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Comment 12 Jun 2020

up until last year, though, the answer was about 11.

I am neither negating nor overemphasizing last year, but LSU has had outstanding talent for two decades. Orgeron wasn't responsible for that and arguably hasn't enhanced it. Like I said, you're conflating team results with coaching talent. Which misses the point of stratifying a list of "top coaches" if you're just going to reduce it down to "top programs."

Comment 10 Jun 2020

Man there is some coaching talent in this league if Smith is 12th and Brohm is 10th.

I think they're making the mistake of conflating enduring program strength with coaching talent, though. So much of what builds a successful program is out of a head coach's control. Paul Chryst, i think, is a good example of a wildly overrated coach. He's capably kept the Barry Alvarez Beef Factory rolling, but that's about it.

Comment 17 Apr 2020

I don't see a ton of explosiveness off the ball. In the first clip, the o-lineman takes a step backwards before driving into him and actually gets adeleye off the line of scrimmage (of course, because he's an elite athlete, he easily sheds him and closes, which is extremely impressive). 

Is this a function of the role he's playing? Is he not getting the opportunity to be a pure edge rusher?

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Well you made a conflation there that I think it's important to define and parse out. You implied that the defendant's **attorney** would be the one reaching out to the other party (they will assuredly each be witnesses in each others' case if the case is segregated and they both go to trial). Given that the rights held by a defendant include the option to defend himself and by extension to actively participate in their defense, I would think the judge's order is illegal on its face. For these purposes, I think a defendant's attorney needs to be viewed as an extension of the defendant himself.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

This interests me. I would think that any defendent is entitled to pursue and present their own defense in the most effective way possible. By preventing them from knowing beforehand each others' true and accurate version of events, I worry that this restriction impedes them from knowing what the most effective defense even is. This doesn't seem like a fair imposition on the defense.

Any lawyers care to chime in?

Comment 13 Jan 2020


Saying that you would chop off your member for an assurance of a superbowl win is categorically different from saying you would chop it off if you won one. The former implies a pact with the devil/supernatural scenario that absolves Vrabel of is own free will as a deterministic input. The latter does not.