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Comment 01 May 2020

Some perspective... In Taco's first year w/Dallas he was the back up to DeMarcus Lawrence. He would go in on downs when DeMarcus was out... Demarcus was in a contract year. He actually said he couldn't hate on Demarcus for doing what he had to do. He did fall out w/Rod Marinelli and that led to even less playing time in his 2nd year. In 10 games w/Miami... 5 sacks, 3 tackles for a loss... That's no bust. His cousin is Seth Towns... His best friend is Jae'Sean Tate... His uncle played on the Carmen's Crew (TBT)... And he grew up a Buckeye fan but never got the offer. We got Joey Bosa, Tyquan Lewis and Tracy Sprinkle. He was going to select ND but the offer was up in the air w/some coaches moving around. Just some input from someone closer to the family... Good people... Good young man. I NEVER pull for ttun... But I do wish the best for him in his career. And his pops is my barber... And I need a damn haircut. 

Comment 13 Apr 2020

Agreed... But then as ESPN has so little to report these days. They've been loading updates with a lot of transfers on bottom line ticker. It's eye opening to see how many transfers are happening all over the country. It's college free agency. Staff's have to adjust to point out success stories of those who stayed in comparison to those who left. Aaaaand... I do think a young player like Gaffney... Just as an example... Could have been afforded way more playing time in many games that were decided. Just enough to keep him onboard and invested. Because while he needs a few lbs... His talent potential is pretty obvious. Coach has to adjust... Not bow out... But be creative w/keeping them invested. When we have large blowouts in football... It's comforting to know the younger players will get on the field. And it certainly keeps them invested. We need to develop that mentality on the basketball squad. Blow em out when we can... Put the younger developing players in. Or just find ways to put them in from time to time. As hard as Izzo is... He plays his freshmen early and often. 

Comment 05 Apr 2020

I assumed the same thing when those suspensions happened. There was a fight between to 2 of them. Or they both were late or in trouble together in some other violation. What I do know is... RETENTION is a problem for Holtmann and staff. Whether it's Krzyzewski, Izzo, Calipari and etc... They have some real top end talent but we're not seeing transfers at this high a number at similar programs. All the other ones I could see coming (except for Carton in the middle of the year's absence). But this is out of control. To hell with it... Is Duane next? I mean really... It may be the case. 

Comment 02 Apr 2020

The overalll weight loss was great for his lateral speed and improving on his getting up and down the court. BUT... If he builds back up his base (lower body) and works on even adding 1/2 to an inch to his vert. It will help out his low post game so much more. He misses so many close shot because the elevation isn't there. He's also tends to have knock knees   ) (   when he elevates at times. I really hope he'll continue to improve and connect w/a quality trainer that works on his areas of need. Diallo got next. 

Comment 19 Mar 2020

If Gaffney reveals he's transferring tomorrow/one day later... It's even fishier for both of these. I will say this though... The upside on Diallo and what LIdell actually showed to close out the season. Plus Sueing coming onboard... CJ Walker really found his offensive game (getting to the cup rather than settling on the outside for 3's)... And if we land Towns in addition to that. We're sitting pretty. Not to mention Lebron's nefya... Meechie. Meechie and Mookie podcast coming soon. Now go wash your hands, take some vitamin D3, elderberry and etc... So we have a season. #DoYourPart

Comment 13 Mar 2020

WHAT IF... They started the year with the tourney as it would have been (to date) next year w/whoever would come back from this years seniors (whoever didn't go pro). Play that tourney out... And then move forward with the regular season and the end of season NCAA tourney as scheduled. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN... And this is a helluva rough draft. But imagine the excitement. We already get hyped off of the invitational tourneys. 

Comment 09 Feb 2020

They play soooo uptight on offense...

