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Comment 14 Dec 2017

Wow you are ignorant, and apparently proud of it.  Those 12 year olds are not the ones playing at a high level and CoD is not a great esports game. It hasn't been since Cod2 and 4 with promod. [mod edit - be nice]

Comment 14 Dec 2017

I competed in over 8 lans (not including the 100s of online tournaments) winning all of them but 1 in which we placed 3rd. Playing games from Battlefield 2, CSGO and BF3. Played CAL Invite for DMX and Exertus in BF2 and I have been lifting since I was 15. More pro esports players are in shape than you think. It is not a South Park parody. This is even before Esports are as big as they are now. We shared little earnings and made most of money winning peripherals and hardware. Just a lot of ignorance thrown around about esports. Wish I could still play at the top level for the prize pools they have now. Especially in Overwatch and CS.