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Comment 21 Sep 2018
After Dobbins getting more of the spotlight the last two weeks, I think that Weber's going to want to show himself off a bit this week. Both backs will get plenty of rest, letting Snead and Teague get some good work in, but I have a hunch Mike will break off a couple long ones, just eclipsing the 100-yd plateau, while JK finishes up in the 60-ish range.
Comment 16 Sep 2018
The only problem is that there is much more consistency on all those other types of calls than there is on targeting-- which is a very big problem because, as you point out, it has by far the highest negative outcome for players and teams alike.
Comment 16 Sep 2018
Overall, it seems from the last couple of years that the B1G refs are FAR more likely to call targeting than other conferences-- especially the SEC and ACC-- and there is a 0% chance of a B1G replay ref overturning it. Last night we had ACC refs. It's that inconsistent application of the rule that I find so annoying. It's almost impossible for the players to develop a standard approach when what constitutes a violation is different from game to game. BTW-- Look for the calls to only increase when we get to the meat of the B1G schedule.
Comment 16 Sep 2018
^^Exactly this^^ Except in blowouts, every game hinges on a handful of key plays and unpredictable bounces of the ball-- whichever team makes the most of them is typically the winner. And I'd ask Patterson one question-- did they give away 21 points, or did the Bucks take them? I'd say that TCU didn't give away the end zone TD, or the interception TD, or the TD following the blocked punt-- Nick Bosa/Davon Hamilton, Dre'Mont Jones, and Dwayne Haskins/K.J. Hill rose to the occasion and took those scores!
Comment 16 Sep 2018
I agree-- it looked like Schiano was willing to go all-in for the big play defensively and accept a boom-or-bust outcome. There were too many busts for my comfort, but ultimately the defensive boom plays carried the day!
Comment 16 Sep 2018
I think a lot of what looked like a "bad" game from Chrisman was the way the coaches wanted to deal with TCU's Turpin, who is a very dangerous punt returner. Drue was asked to punt the ball higher and shorter so as not to outkick the coverage. He wasn't being allowed to cut loose like usual. I think he did an amazing job of sacrificing his stats in order to carry out the coaches' game plan. Other than one sort-of shank in the third quarter, he performed what was asked of him perfectly.
Comment 15 Sep 2018
I agree. The best way to eliminate TCU's pass rushing DEs is to power run the ball right down their throats. I also am largely unimpressed with what I've seen of TCU's offense. I don't see them breaking the teens at best. I've also seen too many Patterson teams fold when they're on their heels. If we get rolling, they're going to collapse. Buckeyes in a rout, 52-13.
Comment 12 Sep 2018
Better for the team and thus, by proxy, the fans, but a whole lot worse for the players. The NFL is the only major U.S. pro sports league where talent level and skill are generally secondary considerations when it comes to cutting players.
Comment 12 Sep 2018
It's usually the position coaches who determine playing time, not the head coach. The Boss sets the agenda, but, during the actual games, he's generally got a lot more on his plate than whether or not the fourth string TE is on the field. So, based on our current coaching situation, it could be either Meyer or Day who's setting the tone.
Comment 11 Sep 2018
" will be broadcasted on..." Apparently, it's once again time for my semi-regular informational post for 11W's writers and editors: "broadcasted" is only correct as the past tense of the word. Any present/future tense version is simply "broadcast." You are welcome, but please bookmark this for future reference....
Comment 10 Sep 2018
Perhaps you should pay better attention to this year's Oregon St. instead of looking back at last year. They just annihilated a Utah St. team that Sparty required a TD in the 58th minute to squeak past. They're a greatly improved team, especially offensively, and I think that 31 points will look a lot more reasonable by the time the season ends. Or you could go back to MGoBlog. I'm fine either way.