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  • SPORTS MOMENT: January 1st, 1997. Pasadena, California. I was always a Buckeye before, but after seeing this game in person at a young age, it was all over from there.
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Comment 22 Nov 2020
Is there anything to back up the statement that Wisconsin was deliberately trying to stall the start date of the season because they had a covid outbreak? I'm not saying it's true or false, I just hadn't heard that previously.
Comment 21 Nov 2020
I'm not at all saying that I agree with blocking out family members...but how exactly does this have anything to do with socialism?! I'm not sure you understand what that word means lol. Pro-tip, calling literally everything you disagree with socialism is a dead giveaway to people to never take what you have to say seriously.
Comment 20 Nov 2020
I have a handful of Pavement songs in some of my Spotify playlists and have owned a few albums over the years. Coincidentally, Harness Your Hopes popped on a playlist when I was driving earlier today. They're not my favorite, but I recognize that they were pioneers of alternative/indie music. Actually saw them live over a decade ago as well. Left a little to be desired, but I think they were having a few technical/sound issues. Like they were having to stop mid-song and start over and shit. Speaking of 90s alternative/indie rock pioneers, My friends were playing NMF a handful of years back and brought me along and gave me one of their VIP passes. Dinosaur Jr was one of the headliners that year, so got to stand front row and hang out in the VIP backstage tent. Saw you or someone mentioned Kurt Vile somewhere in the comments of this post, he actually played right before Dinosaur Jr that night. That was a bitchin' evening.
Comment 20 Nov 2020
This is no misprint. To be honest, Titus is one of my favorite OSU bball players of all time.
Comment 15 Nov 2020
I keep seeing some people kind of low-key mention that from what they've heard from sources around the athletic dept, Warde Manuel does not intend to fire JH after this season and the COVID season is a bit of a mulligan year in his mind. Not positive how much truth there is to that, but bringing him back with one year remaining on his contract might be the worst thing they can do, as it would kill their recruiting and could leave the team giving up on him even more if things go south early next year and they start just viewing him as a lame-duck. I have seen just a couple people saying they really believe Warde will not only bring him back but also offer him an extension. I'd have to imagine if there's any truth to that, that the extension would be school friendly in that there's hardly any buyout if any at all so they could still get rid of him if things keep going south next year. If things keep getting worse this year (more than very plausible) it may very well be that the pressure from fans, alums and donors could be so great that their hand is forced to move on.
Comment 15 Nov 2020
I was bored enough with no OSU to watch, so I spent the ttun game with MGo's game thread open. It was amazing. The amount of people defending JH at this point has been whittled down to zero and they are getting quite belligerent. They all want him thrown in a trash can and taken to the curb immediately. Many "f*ck Jim Harbaugh!" type comments. Lots of people saying "I've been watching this team since the 60s and this is the worst Michigan team I've ever watched." It's good times.
Comment 15 Nov 2020
Surely ANYTHING has got to be better than this. They've completely lost the team. They come out lethargic and play completely uninspired. They don't know what to do when they face adversity. They've built a soft team with paper-thin depth that are put in compromising positions by their inept coaching how the hell is Don Brown going to continue to run this press and pressure defense when he has no pass rushers that can pressure and really bad corners out on an island in man-preas that can't cover...and they just get torched over and over. Hell even Brady Hoke, who by all accounts has been proven to be a caveman, was able to beat us once. Their talent level has slipped considerably, but coaching is their biggest problem...someone even slightly coherent could do better. That said, I really don't think they're going to be able to get any big name interest because frankly, it's not that great of a job in CFB anymore. They aren't supported by the administration, their president would just assume dissolve the football team, their historical success and traditions are so long gone it's more haunting than inspiring anymore, their home field advantage sucks (they somehow have both the largest and one of the quietest stadiums in the B1G), their delusional fanbase still thinks they're an elite program, they have another in-state team to compete for recruits with, they have Ohio State and Penn State taking all the elite talent in the region...and to top it off, if you're not a "Michigan Man" they will never fully embrace you. I'm sure Les Miles would be open to it, lol...but I don't know of any other big name "Michigan Man" hot coaching prospects there are out there. They're likely going to have to gamble on a young up and coming coordinator, which could be a crapshoot.
Comment 15 Nov 2020
I sometimes feel a little bit bad for the players and then someone like Vincent Gray will showboat around like he's the shit after one single pass breakup, in the middle of a blowout after he has been victimized over and over and over all season. Or McGrone jumping up and celebrating after making a tackle -- on a 9 yard gain -- in a game where their linebackers were completely invisible. Or Joe Milton will play like complete ass but run for one first down on a broken play in the middle of a blowout and get up pointing FIRST DOWN! Good job, fellas.
Comment 15 Nov 2020
It's funny cause on their MGo game threads they often bring up the point, "I wonder what it's like to be an Ohio State fan and just beat the shit out of everyone and never even worry about it."
