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Comment 03 Jul 2017

IMO, The 2012 team remains the most disrespected team in all of Buckeye History. To be honest, we don't know how good that team is- seeing as how they were not given the chance. I remember back in '02 when everyone agreed- including Buckeye fans- that we would get run off the field vs Miami. I believe the same is appropriate here. Yes, It is likely that Alabama would have beaten Ohio State but we wouldn't know unless we saw in on the field. And I damn sure don't believe that Notre Dame team would have beaten the buckeyes. The '12 team had something that not of these other teams had (obviously excluding the '14 team). They had heart and believed they could win when the chips were down.

Comment 14 Jun 2017

I just think LeBron needs to start recruiting. Think of it this way. Cleveland has a lot of assets. No money but a lot of players they could deal to other teams. Cleveland has an a lot of 3 point shooters on their team which other teams would be happy to have. Remember, the only teams who could really shoot from distance this year were the rockets, cavs, warriors, and spurs.

Comment 14 Jun 2017

I think CP3 runs an offense better, Kyrie is better at scoring but CP3 opens up scoring for everyone else and doesn't turn the ball over. Plus he is a better defender and LeBron wants to play with him.

Comment 14 Jun 2017

Its a stretch but depending on how next season goes for their big two it may not be that out of the question. It would take Love to complete it more than likely but we would get a center in return if that were the case in omer Asik.

Comment 14 Jun 2017   Here is a legitimate trade where we can get both Anthony Davis and Chris Paul. We lose Kyrie, Shump, Tristen, and Korver but this is so worth it. The good news is that if we wanted to later on we could also trade Love straight up for someone else. Lineup of (pg) CP3, (sg) JR Swish, (sf) Lebron, (pf) Anthony Davis, (c) K Love would be sick!!!!

Comment 13 May 2017
Its funny but I was one of the main posters who got murdered on here 2 years ago for even suggesting a change in leadership. I had a strong feeling that if change didn't happen back then that we would plummet to post jimmy jackson year levels. To be honest, we have fallen so far that it would take a new coach years to make us even decent.