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Comment 19 Sep 2019

Totally agree. From that list you mentioned, here are some examples of banned pain-killers.

fentanyl, and its derivatives; hydrocodone; hydromorphone; methadone; morphine; nicomorphine; oxycodone; oxymorphone; pentazocine; pethidine

However, what I am hearing more and more about being used frequently is Toradol (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). It is frequently prescribed to treat certain types of moderate to severe pain particularly after surgery. I just heard an interview with an ex-NFLer who was talking about NFL veteran players telling him he should use it to numb himself to pain. Fortunately for him, he had already tried it in college and said it relieved the pain, but really didn't like how it made him feel "drugged."  He said it was a roller-coaster of highs-lows and stopped taking it. 

I hope Charbonnet isn't hurt and these are all rumors by uninformed people. Just as much, I hope that if he is hurt the medical staff ethical enough to not pump him full of meds and send him out there to jeopardize the next 60-70 years of him walking without pain.

Comment 13 Sep 2019

In Seattle, it's the Peddler Brewery. I bike a lot and found this place before I knew just how awesome it was with its Buckeye roots.

It is packed with Buckeyes on gameday and, typically, a great hang-out with good beer otherwise. Went to watch the Rose Bowl there last year and had a great time!

Comment 31 Aug 2019

I know my handle doesn’t reflect my reality, but living in Seattle for the past 5 yrs I’m always looking for the hawks to pick up good Buckeyes. 

JT Barrett didn’t really have a shot when Paxton Lynch came back cleared and Ok. Then Geno Smith has a good preseason game 4 and, well, it’s too bad.

Comment 28 Aug 2019

Navy, I know you go over this every year with us, but as resident expert will you explain how S&P+ determines “scoring when game result is already assured”? I would seriously like to know. 

There are plenty of games where +21 with 5 min left is enough because you as a spectator can see the opposition is defeated. Whereas, there are times when +21 w 5min left and a team is driving with all the momentum equates to high stress...that is until you get a pick-6 and go up 28. 

I’d love to know where is the line? Does S&P pick up on this nuisance?

Comment 07 Dec 2018

Just adding my $.02, but all of this realignment talk is more horseshit. Last year, we played an undefeated, third ranked Wisconsin. Didn’t help us get in. If we beat um 2x this year, they’d just say, “well it looks like um just wasn’t a good team.” 

The B1G is consistently thought of as the second best conference behind the SEC and I’ll point out that neither they nor the ACC are even thinking about changing things up. The CFP did not want Ohio St.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

I realize my opinion isn’t much more than white noise, but I just need to add my thoughts to the community regarding this whole CFP process - sham.

On merit, Ohio St won the B1G. NCAA #2 in total offense, played 5 defenses in top 50 total defense (to OU’s 3). Total Defense? Ohio St - 67; OU - 111. Oh, Big12 has better offenses? Ohio St played 5 teams in top 50 total offense, OU played 3. And don’t get me even started on the Georgia bs. We all played some close games, but Ohio St “escaped” whereas OU “overcame adversity” and were “gritty”

Committee bagged us at the start.. They sat in a room with Gene Smith each week and listened to him. Finished the meeting, went for drinks (sans Smith) and said we don’t want Meyer or his dirt anywhere near this thing. The team could have lost to Purdue in OT, by 1 and it wouldn’t have mattered. If it were really about stats, we should be in.

Comment 26 Nov 2018

It’s every wolverine fan I know - “Meyer is a terrible person, should have been fired, this Ohio St win and season is a sham anyways, Ohio St is just football factory, etc”

There is no end to their excuses and delusions. Even when their coaches and players ADMITT they were beaten in every way possible, a m-man will try to find a way to look down their noses and cheapen it, as though it weren’t earned.

This is why they will forever be the enemy of all that is good and right.

Comment 11 Nov 2018

We showed something in the MSU game - grit, heart, and coaches willing to make package/personnel changes. Been waiting on that all season.

We keep focused on that, not the CFP ranking, and we will be in the top 4 when it counts.

Comment 10 Nov 2018

As always, thanks for pulling the numbers and giving insightful commentary. 

I agree with your take on Colorado: today seems like it could be a trap game for Wazzu. Hoping the same can be true for Oklahoma/OsU. OU’s defense and it being a rivalry game could keep it close.

And I was a bit shocked that the Fighting Fickles were able to handle the Midshipmen so thoroughly. I’m sure it wasn’t very enjoyable to witness in person.

Finally, thank you for confirming how Syracuse is grossly overrated! I think it was a few weeks ago they jumped in the polls to top 15, but haven’t beaten anyone - FSU, UConn, Wake, UNC?!

Thanks again, always a great read. Go Bucks!

Comment 02 Nov 2018

Neer's win on the road?!

Penn St pulls one out of the Big House?!?

I love this optimism, Navy! Hope it all works out this way! Not sure Penn St will be able to pull it off with the "revenge tour" in force, but I would love to see UM brought back down to earth!

Also, as NW is leading the B1G West (but unranked) what are your thoughts on ND@NW? A night game and I think Fitzgerald will have them amped up for ND. I think the line is NW+9.5(?). I don't know if they'd win straight-up, but NW gets up for big games (see UM) and I think it'll definitely be a good one!

Thanks again for a great article!

Comment 27 Sep 2018

Thanks for adding the table, Navy, looks great! Keep the picks going at this rate and next thing it'll be "the Navy Pick-em show, brought to you by the Sands Las Vegas" on Saturday morning AM radio!

I completely agree with the take on Ore/Cal. Oregon has too much offense and I'm not buying Cal yet. I love looking at the f+/- tables and trying to figure them out - like TCU loses (fairly soundly) to UT and drops 5 spots, but UT doesn't get as much credit for the win by moving up 1 spot. Will that be weighted more if TCU ends up doing better later this season? Ie, will Ohio State possibly have a stronger f+/- ranking if the teams we beat continue to do better as the season moves on?

Comment 14 Sep 2018

I love to hang a slang on TTUN as much as the next guy and I think in the last decade+ they haven't really shown much for a "football school"

Texas is a bit of a stretch for me though. Their total wins are at 898, not bad. That 2005 Ntl may be a little more than a decade, but I remember a 2008 Fiesta Bowl where we had a late lead and they broke our hearts on their last drive. Then they followed that season up with a 2009 loss in the BCS championship to bama.

So yes, a decade of mediocre football now, but I don't think they're not a football school.

Comment 14 Sep 2018

This is always one of my favorite reads of the week, Navy. Thanks for all the hard work and analysis you put into it!

Your arguments are very compelling - and you week-over-week predictions are typically dead on! Will you consider adding a running W-L on your AP25 predictions?