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Comment 16 Oct 2012

I would listen to it on a loop.

Comment 27 Sep 2012

I'm going to guess that City BBQ will only be during the pre-game tailgate. Last year I remember they had food out until like 4-4:30. To be able to serve through the game would require bringing quite the amount of food, especially for how delicious it is.

Comment 11 Dec 2011

Don't worry y'all, when I win the helmet I'll be sure to wear it to E2B in 2012.

Comment 31 Oct 2011

That was Denny that did that. I knew something was fishy when he spent about 5 minutes signing it. I didn't even get to see it until I got home at about 3:30 am in the morning but it was worth it.

Comment 03 Aug 2011

I was obviously going to get a shirt, but this made me quit procrastinating and actually order one. Thanks for making me be productive Ramzy.

Comment 22 Jul 2011


Comment 16 Jun 2011

Let the hatred of Boston flow.....your doing it right.

Comment 09 Jun 2011

Went there a number of times for darts, beers, and food. Definately hit the spot.

Comment 17 Dec 2010

I am just going to assume that since his user name ends with 33 that Buckeye33 is actually Sportsguy33 therefore he is Bill Simmons. That would explain everything.

Comment 18 Nov 2010

Hayden Fry waving to the crowd after learning that he has just been named Miss Iowa.