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  • SPORTS MOMENT: January 1st, 1997. Pasadena, California. I was always a Buckeye before, but after seeing this game in person at a young age, it was all over from there.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: USMNT, Columbus Crew, Arsenal F.C., Celtic F.C.

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Comment 30 Aug 2019
Yeah, he was legendary on campus for the longest damn time. Everyone loved him. I remember a friend telling me they once saw him depositing a huge wad of cash into a bank account. Always corrected people when some would call him the rapping bum after that. I don't know many bums with active Huntington accounts, lol. He had a good hustle working up and down High.
Comment 30 Aug 2019
235 I don't think we run him a ton purposely to try to save his legs and health...and I expect him to have some nerves and rust to knock off in his first ever start, so I could see him missing some throws early. I then don't foresee him playing super late into the 2nd half as we go into halftime with a 3-4 TD lead. I can potentially see the running backs getting more of the workload as we try to figure out a backup. I'm gonna say Fields throws for about 185 and runs for 50. Dobbins runs for about 120 on like 12-15 carries and the remaining running backs combining for 150 yards on 25 carries. I can see a first half defensive TD and/or a special teams TD before halftime to make it a foregone conclusion and we'll take our foot off the pedal and ride the collection of RBs for much of the 2nd half. Obviously, this is a pretty conservative outlook, but we just don't know what Fields is at a passer right now (and I don't think we'll get that answer in his first go) and I see them trying to keep Fields upright and not taking too many hits on runs in this tune up game.
Comment 30 Aug 2019
I'd probably say Joey Bosa. I would say Zeke because he turned out to be such an important piece of the offense that we rode to a national title....but I think getting Boss was more impactful on the program. For starters, it led to us being a lock to bring in Nick who was an even more highly rated recruit, but it also allowed us to dip into a more important talent pipeline at St. Thomas Aquinas. Whether or not having Aquinas kids on the roster has helped us recruit that school is debatable, but it's always a big deal to recruit powerhouse programs that regularly churn out top tier talent. Also, to the OP, I'd say I don't know if Mike Thomas qualifies as he wasn't one of Urban's recruits.
Comment 20 May 2019

I never really knew much about the players on the other teams for Ohio State or was too young to truly feel the hate. For example, I knew to hate the name Desmond Howard, but didn't really truly know why because I was 6 or so years old. The first opposing players I started hating had to do with either when I got to an age that I knew who the players on my teams were let alone the other teams, or due to sports video games becoming a bigger thing. A couple names that immediately come to mind are Kevin Greene and Rod Woodson in the early-mid 90s (and Bill Cowher). I just remember being super young watching the Browns and watching Greene kill the Browns and hearing his and Woodson's names constantly in the broadcast. Another notable was thanks to the NHL 94-95 Super Nintendo video game. I was starting to become a Blackhawks fan because of my brother who always played as the 'Hawks and Steve Yzerman became my public enemy number one even though I'd never watched him actually play a live game.

Comment 30 Apr 2019

This is very simple. In 2015 we were widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best team in the country...ttun had two losses coming in. In 2018 there were major questions about our defense and we had one of the most brutal and ugly losses in school history that virtually took us out of playoff contention...meanwhile ttun was top 5 and on their way to a playoff birth and they were the favorites to beat us. Simply put, everyone thought 2018 was finally the year that Harbaugh would get over the hump to beat Ohio State and be legit nat'l title contenders. 

Comment 25 Apr 2019

I'm not talking about wishbone triple option. Ohio State used to be a run-heavy spread power-option attack as well when a guy named Braxton Miller was here (and to an extent a lot of what we ran with JT as well). That's what Tate ran in HS as well. I think he would've fit very well in Urban Meyer's Tim Tebow/Braxton Miller offense.

Comment 23 Apr 2019

Their desperation is so pungent. And pathetic. It's not our fault they pack 110,000+ people into a stadium to all sit on their hands and make no noise. It's a wonder when they're taken aback in a loud and raucous environment.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Probably a combination of things. One of those things being that Day probably had an honest conversation with him about the offense he wants to run at Ohio State Tate doesn't quite fit that. I think Tate will wind up being a pretty good player somewhere...I think he would've been a pretty good player here as well...but I think he's going to need to be in a run-heavy option attack for that to be the case.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Does he not have the largest, softest hand you've ever shook? I met him years back (and accidentally might have sort of insulted him) and the biggest thing I remember was how his hand just absolutely swallowed mine when he shook it...and I'm 6'1" 190lbs, myself.

Comment 11 Apr 2019

I can't say that I've been in a canoe or boat on Mirror Lake, but I have been on a raft in Mirror Lake. I've also swam in mirror lake, fucked Michigan in Mirror Lake at The Jump, eaten shrooms at Mirror Lake and streaked across Mirror Lake when it was frozen over and GD Karen Holbrook finally gave us the first snow day of her tenure, just 5 years in. Ah, college.

Comment 09 Apr 2019

Does anyone find this article somewhat misleading? I mean, sure he had some people criticizing him...but I felt like the vast majority of people in the media and the majority of OSU fans were understanding and said they wouldn't blame him for a minute for turning to focus on his pro career. This article makes it sound like he was some kind of hated pariah after he shut it down for the season...I just don't feel like that just wasn't the case.

