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Comment 13 Nov 2019
It's going to be embarrassing when an O-H-I-O chant is going around the stadium in the heart of LSU country when the Buckeyes are whooping that ass!
Comment 11 Nov 2019
I like how he brought up when Clemson beat us a few years ago, but doesn't mention anything about Bama getting destroyed by Clemson last year.
Comment 10 Nov 2019
I thought I read something a few weeks ago that they actually stopped paying him because they felt he breached his contract by basically not trying to find a new job. I guess he's making pennies working for NE compared to other guys in the same position, probably by design.
Comment 10 Nov 2019
I don't know if there has been a more dominate team in my lifetime. I'm sure you could make an argument for several teams. It just seems that everyone is performing at their best, both players and coaches. I also love the fact that we're going up big early in games and allowing 2-3 stringers to get legit playing time. Sure, things were a little rough after halftime yesterday, but getting the reps in now and cleaning things up may pay off later.
Comment 09 Nov 2019
I think Bama needs some help to get back into the CFP. Seems that they always get the benefit of the doubt because of what they've done in the past and how good their roster is. Unless some crazy stuff happens in the next few weeks, they need to be left out.
Comment 09 Nov 2019
LSU players going down is getting ridiculous. They did the same thing against Texas. They're either faking it or their strength and conditioning coach needs fired.