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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Standing on the field after the 2006 ttun loss to the #1 Buckeyes
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: James Laurinaitis
  • NFL TEAM: Green Bay Packers
  • NHL TEAM: Chicago Blackhawks
  • MLB TEAM: Chicago White Sox
  • SOCCER TEAM: Southampton FC

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Comment 19 Apr 2019

Statistical probability is the only phrase I have ever known when it comes to research. Kind of bizarre to me to find out that this concept began almost 100 years ago as what seems like an off the cuff remark. I think I will read more about this actually. 

This transfer portal is an idea that I am not so sure is entirely thought out. Way too many kids moving all over. I am all for the players having some autonomy since coaches do, but this is getting ridiculous at the big schools at least. Heck, Northern Illinois got a grad transfer qb from Cal-how does that even happen?

Comment 18 Apr 2019

It is hard to believe that stories like the one in Iran with women not/barely being able to attend soccer matches are still a thing. I know they are, and we know why in Iran in particular, but it still seems odd. Thankful for being in the US; even if things aren’t always rosy here we still don’t have to worry about things like women having to disguise themselves just to watch soccer. 

I am not so sure that Tiger has any majors left in him, but I also would not have expected he could win this Masters either so maybe he can catch Jack. I wouldn’t bet on it however. 

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Ahh, Patrick Reed. As a wrestling fan I can appreciate Reed for being a true heel. Is he a good player? Yes. Would he be as well known if he was one of the guys you refer to that have no story and therefore aren’t as interesting as Tiger? No. Reed takes the heel role and embraces it, for better or worse. 

I don’t watch a ton of golf these days, but if I see Reed or Kuchar (just always liked the kid from Georgia Tech) then I am more likely to stop changing channels. 

Comment 17 Apr 2019

I don't know if the Anthropocene era started in 1950 or not, but the chart in the story showing how the levels of everything rose right after the Second World War does make me wonder. 

The more I read about EJ Liddell the more I am psyche to see him play in Columbus. This class really could be a special one for Holtmann. Until then, hello draft stuff for a few more days. 

Comment 16 Apr 2019

The drone article is intriguing in so many ways. I had not thought much about the practical uses for drones such as the highlighted emergency carrying, but also for traffic monitoring and control as well. The drones can check the traffic for accidents/slowdowns and assist police or fire in the best route to get to their destination which is pretty cool. 

I also thought that this quote was pertinent:

It’s important that public safety authorities get involved early so that the regulations aren’t just being shaped by the commercial interests, she added

Yes Amazon may be delivering your books via drone, but the other uses for drones need to be involved as well. Heck, I can barely control the one I have that can only fly maybe 50 feet so I need to read all I can. 

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Props to Chris Chugunov for doing it the way he wants to. If he has chosen to be a backup and mentor, then so be it. 

Dave Lighty watching Notre Dame burn is wild and sad. Think of all of the possible catastrophes that it has survived, and now a fire supposedly started by guys doing renovations is what takes it down. Very glad that they were able to save some of the artifacts and also parts of the building. I am not a Catholic but visiting that cathedral was a highlight of Paris and it is so disappointing to see it get partially destroyed. 

Comment 15 Apr 2019

On on ehand I am surprised when I read that another bomb or land mine has been found somewhere in Europe. Then again, when you think of the sheer number of devices dropped/laid during WWII, I suppose it is inevitable that some will still be around, buried or covered. As for this one in Frankfurt, I did like this quote from the mayor:

"My thanks also to all the facilities in the city that gave the evacuees free admission to the open museums, the palm garden and the zoo," Feldmann said at a news conference

Pretty sweet that the city opened everything to keep people occupied during the detonation. 

I applaud the future Mrs. Chrisman for giving it a shot. Moreso than Kevin's golfing effort (not really-kudos to our Skully writer for swinging the clubs when he isn't a golfer. Not the easiest thing to do). 

Lastly, nicely done Kevin on the links at the end of the Keandre portion. Good stuff. 

Comment 13 Apr 2019

It will be good to see some football, even if it is of the pretend variety. Seeing all of the former players will be even more fun than the game most likely. Hello football. 

I have read about the Ozzie Albies in a few places now, and universally it is panned. I can see why-he does appear to have left a lot of cash on the table, but as long as he doesn't squander it foolishly he and his family will still be ok for the rest of time. Maybe he didn't care about having the most, he just wanted enough?

Comment 12 Apr 2019

I would agree that he did have a really sweet swing, but the bat dragged through the zone which made it long and caused the many k's. Maybe that was too much thinking, maybe he just didn't generate speed with a piece of wood in the same way he could with his legs on hardwood. Either way, with his drive I would bet that if he had stuck with baseball he could/would have made the majors. 

Never much of an NBA fan, even though I was in Chicgao while he played I never saw him in person. The only Bulls games I attended were during the baseball era, so I got to see lots of Toni Kukoc rather than his Airness. Looking back I wish I had gone to the old Chicago Stadium and seen MJ live. But my favorite all time player is Mark Price, and I did see him play against the Bulls so there's that. 

Comment 12 Apr 2019

The MJ article is solid, about what I expected. Somewhat surprised that Jordan's gambling was mentioned, but well done. I was working in sports memorabilia at the time and everything we heard was that he did indeed take up baseball because David Stern suspended him from the NBA. Maybe true, maybe not, but highly plausible. He did buy the bus for the Barons which was cool all the way. White Sox could have brought him up as a PR ploy but did not. Still funny to me that Terry Francona of all people was the manager at the time. How fortuitous for him to learn about big egos while in AA. 