Comment 05 Apr 2019

Anthony Bennett. Woof. MFer was on a minutes restriction his rookie year because he was so fat and out of shape he couldn't make it up and down the floor more than 3 times without needing a break. Lord, he was awful. Imagine if the Cavs actually drafted a future star player with that pick...they'd have had him on a rookie contract playing alongside LeBron, Kyrie and Love. I know it wasn't a great draft and many people missed on this guy as well...but damn...Giannis was in that draft. 

Comment 05 Apr 2019

He also carved out a better career than I, or honestly, a lot of people thought he would after his one year at OSU. I for real thought he'd sit the bench in the NBA as an extra big body on someone's roster for a few years and then spend a decade in Europe or something. He's built a career of 10 or so years in the league now as a reserve playing 15-20 mins a night. Anyone, up to and including Kosta Koufos himself, who believed he was going to be an NBA All-Star is not living in reality.

Comment 26 Mar 2019

Yeah, and it was also just around that time the OSU bball team started using him as their logo sponsor. Back around that time, we didn't have the Nike Swoosh on our uniforms, we had the LJ23 logo on our uniforms. He never really talked much about Ohio State before that and before the Daily Show where he was live in front of a bunch of OSU students (what else was he going to say in that moment). I really have a hard time believing he would have come here. He may have rooted for the football team, but the basketball program was a dumpster fire when he was in HS and getting ready to graduate. He would've gone to Duke to play for coach K or I could've more likely seen him staying home to play at Akron with his former HS coach who took over the Akron job. I don't see any way in hell he was coming to play for Jim O'Brien.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

No...I'm not. LOL

Urban Meyer himself talked about how he met LeBron when he was WR coach at Notre Dame and LeBron basically met him, said thanks for the interest and moved right along while the SVSM coach laughed and told Meyer there's no point in recruiting him because he's the next Michael Jordan. If Meyer was still actively recruiting him that wouldn't have been the one and only time they spoke until years later. LeBron wasn't being seriously recruited by football coaches because he had no interest and they knew they had no shot. There may be anecdotes of football coaches meeting him and joking around with him about hanging up the bball shoes and playing football instead, but there wasn't any serious recruitment for football.

Comment 21 Mar 2019

Playing football in college was never in the cards for LeBron. Football coaches weren't even recruiting him because they knew he was going to be one of the best basketball players of all time. I think making millions of dollars and being the GOAT in basketball weighed on him infinitely more than any sort of fantasy to win a football nat'l title. Further, I don't believe at all that he would've even come to Ohio State to play basketball either.

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Great list. I was at a bar in Florida on spring break while a student at OSU for the Tennessee game. Wound up watching with a couple ttun students (or maybe grads) and they were reveling in how badly Ohio State was getting stomped. They got pretty bold with their trash talk and started to pay less and less attention to the game as they assumed it was a blowout and they got drunker. Wound up making a bet with them that if Tennessee wound up winning, I'd buy them a drink...and if Ohio State won, they'd have to buy all my drinks from that night. Unbeknownst to them, the comeback was already in mid-flight when I made the bet. Was a good night. We drove back to Ohio, I was there one full day and my dad calls asking if I want to drive to Atlanta because he scored FF tix. Got to see the Georgetown win (and unfortunately the Florida loss) in person. That couple weeks was the most fun I've ever had with the tourney in my own life.

Comment 18 Mar 2019

Lets keep in mind that it's that time of year and that the Giants are in a prime position to throw out smokescreens right now. They want teams behind them to think they have no interest in Haskins so that teams don't try and trade ahead of them to get him.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

I don't have much insight on DC except that the last time I was there, I went to Boqueria and had an outstanding bottomless brunch with bottomless booze. It was a saturday and we were trying to figure out how we'd watch the OSU game that day as well. When we showed up to Boqueria, we noticed a bar that was right next door with OSU flags flying outside and a sign that they were going to have a watch party for the game. Can't go anywhere in this world without bumping into some more Buckeyes.

Comment 07 Mar 2019

Chase is good if you're already doing a lot of banking business through them. I have a Sapphire card. I opened the Sapphire card while my wife and I were planning our wedding because they offer a waterfall of reward points if you spend X amount of dollars in the first 3-4 months after opening the card. I think it's like 50k points. We knew we'd be spending a bunch and would meet that threshold, which we did easily. I also opened a mortgage with Chase, which gave me another waterfall of points. On top of that, it's good for traveling. You get 2x points for any travel type expenses and 2x points for dining...from anywhere from a high end steakhouse to McDonalds. They used to have some price match purchase guarantees (that they may be phasing out because people were taking advantage of it pretty handily) and things like roadside assistance that I've used in lieu of AAA. I've also read about ways to find loopholes in how you can transfer points from a Sapphire card to one of Chase's travel partners like airlines to get super cheap trips to places like Hawaii for next to nothing (relatively speaking). All I know is I'm not a big spender and haven't traveled much since I got the card...I've had it for a couple years and have accrued enough reward points to pretty much fly my wife and I to the other side of the planet and back for free.

Comment 07 Mar 2019

Take anything that comes out or is leaked out with a grain of salt this time of year. Misinformation abounds and teams purposely leak things, true or false, in hopes of gaining or maintaining leverage for themselves.