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Comment 8 hours ago

Of all the terrible roadways around here, the Skyway is the absolute worst. Don't ever take 90 into the city unless you absolutely have to for some reason. I live here and won't take it for any reason. Take the Ryan and head north if it is an option. It is not fun, but much better than the Skyway ever will be  

And yes if you don't have an IPass you should definitely pay online, and save yourself the issues of getting through the toll booths and taking forever. 

Comment 9 hours ago

Funny, I was going to suggest sinply driving to Chicago if you need to head this way, but I decided not to due to the sheer hell of driving around here. Even if you are used to it, it still sucks. And if you are not accustomed to so many cars and so so many bad drivers, then avoiding our roadways is the way to go. 

For you Michi definitely check into Milwaukee if you can get there with relative ease. May save you money, time and aggravation. 

In the dozens of trips we have made to Columbus for games, we have flown exactly once. The drive, while boring, is not a difficult one at all, and with all the rigamarole surrounding a flight out of Chicago I think we even save time as well as money. 

Comment 10 hours ago

Flying into/out of Rockford or Milwaukee are infinitely cheaper than O'Hare, though Midway is also much better than ORD as well. I live pretty far west of the city, so Rockford for me is a simple jaunt. 

The Richmond story actually got worse, and I would have had a hard time believing that was possible. Time will tell if the Penguins made a wise decision. 

Football this weekend, and the Bucks barely over a week away. Both are good things. 

Comment 10 hours ago

And Mr. Glass assumes that people in Indiana simpky want to see the Hoosiers. In basketball yes, football not so much. I know a handful of IU grads and to a man/woman, they would only attend football if there was no other option at that particular time.  

Yes this is a big game for them, and they may hang for awhile, but as the sage DJ states they all know how it will end. Scarlet and Gray will dominate the crowd, as usual. 

Comment 21 Aug 2017

Just to play devil's advocate, if JimBaugh has had so much more talent of the NFL variety at ttun, shouldn't he have won something by now? Other than third place in his division?

i have not argued his success in the NFL or Stanford. But the question to me was "who is the second best coach in the B1G east. And looking strictly at what both of these bozos have done in their times at meatchicken and Penn State, I don't see it being such a lopsided affair. 

Franklin has done more with less, while JimBaugh up north has done less with more. To me this makes it at least a conversation. 

All that said, I cannot stand either of them and am glad they coach at schools that I do not like or care about. 

Comment 21 Aug 2017

Agree with Hove above. Love JT and he is a wonderful college qb, but I don't see pro potential at that position. Even if Braxton had not gotten hurt, he was also destined to be something other than a signal caller at the next level. TP maybe had a chance but he was too raw and thus also became a receiver. 

Barrett as is works for me at OSU, but in the NFL he ends up at anorher position, whichever it may be. 

Comment 21 Aug 2017

Staffs yes ttun is better. As a college coach, which I specified, I have seen more from Franklin than from JimBaugh. It may be semantics on each of our sides, but until Harbaugh actually wins something at this level with ttun I have no issue saying I would take Franklin over him, and I cannot stand Franklin as a coach or a human being. JimBaugh was successful with Stanford no doubt, but he is now at a place that recruits better than Stanford and has better everything, and he has yet to even win second place in his division. Franklin was able to win at Vanderbilt, and certainly not everyone can accomplish that. 

Comment 21 Aug 2017

I will not necessarily argue this point, but if we look at the rest of the coaches in the east Franklin is second by default. This does not mean however that he is worthy of all the love he has gotten of late, it just means that he is a better college coach than JimBaugh and beats the likes of Randy Edsall and Chris Ash. 

All that being said, I might take Dantonio over Franklin for second best in the east for what he has done (prior to last year) with an also-ran. 

Comment 21 Aug 2017

Isao Kakehi seems completely of sound mind to me. She admitted to killing the guy, and has the cool Black Widow nickname to boot. Her legal team can try the dementia defense, and congrats if they get away with it I guess, but she is guilty of this death and likely many more. 

Always hoping that TP really does get it together, and maybe in Washington he truly can. Cleveland can blame no one but themselves. 

Brian Kelly is an indolent tomato can, at least when it comes to excuses. It is always someone else's fault, whether it is a terrible team record or the death of a videographer. So sad. 

