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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing the field at The Shoe after the #1 Ohio State vs #2 *ichigan game.
  • NFL TEAM: Ohio
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
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Comment 21 Sep 2019
Class of 97 baby! Couldn't field a team in the 13 years I went to Groveport schools, happy the tide is turning. The only playoff game that I'm aware of in my lifetime was a loss starring our own Le'veon Bell. Let's go Cruisers!
Comment 15 Jul 2019
Only someone on a high horse would state their opinion as fact.
Comment 07 Apr 2019
I ubered for a little while a few years back and drove around 5 or 6 Buckeyes, Arnett, Baker, Webb, etc. I fanboyed out to all of them and they were all so nice answered all my questions, often complementing me for my knowledge and not asking the same questions they always get asked. They all posed for a selfie with me when we got to their destination. When I drove Hawkins to the Woody one day I asked him how is was to a buckeye or some generic opening question. He sighed and talked about how hard it was. How he never thought it would be so hard. How his whole life is Football. How he dreaded working out and watching film on his own time and all the expectations of him to do so much on "his time." I felt so bad for him, but also knew then that he was going to transfer. About a year later, after not seeing him on the field at all, he transferred. It was a good reminder that it takes a truly rare rare bread to be able to emerse themselves that deeply into something in order to truly get the best out of yourself.
Comment 23 Dec 2018
Why don't we watch Urban fail before we tell him what's best for him. At this point, he's got the track record to have faith. If you told buckeye fans that this transition had a 90% chance of succeeding, most would take it. Urban seems to average making the correct decision 9 out of 10 times. For every mistake he makes in return he makes 9 excellent decisions. That's how you become one of the best to ever do it. If someone whose batting .900 wants to help, give him the rope.
Comment 23 Dec 2018
Were any of the previous teachers generally considered one of the best 2 teachers in the entire country and maybe one of the 10 best to ever do it?
Comment 23 Dec 2018
Well, you've always known more than Urban, so I trust you over what Urban thinks is best.