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Comment 7 hours ago

I agree that a strong pass rush is priority #1.

Running the ball successfully is a key too in order to keep Clemson's offense off the field.

Better pass coverage from the getgo. Need to figure it out prior to the game and, if necessary, make quick adjustments.

Tell Wint & Arnette no stupid after the whistle penalties. JFC they should know better they aren't freshmen.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

I'm going with Bucks at 1,  Great comeback, Fields playing on 1 1/2 legs. Over the season more wins over ranked opponents. All those stats Fox put upon that graphic. LSU 2, Clemson 3 & Sooners 4.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

For all the bitching about the offense (which is justified) how about equal time for the D? What a shit show on both sides of the ball. Big adjustments needed,

Comment 23 Nov 2019

Strange ass game. Should have covered the 19 'cept for the fumble & dropped TD pass; on th eother hand almost blew it. Yikes.

Comment 23 Nov 2019

Take away the fumble and its 21-0. Seems like that would be more reflective. I'm not sure why the PSU pass defense is not being exploited  more? Take away 4 or 5 big runs and Bucks can't run. Shades of 2015 MSU kept flashing in my head. D is winning this game.

Lots of mixed feelings.

Comment 23 Nov 2019

Final score Rockwall wins 60-59 as JSN hits both ends of a 1&1...oops wrong sport. He finished with 6 TD's including a rushing one.

Comment 01 Nov 2019

Springsteen, Dylan & Paul Simon top my list, followed by Willie Nelson, CCR, Lucinda Williams & Emmylou Harris. More into lyrics than the band sound. Steely Dan, Stones, The Band. Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Motown, Janis, Bob Marley, Warren Zevon, Tom Waits (not so much his latest stuff),outlaw country, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson (his songs he cant sing worth a damn),Grateful Dead, Eva Cassidy, Bonnie Raitt, Etta James, Allman Brothers.  Two singer songwriters you need to check out if you haven't Tom Russel & Dave Alvin. Guy Clark worth a listen. Chris Stapleton.  Guess you can sum it up with singer/songwriter is my favorite genre but with an eclectic group of other stuff. I'm 71. Too old for rap & hip-hop. To me it basically sucks but to each his own.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

"the linebackers got exposed a bit with the very accurate passes over their heads...: " 

How exactly does that expose them?

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I agree 100%. What's a few cases of CTE, concussions, immobile knees and other assorted serious injuries. Let them youngins' grow up and be real men!

Comment 12 Aug 2019

Having also been affected by the death by suicide of a family member, I think the third paragraph is wrong in characterizing suicide as a selfish act. In some cases maybe it is but I believe in the majority of cases the pain and everyday struggles of the victim lead him or her to the fateful decision. There is a book called The Suicide Myth (although I can't find a link to it there are numerous books on the subject) in which survivors of suicide attempts almost to the person describe an inner voice urging them to do it, do it until they actually make the attempt. At that point I'm going to believe the survivors who basically lost control over their rational thinking and were.driven to act by an inner voice rather than those who blame the victim for being selfish.