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Comment 21 Feb 2011

I would far from say that the refs were homers yesterday.  I could argue quite the opposite, but I won't.  From straight foul calls, Purdue had five more called on them.  The fact of the matter is, fouls and other calls have been so shoddy this year.  One half is different from the other.  Sullinger can elbow hook someone all day long, but then a touch foul gets called 25 feet from the basket.  Ryne Smith can hack away at the ball and not get called, but then another bogus call is made.  

Additionally, I hope that you guys realize that Twitter is not the best place to judge a fan base (for any team).  The Internet, in general, is a terrible place, too.  Every team has their trolls.  I ask that you judge our team, and any other for that matter, on the combination of encounters you have with them.  I think you'd be surprised to see that there really aren't that many rotten fanbases out there.  Jon Stewart said it best that a small amount of people, who happen to be crazy, reflect the majority, when in reality, the majority is too busy doing other stuff to be crazy.