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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 4th and 1 from the 37 at Purdue. Craig Krenzel scrambles left, throws the ball to the end zone, and hits Michael Jenkins in stride. Without that play, we never win the title.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
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Comment 03 Sep 2016

Believe it or not, I meant the home of the Civil War Gettysburg, Pennsyltucky.  I was born and raised just south of Ashtabula, but relocated when I met and married my wife.  My favorite thing to do in this town is wear my Browns and Buckeyes jerseys around and piss off all the Ravens and Penn State fans.  My 2 year old daughter wore her The Ohio State University cheer leading outfit to the grocery store today.  Warms my heart.  

Comment 16 Mar 2013

I agree.  I never thought after watching Shannon Scott the last two years that I would believe we're a better team with him on the floor.  After this last month, it is clear to me that we are.  I've said all year to my friends that I can't believe Thad recruited Shannon Scott over Trey Burke, especially after watching Burke put up 20 points a game and us having nobody other than DT that can score.  After these last few weeks, I'll take Shannon's defensive abilities.  He's not better than Trey Burke, but he's not as selfish, and we have a better team than Michigan even if we have less scoring.

Comment 25 Feb 2013

I agree.  If Shazier, Roby, and Christian Bryant don't have what it takes to be leaders, they need to learn it fast or our defense is doomed.  UFM found a way to push all the right buttons last year in the spring to get what he could get out of his team.  I hope it works the same way this year.