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Comment 18 Apr 2019

“I’ve talked to (Hartline) multiple times, and he just knows so much about the receiver position,” Harrison said. “He’s just a phenomenal coach, probably the best receivers coach in the country. 

The summer scandal was a blessing (don't @ me)... Hartline is turning the tides. I'd say Clemson had taken over as WRU (arguable) but if any of the 3 receivers in the draft blows up this year along w/what Michael Thomas is already doing. Plus this years receivers are going to have some huge production. 

Comment 17 Apr 2019

You land those 2 recruits at Vanderbilt?... This hire like landing a 5 Star in himself. If I remember correctly... He spent some time in the offseason... Working on Jon Diebler's shot motion when he struggled as a freshman. If this is correct... He'll do wonders w/improving Ahrens' consistency. 

Comment 31 Mar 2019

Please choose one answer:


  • A. My Mom makes me go to church
  • B. My wife/girlfriend makes me go to church
  • C. I'm so close to asking out this lady at church
  • D. I work on Sundays 
  • E. I go to church (for one of the above reasons) and I work on Sundays 
Comment 28 Mar 2019

First... No shock. The more he didn't play later into the season the more it became obvious (with more similar players coming in). I wish we could've found a way to play him, even if in short stints, more this year. But... I trust in Holtmann and the staff seeing him waaaaaay more than we do. On the other end of things... It might just indicate that Diallo is on his way. The team is stacked at all positions next year... If the sophomores to be improve in the offseason. 

Best wishes to Ledee succeeding elsewhere. I'll always pull for him elsewhere. 

Comment 28 Mar 2019

You missed one... Giddens is in the portal... He's transferring back 

I think Musa will hold down the SF slot though... He turned into a MAN by the end of the season.  And I wouldn't be surprised to see 1 or 2 late transfers near the beginning of the season (e.g. Potter) 

Comment 26 Mar 2019

Mickey should have been encouraged to keep his weight down as a guard/point forward and should've been running the offense at times... Especially w/small ball lineups. I do remember he started late due to academics (winter). He, Giddens (as a defender and rebounder) and Lyle (stay off da weed) were legit... Just not focused on building their careers and so on. I think a Scoonie, at that time, would've helped out greatly. Plus the leadership was a hard working but young Tate... Keita... Loving (just not a leader). In the meantime... Love how Musa came on late as a defender and rebounder (reminds me of Jason Singleton from the Final 4 team). Washington and Luther will both up their IQ and their 3 pt shooting by next season. B1G, B1G tourney champs and Elite 8 or greater next season... #BookIt 

Comment 14 Mar 2019

I thought when we went up 10, in the first half, it was a great time to put him back in and see if he could find his game. Plus IU had to winded by then and having to deal w/him running around for those open spot ups. If he can study the way Diebler relentlessly ran around like Reddick, Ray, Reggie and etc 

Comment 14 Mar 2019

I agree... But I also agree w/the statement....

Many of this year's tournament teams don't look like tournament teams...

I was in favor of seeing them potentially play more games in the NIT over a one and done in the tourney. But if they can land a 11 or 12 seed. They're more than capable of winning that match up (versus 6 or 5 seed) and then contending with the 3 or 4 seed. Luther found his stroke... Ahrens should see more playing time... And Washington is actually playing the passing lanes nicely. I think MSU doesn't have the horses for Kaleb. Tomorrow should be a great one... #3rdTimesACharm

Comment 09 Mar 2019

Working under Deland McCullough (RB coach)... What an amazing life story he has. Seems to get the best out of the backs he works with (Indiana and etc). If Tony Alford ever moves on or otherwise... I'd like to see Deland as the next man up. If you haven't seen it... Catch his story wherever you can from E:60

Comment 03 Mar 2019

Guaranteed night games... @ Nebraska | @ Northwestern | Wisconsin AND/OR MSU | BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) 

Would love to get a hold of Sparty for a night game finally

Comment 15 Feb 2019

This sh*t ain't personal... It's an opinion. As for the team's perfromance... I have no control over it... You have no control over it. And for the level they're playing at right now... That's my preference. If it changes and they play significantly better... As I stated above... I'll change my opinion. But after seeing your comments on other topics... It's no surprise to see your take on this... You don't have any comments... You only have replies to other's comments. Grow an original opinion... Grow some... No edit... Grow a ball... Gotta start somewhere. And just remember this... Whenever I'm rooting for OSU... We actually are in agreement. Go Bucks... Win out... I want the B1G tourney title and a Sweet 16 at the least

Comment 15 Feb 2019

Sweet 16 or greater in the tourney is always the goal... Not just the tourney... I'll pass on the 1 and done experience of the tourney every time. Like the year we lost to Sienna (8 vs 9 matchup)... That team was similar. None of us were shocked to see it happen. This team is young and could use some more experience. Now if we trend up beating 2 of any of the following... Iowa, Wisc, Maryland and MSU... And win a couple of games in the B1G tourney... I'm back onboard w/the ncaa. But at this rate... Give me some more hope for more games to develop the younger guys. 

Comment 15 Feb 2019

I'll take a 3 to 4 game run (or greater) in the NIT out of this team over seeing them 1 or 2 and done in the NCAA tourney. And I know last year's team was 2 and done... But even in the 2nd game loss there was belief. If this team advances beyond the first round I wouldn't have the same faith. I'd much rather see them get some more games in to improve (not that NIT wins are guaranteed). Unfortunate to not see more out of Musa offensively in his 2nd year. Seemed smoother and full of potential watching his h.s. tape. At this point... Jaedon and Washington are key to develop. Either way... Help is on the way and this team still has the capabilities of turning it up a notch for the remainder of the season. 

Comment 08 Feb 2019

Basically he exposed himself for likely only watching the game against ttun where the offense broke it's tendencies. STILL... It should've been mad obvious Dwayne has a whip and throws from the pocket. And any small child can search his stats in 10 secs. Who in the hell even watches First Take anymore? On a day off... For me it's Undisputed and on the commercials I may flip over for the replay of Get Up. Stephen A can't even stop looking at his phone while on live TV... You damn well know he isn't actually watching the games on his own time. 

Comment 04 Feb 2019

Zeeeeeeke... But I'm a Dallas fan. So minus the bias... Bosa

Players I'm most excited to see their first time in the league next year?  Weber and Bosa. I have this feeling Weber will actually surprise the majority of us. And Nick will be ROY or contend for it.