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Comment 18 Nov 2018

I love the NBA, and with the new rules its a faster pace game. Love watching the young stars like Antetokounmpo, Oladipo, and Tatum. But my guy is Joe Ingles from Utah, that dude can hoop!!

Comment 31 Oct 2016

Why is no one pointing out how long JT is HOLDING THE BALL!!! Watch all of these videos Kyle posted. The first one both slots come open 2 real time seconds b4 JT throws to Samuel. The second video, look how long Noah is open b4 JT lets its go. We all know QB's are supposed to throw b4 the WR comes out of the break so when he turns the ball is right there. I don't know if JT is scared to let it go or what, but he needs to trust the million hours they work on this stuff and THROW THE DAMN BALL! I love this weekly write up btw, good stuff 11W.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Im not worried either. But the season is halfway over and I feel like he's just doing enough. It might be schemes against him, it might be him looking at that bank account next year, who knows.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

I watched the game. OU struggled with man to man on Houston's best player out wide, i think his name was Dunbar. We have 4 or 5 Dunbars, as long as Beckman and Warriner keep it going, I don't see OU competing, unless our D gets exposed. We had no pash rush today considering the opponent. Mayfield's feet could keep them in the game.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

We had PLENTY of mistakes today and still hung up 77. check the penalties, the first Curtis Samuel touchdown drive started with 1 and 20. The explosiveness on this team is something we haven't scene here, ever!! They rotated so many players that it was hard to keep up. Yes it was Bowling Green, but we have played way worse teams then we played today and we set records, so there's that.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

The routes, the uptempo, the toughness. This is everything we have been wanting to see since, f**kin forever!!!!! And Curtis Samuel is special, really really special. His ability to run crisp routes sets him apart from every one the country, AND he's our best RB. 

Comment 14 Aug 2016

So many memories from this year. The loss was definitely the worse Cooper loss imo to ScUM. The LB situation was sured up with the big Kat coming in, and the offense at times looked like the greatest show on turf did in 99, weapons everywhere. I remember screaming at the TV to put Jackson back in, because even though he only led the team to FG's in the first half, Joe G couldn't get the team past the 50, he was shell shocked. The worse loss in the Cooper era was EASILY the loss to Sparty in 98, but we can talk about that in two days.

Comment 01 Aug 2016

Thank you for this article. Too many times all we get is "so and so likes the Buckeyes". Thats great, but there are plenty of us out here who like to study football, and an article like this helps us quench a little of that thirst.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Nebraska scored 39 on this same D, JT said after the game Sparty did exactly what they thought they were going to do, do the math. This is all on the coaches and this "bang my head against the wall and maybe the wall will give" mentality calling plays.