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Comment 21 Mar 2020
Its been a PITA for me. I cannot do a majority of my work at home so I'm stuck going in, but some of my colleagues are working from home. I find that their working from home makes my days a lot less efficient because I'm getting bothered by them all day.
Comment 19 Mar 2020
Until he gets a personal foul for roughing the QB late in the 4th qtr to extend the game.
Comment 16 Mar 2020
I don't mind when people are prepared, within reason. I wouldn't expect a household would need 200 rolls of TP for this. What I don't care for are the stories about the people who buy up a ton of supplies, then turn around and sell them for 10x the cost to take advantage of people.
Comment 25 Feb 2020
10 years ago, the spot we got was I believe Eggz. I can't remember the exact name. It was across the street from UDF on E 12th. I usually got something called the Horseshoe. It was like eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, gravy, biscuits, cheese. It was a ton of food so you always had a legit breakfast to cure the hangover in the morning. It was clutch.
Comment 23 Feb 2020
I've recently done the 911 thing as well. I rarely use my phone at work but had to make a call for a WebEx meeting. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to use 9-1 to dial out?
Comment 09 Feb 2020
I kind of hope he waits for something to come along next year. Who knows what kind of crap MSU may be facing over the next year. Plus Cinci just signed the top non-P5 class. Can't blame the man for taking a promotion though.