  • Luther had offensive game coming out of HS but now plays uptight. He's one track minded when he penetrates on the dribble. He's hesitant w/shooting the 3... I know he hasn't shot at a high percentage... But he's clearly in his head when he shoots. 
  • Kaleb has no "good weight" to move people in the block anymore. A few times in the post he drop stepped into Potter and others and HE bounced off of them having to settle for a fade away that the bump didn't even create space for. I hate when the say he's a load down low... That's not him anymore... Stop saying it. This is why he's not seeing double teams anymore. They need to build his base (lower body) back up. He uses the pump fake from the 3 point line nicely to go around defenders but has no burst in his step or hops... So it's usually a charge, weird looking floater or blocked. 
  • Lidell is also playing uptight and forcing to play out of the low block w/some bad matchups in height. He should be facing up and shooting from near the paint and used in the paint to post up on switches for undersized defenders (like we do w/Kyle Young). 
  • CJ Walker will penetrate to find an easy short jumper but instead pass out of the open spot in the zone to whoever is on the 3 point line... They then pass it back to him... And he then takes the three. Get your Chris Paul on and take the bunny jumper off your penetration. 

Still... GO BUCKS

Comment 23 Jan 2020

THIS... I've come to the realization that Kaleb has seen his peak play. He's better as a distributor and getting the ball in and out of his hands. And this needs to be said... I appreciate his effort to get in shape. But he still has no lift.... NONE. He's worked hard on 3 point shot and it's alright... Not bad. But now his low post game suffers because he's lost his base (lower body weight). It's nice to see the leaner and quicker lateral movement. But he can't take advantage of his good footwork in the post when he has no base. So he's struggling to even create down there or finish. He needs to develop a face up game for the short jumper (and even that mid range is suspect). They overly depend on him and the only person that doesn't is Washington. If he develops the face up game and/or gets his base back together.. He can pass out of the double teams (he has great vision). There are too many bigs in this league to run at him now. This offense has to be adjusted asap. They can still turn this around, get in the tourney and do some damage. GO BUCKS. 

Comment 31 Dec 2019

If I hear this dumb argument one more time. Any team and fan base can own up to "missed opportunities" and mistakes (running into the kicker. There is a huge difference between missed opportunities as a fault of your own and having points taken off the scoreboard.... HUUUUGE difference. Let's flip it and say on Trevor Lawrence's long touchdown run they called "hands to the face" on one of Clemson's offensive lineman. And not one of the offensive lineman had their hands anywhere near anyone's face/head. Take those points off and see how the score turns out. Even ttun almost lost to Army earlier this year on a missed fg (by Army) but had the fumble return for a touchdown (which was legit) been counted (which it wasn't). Army wouldn't have been in position to win w/a field goal. As much as I hate ttun... I loved watching them suffer at the hands of the bad call... But I still admitted they were getting hosed. This ain't the U... PI or not... Both teams played on from there. If you're over it... You be over it... But we don't have to be. Points taken off the board on a LEGIT score does matter. 

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Spot on... My thoughts exactly.

JK controls the ball through the catch diving in the end zone OR makes the catch on the screen play that was going to be a score OR if Cam recognizes he's not going to get to the punt and pulls off to the side (Olave did it perfectly). 

I don't agree with the way targeting is officiated but to see how they apply it... I knew they'd put Wade out. But the strip fumble and scoop and score... He actually takes 3 steps and turns his upper torso upfield. That was as ridiculous as it gets. Plus to have it reversed after it was signaled as a TD. Straight up ROBBED. 

This team will be beyond motivated next year. 

Comment 14 Dec 2019

Precisely... Thus the emphasis on "teach, attract and beyond". I love that Hartline spent those 2 years learning the ropes. I'm banking Day has known this would be coming and already has quality candidates lined up from the shield. Didn't know Hafley before he was hired... So I'll trust the process. Lastly... Secure the recruits as well as those who are tempted to go the portal route but were coming back to work with Hafley. 

Comment 13 Dec 2019

Dam that sucks... I thought he'd at least stay for the 2 years. Wish him the best but really he could've done better waiting another year and having more success here. Ash is good... But it's how personable Hafley seems to be. I trust Day must know he has someone more than up to the task. I'd like to see us go the Hartline route... A former player with the ability to teach, attract and beyond.