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Comment 04 Jun 2019

Defensive ends are made of first-step quickness, leverage and strength.  Few I've ever seen can match the Bosa's in that regard.  I'm excited about Zach's potential, but having a fast 100 meter time on you resume translates better to receiver than DE.

The Bosa's were/are physical freaks - just ask the O-linemen that had to play against them.

Comment 12 Jan 2019

Here I am enjoying the fact that I get to sleep in on a day off and you got my blood pressure up so much that I was going to respond to your brilliant post.  Thankfully I have come to my senses with the realization that any retort would only embolden more insanity. Have a nice day. 

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Many valid points all around. I don’t think we’ll get in, but in the last two weeks we proved that we belong in the conversation. And, two weeks ago, the most common refrain on these forums was “fire Schiano” and now it’s “we belong in the play-offs.”  That’s not a bad two weeks.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

Here’s a reason to hate them. When my wife went to school there the cheer of the student body was, “that’s alright, that’s ok, you’re going to work for us one day.”  Only a loser school is proud of a cheer that only works when you’re losing. 

She also only went to one game when she was there. Usually she and her friends would go to tailgates and then head straight to the library. Of course this week she’s “all in” with the grapes and she just received a Northwest sweatshirt in the mail because she had no swag on hand. 

So there you have it: No. 11.... my wife.

Comment 29 Nov 2018

I'm really looking forward to watching Davis this week.  He had the best high school film of anyone I've seen in a long time.  

Comment 25 Nov 2018

I’m not sure how that question is disrespectful given how the team we saw yesterday looked markedly different than the team of the last 2 months. 

Comment 18 Nov 2018

Not exactly, but you’re right in that we weren’t on the same page as to how to defend it.

Maryland had 3 receivers to the right who were covered man-to-man by Werner, Fuller and Sheffield. The middle receiver, who was covered by Fuller and the inside guy who was covered by Werner crossed. Werner stayed with his guy but Fuller left his guy and also covered Werner’s guy leaving the middle receiver wide open. What we don’t know is whether our guys are taught to fight through screens, which would put the blame on Fuller, or switch ala defending a pick in basketball, which would put the blame on Werner.

IOW, we lined up right, but didn’t execute the coverage right. 

Comment 18 Nov 2018

As I said earlier in the week, they put you in a position where you have to make one-on-one tackles, sometimes in space.

Whoa! WTF?  

Who knew there was such an offensive scheme?  And here’s a better question:  why don’t we run it? You think Dobbins and Weber wouldn’t love to run in a scheme where they only have one guy to beat?  Hell, Dobbins made plenty of guys miss yesterday, but it seemed that there were always 20 guys in line to tackle him once he did.  But hey, let’s put the backers up at the LOS to take away double-teams on our linemen. Of course, if the linemen don’t make a play then the backers are out of position to scrape to the ball. Moreover, they are also not in position to defend the second level on pass plays. But it seemed like a good idea when we had the best player in college football on the d-line, and, the fact that he’s gone shouldn’t really change anything, right?

What a ridiculous statement. This guy is so proud of his “brilliant” defensive scheme that he failed to ask himself one fundamental question: can the players on my roster make it work?  And still, 11 games later he thinks he can fix it. 

Urban, please step in now or we have no chance next week. You think we’re going to be able to bail our defense out by putting up 50, 40, 30 points against that defense?  Me either. Limit the big plays by playing a base, soft zone.  If Patterson is hot, then they very well may dink and dunk it down the field for multiple scores.  However, on a day when it’s supposed to rain, if we let them gut us with big runs, then we have no chance. 

Urban, I know you’re a religious man, so remember this little gem from Proverbs, “Pride Comes Before the Fall.”

Comment 18 Nov 2018

Just another excuse to make the more dominant team feel better when they don’t play well against weaker competition. 

From a psychological standpoint, people/teams are more likely to train harder and have more focus on objectives that they feel are within their grasp.  Therefore, if these games are closer than one would expect, it’s much more likely that the dominant team is “playing down” to the weaker team. 

However, the first narrative makes the better team sleep better at night so that’s why we keep hearing that garbage.

Comment 15 Nov 2018

I'm happy we've started to pound the ball better, but I'm wondering why other elite teams (i.e. Alabama and Oklahoma) are able to run RPOs yet our O-line can't block them effectively.  Tate will want to lean on those plays when he steps in either next year or the year after, so we're going to have to find linemen that feel comfortable in that system sooner or later.  Plus, Haskins seemed to throw better from those sets.  

Comment 14 Nov 2018

I ain't shore  iffin you invented that line or not, but I had to warsh my computer screen after I read it.

Comment 10 Nov 2018

Sparty has the wind conditions in its favor, home field in its favor, ability to take away the run in its favor, the cold in its favor and a chip on its shoulder. If we were a team that got off to fast starts, I’d be more optimistic, but a slow start today against this team might be too much to overcome. 

I’ll root like Hell regardless. Go Bucks. 

Comment 05 Nov 2018

I'm not sure how OSU grades their players, but most teams do it like this: the position coach grades every play and on any given play a player either gets a passing mark or a failing mark.  Then, after all of the plays have been graded, the player will have a percentage of passing plays/total plays.  I don't know what percentage earns a player "champion" status, though for most teams it's 90%.

What may be confusing is that they are not judged on making tackles, per se, but on whether or not they executed their assignment.  For instance, Tressel gave failing grades to his QB's if the pass was delivered above the receiver's numbers, even if it was a completed pass.

I'm sure the backers are graded on making the correct read and filling the correct gap.  So, theoretically, if their read is the guard and the guard pulls across the formation, and their fill in that case is backside a-gap, and they fill that gap, then they would get a passing score regardless if they made the tackle or not.

Again, that's how most teams do it, though I'm not sure how Ohio State does it under Meyer. 

Comment 04 Nov 2018

When I coached and I would get too cute with schemes, I would use “block and tackle” as my mantra to settle down and remember what wins football games.