Comment 19 Aug 2017

I never expected to read a wmd on Booker T of all people. I knew something about his back story having watched wrestling back during the Monday Night wars, but I did not know the extent of his issues. Good for him for cleaning up that mess, and hey if he wants to be the mayor of Houston then do your thing...sucka. 

Vic Janowicz for all-time Heisman. Love stories like that. 

Another beautiful Saturday, and almost football time. 

Comment 18 Aug 2017

The honey bun, heated up, is wonderful. But I much preferred the Hostess variety as opposed to the Little Debbie option. Better frosting on the Hostess. 

Considering all that has happened recently, I had to read the Wehrmacht wmd. Somehow not shocking that the "regular" army was just as cruel as the SS unfortunately. That story/book could have been written any time, but even now a decade later there continue to be parallels. Sad. 

Punt returner has to be the scariest position to play. Don't think I could do it. But seeing a good one, a la a Ted Ginn or a Devin Hester is so exciting. That said, give me the guy who simply catches the ball. Not that I want to go the double safety route of The Vest, as that seemed like a bit much, but one guy who can catch it and occasionally get a few yards is good with me.

Less than two weeks. Beautiful.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

I love the Supermen of America link. Not exactly a tough read, but cool Americana. And many props to the club for partnering with the March of Dimes way back in the day. Geeks doing good is good. 

Ryan Day certainly has become a favorite son quickly. Soon we get to find out if all this news has really worked as well as it seems to. 

Nothing good will come of this Zeke story, on anyone's side. Now,there is mud-slinging galore, and the best he can hope for is what from Goodell, maybe knocking a game or two off his suspension? 

Two weeks. That is all-two weeks before the Bucks lay waste to the Hoosiers. Weeee. 

Comment 16 Aug 2017

Not only is there no dress code on airplanes, there is seemingly no dress code anywhere. The fact that airlines are now giving pajamas to some passengers on long flights is fine, but many of the folks in steerage are dressed like they rolled straight out of bed and into the security line. It is fun for me to see the old time photos of everyone in an airplane or even at a baseball game in suits/dresses. While those days are long gone, that is a much better idea than flannel bottoms and crop tops in public. 

All good luck to Tre Avery. If he has found his place, go and help Chris Ash kick some Nits arses.

I like seeing that 15 pop up. Barely over two weeks left. Beautiful thing.

Comment 15 Aug 2017

The Cold war will never fully die. The radio station MDZhB story is quite entertaining in an odd way. And how many commenters on here were not around for any of the cold war?

Not so sure I am looking forward to hearing Herbie 3 times in a 5 day span to be honest  i assune this also means Fowler does 3 games, and that I don't like at all.

The IU game will likely be close for at least a half, but WIlson will eventually wear them down with potent offense with a relatively easy victory. If either Burrow or Haskins gets some PT that is good as well  

Comment 14 Aug 2017

I feel ya. Not wrong necessarily, but not the best decision either. Ball security is wonderful, and I a, all for it. Certainly don't need a Wilton Speight who will throw up a wounded duck inside his own 20. But taking a chance now and again could be beneficial no doubt. 

And you hit the nail on the head with Weber. Down the stretch he could/should have had plenty more carries which would have helped the offense immensely, and padded his already good stats. I was a huge mark for Curtis Samuel so getting him involved was tremendous, but Weber could have taken pressure off of JT, and the play callers as well with more late carries. 

Comment 14 Aug 2017

So we have another France article in the WMD's today. Nicely done. And oddly, the dancing fever takes place in Strasbourg, which is where my wife lived when she was in France for a year. However, I do not believe that she was around in the 1500's and as such is safe and sound. 

Weber really does seem to get overlooked, and I wonder why that is. I for one was thrilled to get him away from ttun, and seeing his running prowess at OSU is great. Yes there are a ton of talented guys in Columbus, but we know what Weber can do, assuming good health. And I dare say that his numbers would have been even better last season had the coaches given him the ball more often, especially late in the season. Let Weber run it and spell him occasionally, but he can be the man. 

As for JimBaugh, he is simply nuts. Not releasing a two-deep or even a roster is just his way of getting in the news in another cycle, as now we are talking about him when he didn't even do anything. Literally. Seems stupid, but it works because he is Captain Khaki.