brady's skillset. 

I agree with KMP. Dak is good but I can't see Dallas winning with him especially if he is taking up over 30 mill of cap space. 

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Looks like they are signing Bridgewater to replace him. 
never mind. Bridgewater appears to be going to Carolina

Comment 17 Mar 2020

I think most have moved on from fearing the Patriots to fearing the Chiefs. 

Comment 04 Mar 2020

Its getting close, but the money hungry NCAA would be the last to do it.

They canceled the expo and fans aren't allowed into the Arnold here in Columbus. There will still be competitions. The one exception is fans who pre bought tickets to Body building and Strongman can attend those (4000 people).

Comment 25 Feb 2020

Logan and buckeye are correct. If Dorsey wasn’t the one picking the coach than Stafanski would have been the coach a year earlier. It’s been well known Depodesta has wanted him to be the guy since Hue was fired... or hired