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Comment 08 Nov 2019

Hoping it equates to a 2 game suspension only. I believe Troy's (cash in bag) was the bowl game (vs OkSt) and the opener next year (before Texas). And that wasn't even self reported... Someone else reported it... But OSU wasn't held accountable as far as knowing. Plus we now have the recent future changes (pay 2 play) leaning our way... They're not currently in play... But the NCAA has to see this as an opportunity to save face from the backlash they took from holding off for so long. Plus w/Tim Nevius having  a previous connection working on their side... And w/Gene having just represented the side of the NCAA on the upcoming changes. 


Comment 13 Sep 2019


2014 @ MSU (49-37) 

MSU's kicker left his preferred ball out on the field. Colder wet weather and the band is in their their long pea coats. S-Row is known for collecting souvenirs. One of the alternates (not marching on the field | assisting with holding up the designs, flags and etc in the halftime show) has the task to get it. They manage to wrap it up in the tarp design. Slip it out and keep inside the peacoat for the entirety of the rest of the game. The kicker, of course, comes out earlier from halftime to warm up and is noticeably looking around for  several minutes for that ball. That ball is in Columbus LOL

Comment 13 Sep 2019

Upvote if you always go to the bottom for the score first... Then read the article/comments and etc. 

I'm going 49-13... So far our defense shows the potential of holding teams to field goal attempts... I hope this remains consistent throughout the season.This is where games were too close over the last 2 years. Bend don't break. Excited to see what the D-Line does with almost being back at full strength. And... The perfect road opener for Fields to break in on before dealing w/Nebraska away and so on. 

Comment 19 Jul 2019

Exactly... I'm grateful for his comment. I believe Day is bought in on the rivalry... But like freshmen... It's never real until that first hit. Now it's personal and he has to be motivated by it. 

Comment 19 Jul 2019

THE HAT & SUIT.... Why? It's not even strategic marketing towards the young men you're recruiting. I was going to comment on this very thing... But you've said it so well. I know a parent of one of his former players... Who always said... "They need to drug test the coaches as well. Because I'm pretty sure he's on something." (and not even a disgruntled parent... the son was a starter and played significantly). If we could only hear it straight from Al and Mattison about some of their experiences working with him... Priceless. 

Comment 08 Jul 2019

As I write this... Mookie Cooper commits. Right before that... I was thinking of how we pull for all our players to do well. But then we see the phenoms coming in and hope most of them can go from jump. I always hope these kinds of players pan out and get the playing time... But on the other end of it 1 to 2 yrs at a program like this is better than a juco program (just an example) or playing at some other less than school... Because the competition, tutelage (Hartline) and strength & conditioning (Mariotti) will prepare you to succeed elsewhere. That portal will be popping w/WR's over the next year. 

Comment 30 Jun 2019

This year is key to maintain our advantage at getting top RB's. We have the advantage over a Texas program in terms of production at RB's going to the next level and having success. Plus 2 1000 yard rushers last year. But it wasn't the kind of year w/the most highlights from our RB's. Still... We should land Robinson. What concerns me is maintaining it thru the letter of intent. If the line and Dobbins have early success this year... No question. And 2 things should happen... 1. Fields running will no doubt open up the run game. Teams have to commit a spy or he'll house it. 2. And after watching Crowley in the spring game and his highlight tapes... He's underrated... Greatly. The future is bright. 

Comment 09 Jun 2019

Nah.... He's twitchy in short space (hard to juke), long arms on tape, sheds tackles, has a motor, has a nice long stride when he's rolling... And it looks like they line him up at End a lot of times (which is where he could end up w/us). Lastly... His tackling technique... A1

Comment 07 Jun 2019

Great watch addressing this... Some perspective on our expectations while having just experienced Haskins