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Comment 01 Apr 2012
Remember, Urban F'ing Meyer is our head coach who knows how to win a national championship. Let's win one in 2013 to mirror our most recent from 2003. tOSU is the only (and will remain) school north of the Mason-Dixon to win tMNC. Basketball loss was tough; now we look forward to Spring Football.
Comment 01 Apr 2012
I agree with you. Matta has some stupid ass philosophy for playing players that don't need to be playing! Why does he have Ravioli in there? The guy just takes up space and doesn't do sh!t! He doesn't score, he doesn't rebound, he doesn't block, he doesn't do sh!t! Why not put Amir and KEEP Amir in there to match up with Kansas' bigs? You have a 13 point lead and you blow it; that is coaching. This is Matta's staple of a choke job. 2 years in a row he's had the best team and he couldn't get it done. He's the Marv Levy of college basketball.
Comment 02 Mar 2012
He didn't single out PSU. He said "Dear fans of various schools, PSU included." If he said fans of other schools without mentioning PSU, then that would be a dead giveaway.