Comment 15 Nov 2020
YES! I watched the game last night with MGoBlog's open game thread pulled up last night....they definitely noticed as well lolololol
Comment 29 Oct 2020
I cut the cord maybe 3-4 years ago and for a long time I liked it. I was more than pleased with YouTube tv for 2+ years and actually liked it better than traditional cable. So much so that I stuck it out through a couple price hikes from YTTV. Then not too long ago, they announced they were no longer going to carry the Fox Sports regional channels like Fox Sports Ohio and Sports Time Ohio. This means I was no longer able to watch Crew matches, Jackets games, Cavs games, Indians games, etc...that combined with my monthly bill having essentially doubled in two years, I decided to go to Hulu Live just earlier this month because it was cheaper and they still had the regional sports networks. Then about a week ago Hulu Live announces they're also no longer going to carry the regional sports networks after I had JUST switched to them for those channels. So to be honest, I'm about to go BACK to traditional cable because these streaming services have become just as expensive and I can at least get all the channels I want, like the regional sports channels on traditional cable. I'll just be looking to sign up for one that doesn't require a 2 year commitment or something. If you don't mind the higher price and the not being able to watch the regional sports channels, I'd probably recommend YTTV...I really liked their interface and the unlimited cloud DVR was awesome. It was very reliable too. Before YTTV, I had Sling TV and it sucked because I couldn't get MANY of the channels I wanted and it was constantly freezing, going offline and buffering...I rarely ever had those issues with YTTV and even probably had less issues with it than I used to with traditional cable or satellite. Hulu Live is fine and more or less the same as YTTV but cheaper, however I think YTTV has better DVR capabilities and I found it to be an easier and more intuitive navigational experience through the app, while Hulu Live combines the Hulu+ app and Hulu Live all into might just take some getting used to. Probably one of the best things about streaming is everything is month to month, so you can essentially try different things until you find one you like instead of being locked into a 2 year commitment.
Comment 28 Oct 2020
They're the most delusional fan base I've ever come across by a mile. I can't stand them...they're far worse than any ttun fan I've ever come across and I've been up to Ann Arbor multiple times. I've been out to Happy Valley for two white outs including the first ever white out in 2005 when I was at school at OSU...their fans were like a 50/50 split of being welcoming and being absolute trash bags. I've recounted the stories on here several times, but I got in several different fist-fights throughout the day in '05. Their fans would just walk up to you and dump a beer on your head. Or steal your hat and throw it in a muddy puddle. Or rip your Buckeye necklace off your neck. Or throw eggs at you and your car. Or try to steal the Ohio license plate off your car. Or surround you in a circle and start pushing you around while you're just trying to run through the parking lot to go see your band (luckily a cop saw the circle knock me down to the ground and came in and pulled me out). Or come sucker punch you from behind and knock you out. These are all things that happened in one day and that's the very abridged version of the day. Hell, a 70+ year old man tried to fight my friend (we were 20/21) while we waited for the port-o-johns because my friend wouldn't accept his forceful and unsolicited assertion that Ohio State has the worst fans ever. The worst part of all of it? Listening to person after person drone on about their "mythical national championships" and that they're the greatest program of all time and how disrespected they are. "Four mythical national championships? That's cool...we've got 7 real ones." [Fight ensues] All that said, the spectacle inside their ugly ass stadium for a White Out is unlike anything I've ever seen. They get so loud and rowdy in a sea of bright white, it's absolutely surreal. The second time I went was in '07 and my roommate was on the team at the time so he got me one of his family away tickets and I sat literally in row #1 behind PSU's bench...I got to feel what it was like essentially from the sideline perspective looking up and being surrounded by all that and it's most definitely intimidating and awe-strickening. I hope we hang 1000 on these asshats.
Comment 27 Oct 2020
I think it's also more than fair to say the jury is most definitely out on Chambers as well....we're anointing him after 4 carries the other day? I remember a couple of those plays too, one was on 3rd and something like 16 and we ran a delayed draw while Nebraska was dropping into deep pass coverage...any one of those running backs could've run straight up the middle with nothing but open field in front of them. Another was a disjointed speed option and the defender opted to take Fields and leave Chambers...again, he didn't really do anything special but it was a solid positive play. Playcalling more than anything really impressively done individually by Chambers. Quite frankly, none of these guys have really shown me much to give me confidence that they're Ohio State starting RB caliber...I don't like Teague's feet/footwork and he seems too stiff in the hips. And really the same for Chambers. I was most disappointed in Trey Sermon after the game just because I really thought he'd be a great fit in this offense...and then he shows no signs of particularly good vision and I don't recall seeing him break a single tackle. He's got a little more wiggle, cutting ability and elusiveness than Teague and Chambers, but that's just based on highlights I've watched of him from OU...he didn't look very much like that Saturday. I thought Crowley showed some signs of being a smooth runner, albeit without great top end speed, but again, jury still out on him at this point, especially with the injury.
Comment 24 Oct 2020
I was very very pleased with my YTTV for over a couple years and actually preferred it to cable, which is why I begrudgingly stuck it out through a couple price hikes. Not to mention the cable providers in the area are absolute ass. But now it's becoming increasingly more difficult to watch what I want while simultaneously getting even more expensive and it's just not worth it to me anymore.
Comment 24 Oct 2020
Son of a bitch, really?! I did the exact same thing...left YTTV because they lost the regional sports channels. So sick of this crap. Have to have like 8 different services to watch everything I want...cutting the cord somehow managed to become more expensive and inconvenient than regular ass cable with a DVR box.
Comment 18 Oct 2020
They even got Surrender Cobra Guy in there!