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Comment 06 Oct 2018

   I bet a TSUN fan at work that if TOSU won, he had to wear a giant pair of fuzzy TOSU slippers I have. We won of course, he put on the slippers and I promptly swiped his real shoes while a fellow buckeye distracted him. :)   He had to track me down in a different connected building after an hour or two wearing clown sized TOSU slippers to get his shoes. It was GD funny.

Comment 15 Sep 2018

   Awesome to see a fellow TOSU chemist on here and we may well have been classmates. (RIP Papa Joe's).   Job is located near Cincinnati, Ohio and the ones we have open you are way overqualified for!, I do not work at Lilly. Comment was more of a general one about management everywhere in any tech field. (my boss would not know an MS from a GC if it landed on his head). However, should you wish to apply for a pretty high level job there, I know of one that will be open in about 6 months or so. :)

Comment 15 Sep 2018

    I have to say I am a bit of an LSU fan this year as they are lead by a Buckeye at heart. Does not mean I don't feel a little dirty about it. 

Comment 30 Apr 2018

 Can send your resume in if you like, the woman who supports our site from Maryland is very over worked and I don't think they would balk too much at remote work. A number of very sharp folks do it. The company, AstraZeneca, has had a tough time finding folks to fill the jobs that are open. That said, their relocation package etc is very generous for folks with degrees. 

Comment 29 Apr 2018

   Actually, that is not really correct. Meatchicken is much more likely to turn a 5* into a starter at Eastern Michigan or an Uber driver than turn them into a draft pick. See how well all of their 5* running backs and QBs have developed for the last 18 years. Their player development has not impressed me much.