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Comment 05 Nov 2017

Cosmo, I needed this thread.   I admit that I have had some pretty negative posts on here today because there wasn't one truly positive thing to deduce from yesterdays game.  But after reading this post, I realized that I've always been and always will be a BUCKEYE thru and thru.  Born and raised in Columbus, SCARLET AND GREY runs thru my veins.  Yesterday was a painful experience that I hope I will not experience again anytime soon.  We have a lot to fight for and If beating TTUN doesn't get you fired up, you don't have a pulse.  LET'S GET IT BOYZZZZZ!

Comment 05 Nov 2017

I've turned the game off twice in recent memory...

1. Clemson 2016 (at halftime)

2. Last nights game (End of the 3rd quarter)

I'm laughing, crying and shouting at the same damn time.  Hopefully we don't have anymore bullets in our gun to shoot ourselves in the foot.  

Comment 05 Nov 2017

Agreed Mike.  Getting out coached has become a consistent thing in the UFM Era.  It's getting old and stale.  We got beat by an average but WELL COACHED Iowa team.  I'll  probably get DV for this but oh well, I'm done with UFM.  Yes we won the natty in 2014 but was he responsible for that? Not totally.... No, the men that we're mostly responsible for that are at Rutgers, Texas, Cincinnati or left for the NFL.  He's lost his edge and everyone has caught on to his spread style of play with a quarter back that can't consistently throw the damn ball.  I'm a JT fan, but I was hopeful that he didn't come back this year.  Time for something new, including a head coach.  Until then, we're going to see ths SHIT BRAND OF COACHING all the time.  Bye Felicia!

Comment 11 Sep 2017

Losing the SAME WAY TIME AFTER TIME is growing stale.  I understand that we have a young secondary and believe it or not, giving up 800 yards in our first 2 games is the least of our worries.  WE CAN'T SCORE TOUCHDOWNS!!!  Having a shoot out with OU should be more in line with where we should be.  (Talented but young defense and gobbbbs of talented players on the offense with TONS of play calling expertise)  The classic BIG 12 game would be much more preferred than what we are having to consume now.  Right now, we're not playing Classic OSU football, the stuff I/we grew up on.  Unfortunately this garbage that we've been seeing from the offense tha past 6 years is becoming "OSU Football".  Unacceptable.  Damn, I'm starting to miss Tressel Ball.......

Comment 11 Sep 2017

...No rb screens, no two back sets, no misdirection, horrible short game passing concepts and the list goes on. Our lack of creativity is just as much of an issue as are personnel.

Spot on Mr. Lannister.  VAAAANIIILLLLLA ice cream in a bowl with no spoon.  At least give me a spoon so I have an option of how to eat it.  A couple of sprinkles and a napkin may help for special effects. 

Comment 10 Sep 2017

We need to try our hand with the other QBs.  JT, IMHO, isn't the best QB for UFMs offense.  We have too many horses in the stable just wasting away.  Why not try?  It's like we're running in quicksand.  The harder we try with JT and status quo, the more we sink.  If we continue to play like this, we'll be lucky to win 9 games.  We have toooooo much talent be this stagnant.  What happened to the jet sweep, getting the ball to the H back in space, etc.......?  Change is needed now...!!!!!

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Yeah the crazy part is even if we win out, we're not in control of our own destiny.  If PSU wins the rest of their games, they will represent the east.  Bull shit night for our Buckeyes.  We need a good stomping of northwestern to get this bad taste out of our mouths.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

I was thinking the same thing Coach.  I hate to say it, but UM seems to have become relevant again.  BYU is a pretty good team.  I know we have a lot of season left but we should definitely not go into that game over confident and with blinders on.  It's gonna be a war..... but hell it alwsys is.  It showtime boys!!!!

Comment 23 Sep 2015

I believe that behind closed doors after the championship game, UFM promised Jones the starting position for this season.  He probably gave him reasons why he needed to stay and play this season... i.e.  more starting reps, increase your game experience, primetime exposure, etc..... All of these things will just increase his draft status.  The first 4 games would get him much needed experience before B1G play.  I believe UFM truly believes this.  Not to mention, he probably figured that Barrett wouldn't be 100% after that horrific injury, so why not ride out the 12 gauge train and hope it all comes together.  As the season progresses, Barrett will heal further and get back into the flow picking up minutes in the 3rd and 4th quarters.  If Barrett needed to step in during the season, he'd be available.  If it works, its genius.... if it doesn't. ........ Either way, lets go boys.  

UFM has gotten us thus far so he may know a thing or 2 about this game we all love.  GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 20 Sep 2015

You said it all right there Hot Sauce.... Its everything.  They need to strip down the offense a bit and keep it simple... build complexity as the season continues.  Designate a starting QB and stick to them.... I say stick with Barrett.  Choose one play caller... I say Beck, let Warriner focus on the OL.  Throw away the damn wildcat and get Brax involved in jet sweeps and reciver routes.  Most importantly, feed the the damn rock!!!!