If Haskins knew that Elway would be there, wearing the jersey wouldn't be that big of a stretch to me. Number 7 has always seemed like a guy who really likes himself and his legacy, and I would think he enjoyed that a kid would wear his jersey to meet him. Probably would have signed it also. Dwayne, get drafted so,where other than Denver please. 

Comment 11 Apr 2019

I cannot believe that I spent 5-10 minutes reading a Sasquatch story. I would like to believe in Bigfoot, Nessie, and some of the other seemingly far-fetched ideas of our time, but somehow a calling contest set in New York State just makes that very difficult for me to believe. 

I would love for the draft to be here already, as I have had about enough of the prognosticators guessing just like the rest of us. Haskins needs to end up somewhere that will let him grow into being the starting qb, which would help his transition immensely methinks. If that is in Cincinnati so be it. 

Comment 09 Apr 2019

Weird story about the woman with reversed organs. My daughter had a major health issue when born which required surgery a week later. While the doctors were in there, they removed her appendix due to it being in the wrong side of her body. It was explained to us that later in life doctors would be confused with the appendix being "out of place" so they decided to just take it out then and be done with it. That was strange enough to me, but to have so many organs reversed on this lady and for nobody to really know it is very odd to say the least. 

There is zero reason to believe anything said about the draft at this point in time. Yes we may be biased as OSU fans, but what about Drew Lock would make anyone think he would be better than Haskins? Nothing that I have seen. 

Comment 08 Apr 2019

That C. auris link is a frightening story. Resistant fungi that is killing people? And one of the places with the most reported cases is here in Chicago? Scary as hell. 

When I saw mention of D-Lo, I thought that D-Lo Brown made a surprise comeback at Wrestlemania last night. Then I realized it was D Russell instead, who is a much better athlete. 

"Way too early" isn't even enough of an apt description for coming up with a ranking for next year when this year is still happening. Hold your horses there DeCourcy. I for one would like to watch Virginia v Texas Tech before worrying about 2019-20. 

Comment 05 Apr 2019

A story/mystery about lost men at a Scottish lighthouse is exactly what as expected to read this fine Friday morning. Ok maybe not, but it is intriguing. 

Quite the collection of OSU memorabilia, but the display leaves a bit to be desired. I guess it is a use of all the available space if nothing else. 

Well done Greg Oden. Saw him walking around the Schott prior to a game a couple of years back and he was as nice as can be. Do your thing young man 

Comment 04 Apr 2019

Hard to believe that anyone could be as bad as Trevor Rosenthal has been of late. To think he was a top reliever at one point a couple of years ago. 

Linsley has been tremendous for the Packers since the day they got him, but this story just makes it that much better. Kudos to the man. 

I love the Champions League in Europe, but no it would not work here for our football unfortunately. But even with the UCL those teams continue to play the "dregs" like Huddersfield in the domestic league and just add the super teams as an additional league over and above. Now if we could add another 8-10 games of football with only the superpowers in addition to the regular B1G then count me in. 

Comment 03 Apr 2019

The Exclusion Zone link is very intriguing. 30+ years on and nature is reclaiming the area, but photos of the kid's toys being abandoned are pretty creepy, and the basketball court being completely overrun by trees is odd looking. 

I still agree with the take that whoever gets Weber may well be stealing. It is certainly possible that he continues to get dinged up and ne'er amounts to much at the next level, but I believe he has a chance to become a very solid player, and if you can get him in the third round that would be great. 

Comment 02 Apr 2019

I am all for legalized sports gambling, in Ohio and across the US. I completed my masters project on the concept, almost 15 years ago and it makes sense to legalize and tax it. Now the oversight needs to be rock solid, but if it is implemented correctly the sports barsa and the government can make some serious cash. 

Hard to believe any 8th grader was calling his own plays, but Haskins certainly looked to have the high football IQ to get that done. It was a joy to watch him, even if only for a year and one glorious half of football vs ttun the previous season. 

Comment 01 Apr 2019

Procrastinating or savoring? Neither sounds like the ideal concept, but I guess the link makes some sense. I do want to know how many podcasts the author has time to listen to however, if they have three tiers of them and took the time to decide that there are in fact three tiers at all. If I get through a  one hour podcast in a week I am doing pretty good, so I must not be carving out my time correctly. 

The burnt orange looks weird, but what I really wanted to know was what had Cardale so riled up and dropping f-bombs. Unfortunately the link is dead, so the tweet must have been deleted. Cardale, you just be Cardale. 

Comment 29 Mar 2019

That USA Today bracket is straight idiocy. I don't even know where to begin with the stupidity of their stadium choices, or with which have moved on. Suffice it to say-garbage all around. 

I have a hard time deciding which of Sampson and Pearl is dirtier. Those two will vacate every win their teams have this year soon enough. 

What a great basketball game between Purdue and Tennessee. So much to watch. That result was nice for the B1G, but props to Texas Tech for accomplishing what we all wanted to see happen. Adios ttun

Comment 28 Mar 2019

Not sure what to make of the suicide bridge for dogs. I like some paranormal ideas, but figuring out why dogs would jump off a bridge to their deaths is a very odd one. 

Tata and Miami should work out fine. Not so sure the Canes have a top coach, but we shall see. I still wish Martell no ill, as I really looked forward to watching him play in Columbus.