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Comment 04 Jan 2019

I think this is kinda a back stab for Tate for when he signed. Tate knew the pecking order when he signed and was confident he would be a 2 year starter. Now with the "New transfer" rules-basically it has come down to " I can not be a starter so let me hire a lawyer so I can transfer" situation.

We have opened "Pandora's box". We are celebrating now but trust me sometime in the near future it is going to bite back.

Comment 18 Dec 2018

I think this is a done deal. I feel for Tate. Dude has busted his butt. I am sure he will be transferring with three more seasons of eligibility. I do not think Dwan Mathis signs LOI tomorrow also. We will be down to 2 QB's.

On the other side Justin Fields is a game changer. He is a very elusive/strong arm QB. He can take the Buckeyes back to the National Championship.

Comment 12 Nov 2018

Our OL is not bad-can it be better-yep. Why not play Myers at center a few series when the games are out of reach. This coaching staff needs to be more creative when playing 2 deep players. Put Josh Meyer in with the first team on a series or two. Try different schemes with different players when the game is won but before you pull the first string.

We rotate a ton of guys on the DL-why can we not do the same on the OL? 

Ed Warriner laughed at the schemes that required the Michigan OL when he first was hired. He simplified it and now they are much better. 

Comment 07 Nov 2018

For those thinking "win out and we are in" is not true. We need to win out and blow the competition away. We need to win by 25-35 points these last 3 games or we are not jumping Oklahoma/WVU. ND getting in at undefeated leaves 3 conferences for 1 spot assuming Clemson and Bama go undefeated.